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Star Citizen Raising Player Caps on PTU Servers

Star Citizen, FINALLY we have increased player caps on servers being tested, there is a new PTU with all the ships available and CIG are back to work… with all this I wanted to do a quick news update.

There is a New PTU Patch Out… which is focusing on raising the Server Player Cap from 50 to 60 currently:

“We are opening a special PTU with the player cap increased to 60 from 50. This is an experimental setup and the build is identical to live, just with 10 more players. Our goal is to collect performance and stability data while making additional cap adjustments, but any oddities that you see would be helpful to know about as well. Please reply with any issues, new performance bottlenecks, or negative impacts that are new to PTU and not currently on live. Please include screenshots and videos where appropriate.

It’s important to note that this is merely a test, and is not representative of any definitive incoming changes.
Your help would be much appreciated!”

Everyone with a Game Package should be able to access the PTU after copying their Account Over to the PTU and will be able to try all of the currently flyable ships, so if there was something you wanted to fly now… it’s worth a look!

Back to the Current LIVE Build, everyone has been given a Freelancer temporarily to fly as this fixes a major bug while CIG continues to work on a 3.8.x patch… if PTU tests go well we could potentially see an even higher player cap than 60 being tested and those changes to make their way into a LIVE build of 3.8.x if appropriate.

This PTU Build and with 60 players on a server seems extremely stable and I haven’t noticed any change performance wise from 50.

According to CIG the number 1 cause of client crashes in the current builds of the game are GPU driver related and updating drivers can help with these SIGNIFICANTLY.

CIG is now back – to work in full force OR at least some force, we do have a star citizen live this week it’s all about Alpha 3.8 they are looking for questions for that live show which has be on 4pm UTC over on the SC Twitch.

There is a Roadmap Update this week as well, hopefully that will see some more major updating though it’s likely that CIG will wait until later in January before giving a big update to that Roadmap.

There is no Inside Star Citizen this week tho, apparently it’s going to be back by the 23rd of Jan, that should start to focus on Alpha 3.9 Features and Progress.

Something else which is back this year is Calling All Devs, this is one of the shows that I really love, it has them asking appropriate devs questions about the game in a quick snappy format. However CIG are not adding additional content with this it appears to being alternated each with with SCLive, I’ll read you the full post for context:

“With the start of each new year, we like to shake up our video offerings where we can in our continuing efforts to bring you the latest Star Citizen development updates. In the past, this has usually manifested with the creation of new shows or formats to replace existing ones, always moving forwards.

For 2020, in line with your feedback and we’re going to try something even newer by bringing back an old favorite with the return of Calling All Devs.

For those that have followed the project for some time, you may remember it as the spiritual successor to our 10 For series, where members of the community could ask questions and have them answered by our developers directly from their desks as they work. There are several benefits to this format:

  • One or two developers don’t have to carve out an entire hour or more from their work week to participate.
  • Questions don’t have to be restricted to the specific subjects those people are suited to address.
  • Because it’s taped and each developer is only needed for several minutes, we can be more accommodating to our developers’ schedules, allowing us to include a wider variety of voices and minimize the impact on their workload.
  • While addressing fewer questions per week than something like Star Citizen LIVE, all of this combined means those limited questions can potentially cover a wider array of topics per episode than the live show.

You can check out existing episodes from the prior 2018 run of Calling All Devs on our YouTube channel now. The format isn’t going to change much. The big change is that this show won’t be returning to it’s original Monday time slot. Instead, we’re going to alternate bi-weekly with Star Citizen LIVE as both shows serve much the same purpose, just using different formats.

We very much enjoy the hour-long, deep dive on a particular subject that SCL gives us and that will continue bi-weekly through 2020. We’re equally excited about alternating with Calling All Devs every other Friday to provide a wider array of questions we can cover each week. As always, my favorite oft-repeated phrase applies here: the only constant in game development is change. We’re going to try this for a bit and continue to evaluate as we always do. We hope you’ll be as excited about this return to expanded Q&A as we are.

With that, let’s start collecting questions. While there is no specific guidance to topics (ask the questions you want to ask, and VOTE on the ones you want to see answered most!) there are still some guidelines to follow when submitting your queries. Staggered development means our teams are generally working on tasks 3 and 6 months out with rare exceptions. We encourage you to let the Public Roadmap be your guide, here. Questions related to things that are actively being worked on will ALWAYS be more likely to be addressed than facets of the game that won’t arrive until later.”

I am happy that format is coming back BUT I do think both SCLive and CADs can be run weekly imo and serve different purposes… though it remains to be seen if any other new video content or changes are coming soon as well. I’ll wait until they have done a couple of weeks in the new format before passing judgement or overly criticizing tho.

New BuyBack Tokens were allocated on the 8th of Jan the next ones are, April 6, July 6 & October 5. They allow you to buy back previously melted pledges using store credit.

On a side note mici a CIG Squadron 42 Level Designer is raising money by running at least 3km every day as part of RED Jan 2020 that money is being raised for MIND which are a fantastic mental health charity and to also help spread mental health awareness. It’s a charity close to my heart and if any of you wanted to share that on social media that would be awesome.