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Star Citizen 3.8.1b – Medical Beds Work!?

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, Alpha 3.8.1b is now on the PTU and they have revealed MedBed Gameplay and made a good few more fixed to the 3.8.1 build.

Basic “MedBed” gameplay functionality:
Medical beds can now be used for healing and respawn after death. Initial game login is still set by the menu selection, if it’s the first login, or by the last ATC landing at a major station. After initial login, players can manually set their respawn to a medical bed by entering the bed and selecting the “Set as preferred ICU” interaction. Medical bed spawning can also be cleared in the same way by selecting “Clear as preferred ICU”. Upon death, the player will respawn at the desired medical bed. Currently this functionality is only available on ships with medical beds (just the 890 for this build) and will only work if the ship is available (not despawned or destroyed). If the ship is not available, players will instead respawn at their default location until they have manually set another medical bed. Additionally, if the player is injured they can use a medical bed to heal by selecting the “Treat Injuries” interaction, which is only visible when the player has treatable wounds.

This addition is amazing and will allow players that want to host planned events, or have Org v Org PvP or even just test things be able to do that by setting their spawn to their ship! Expect the Cutlass Red & Carrack to both be able to have this type of functionality in the short term in addition to the 890 Jump.

I have been informed that CIG are currently Polishing the Cutlass Red as it needs a couple of things still, I do believe that it’s still coming in the 3.8.1 LIVE build though. Some other Updates:

  • Added wait and instruction objective and timer to patrol mission starts.
  • Added a checkbox in game options to disable film grain graphical effect.
  • Security scans now give people more time to stop.
  • Added weapon report audio for ship weapons in atmosphere.
  • Updated surface VFX for the Pisces.
  • Reworked/updated the Drake Cutlass thruster audio.
  • Improved audibility of ship component overheat cockpit warning.

Bug Fixes

  • Players should no longer occasionally lose all UEC upon relogging.
  • Drug assets should once again have correct VFX and SFX when destroyed.
  • Contracts should now properly reset offerings when a player hacks away their crimestat.
  • Fixed placeholder text for the Pisces.
  • Fixed bugged damage states and shields on the Caterpillar causing it to take no damage.
  • Fixed some rest stops missing CryAstro services.
  • Delivery boxes should no longer be dropped when using a ship ladder.
  • Fixed escort rescue missions so the location the player is directed matches the location of the mission.
  • Players should no longer occasionally become unresponsive when transition between EVA and ship or vice versa.
  • Fixed missing audio on Cutlass Landing Gear.
  • Fixed an issue where when attempting to QT, if the player triggered the misalignment warning and then realigned the cursor, the warning alarm would continue to play.
  • Fixed a missing ship computer UI audio trigger for ‘Ammo Low’.
  • Fixed missing diegetic music at Casaba outlets in Rest Stops.
  • Audio-driven camera shake should function again.
  • Fixed 2 client & a server crash.

Stability / Gameplay
Servers seemed a lot more stable to me, I was in a full server as well. The general performance around Hurston’s Lorville Landing Zone wasn’t great tho… I mean it wasn’t awful it just wasn’t good.

Bug Hunting / Get Involved
Known Issues there is still a large Known Issues List for 3.8.1 that CIG are working through with 29 issues listed currently AND if you do jump on the PTU yourself AS IT IS OPEN TO ANYONE WITH A GAMEPACKAGE, I believe you will get access to all the ships while it’s up.

There are a few things you can get involved in with Bug Regression Tests & help with a specific bug Ship Rapid Despawn After Summon that CIG are trying to nail down. I’ll link thread on those down below so you can get involved if you are playing in the PTU.