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Star Citizen What is the Lunar Festival?

Star Citizen looking at a stack of leaks for Lunar New Year and the Red Envelopes, Alpha 3.8.1 & 3.9, New Missions, Commodities & Narcotics that have now been EXPOSED to us from some data-mining of the latest 3.8.1 PTUs.

There has pictures of RED ENVELOPES shared on Star Citizen’s Twitter & Facebook.

And Starting Friday it appears that there is some form of Lunar New Year in the ‘verse as shared from the most recent This Week in Star Citizen Post.

From a data mine we can see there are “Red Festival Envelopes” being added to the game, the description of these items is as follows:

Exchanging gilded red envelopes is one of the most popular ways of celebrating Red Festival. Often the envelope may include a small amount of credits inside to help those you care about have a strong start in the upcoming cycle. Growing in popularity is the newer tradition of hiding the envelopes as a way of spreading good fortune and prosperity to those that fate has deemed in need. Stow the envelope as a token of luck, share it with a friend or loved one to spread good fortune, or exchange it at a commodities terminal and use the credits for a prosperous beginning to a new cycle.”

So it sounds like that in a similar way to the little presents around christmas that you will be able to find red envelopes around the Verse come Friday and make some extra aUEC. I am expecting some form a minor ship sale as well… Red Ships / Vehicles Maybe?

But what else is Red… the Cutlass Red and I am expecting it to get a sale “refresh” for when 3.8.1 goes LIVE which I again hope to be this Friday with the Lunar Festival.

The Cutlass Red has 2 functional MedBeds to allow you to heal and use as temporary Respawn Points & because of this at least in the short term it’s incredibly useful to have in an Operation OR if you are doing any form of FPS mission / Combat… Running Security Post Kareah OR Bunkers with the Cutlass Red just means you can Zerg Rush if you wanted… Even clearing the 890 Jump Mission… you will spawn right back in you Cutlass Red and then you can go again!

Something else that will probably make great use of these is the Daymar Rally which you can watch LIVE on Saturday, January 25, to check that out, events like this really benefit organizationally by having ships like the Cutlass Red be able to spawn players back in easily.

CIG are making Progress with the 3.8.1 PTU there are a lot of bugs to fix and the PTU is currently Wave 1 still meaning only evocati, concierge and subs have access. The Cutlass Red is flyable on there though and there is a lot of QoL updates. It looks like CIG are pushing for a release of the LIVE build for the weekend if possible… but we will have to wait and see as they are still trying to track down 30k client and server disconnection problems.

There have been some other leaks and data mined info from the patch as well that may be in the 3.8 branch or potentially 3.9 OR they might just be for testing.

There is various missions, Prevent Hacks/Data Uploads, New Assassination Missions some of which are specific to the Mission Giver Miles Eckhart, that sound like they are fighting capable ships:

“These two are heavy hitters – well trained and well armed. Be ready to face some serious resistance trying to take them down.” Though there are variants that seem to suggest they might have friends turning up.

“chances are these two might have a few escorts tagging along.”

More interestingly it seems there is a focus for coordination and partying for some of these:

The Missions are named Double-Tap, Coordinated Takedown & Two In the Head and have the description of:

“Problem is, either one gets word about the other being hit, they’ll go to ground. Can’t risk losing either of them. It’ll take considerable coordination, but I want you to hit them both at the same exact time.  And since you can’t be in two places at once, you’ll need to find someone you can trust to help on this.”

There is also this one

“While having to hit two targets isn’t that weird, the client wants to send a very specific message, so they need to targets hit at the exact same moment. The extra credits should make up for the hassle.And unfortunately since the pair aren’t traveling together, it goes without saying that to pull it off you’re gonna need some help. Make sure you bring people you trust.”

I really like coordination and timing in missions so this excites me!

There were some audio files found which appear to be the hologram / automated assistant of New Babbage giving your helpful information and messages about microTech, things at New Babbage and Adverts.

There was a New Commodity Jahlium -This naturally occurring metal has found use in several industrial applications and in the production of steel alloys that were favored during 28th century space station construction. 

There is also a whole host of new narcotics which appear to be coming to the game… 6 of them to be precise… at least these are the ones mentioned in the data mine.

Zip – A hyper accelerant that needs to be added directly to the bloodstream, Zip supercharges your nervous system. Colors become a lot more vivid but users tend to hear sounds that aren’t there, making them seem hyper-aware.

Thrust – This cocktail of chemicals provides the user with a massive boost of energy, increased sociability, euphoria, and increased tactile sensitivity. Rumored to have been developed as an energy drink base, this drug has proven popular amongst those wishing for extra energy or to party longer. However, owing to the risk of heart attack, deadly dehydration, and seizures, the mix has been banned in most areas. Users can be identified by their stuttering and rambling speech and their flushed skin and sweating. 

Mala – Digestion of the unique toxins found in the Mala fly causes confusion of the cognitive pathways of the brain resulting in synesthesia where different sensory experiences cross and mix. Effects described by users are that they are able to see music or taste colors. Since pain does not register the same way while under the influence of the toxin, many people of have been severely injured while “sense swapping.” In one case, a user lost their arm after perceiving the heat from a thruster engine as pleasurable.

Dopple – A dissociative drug that creates a strong feeling of separation. People, places, and objects familiar to the user take on a distorted and unreal quality. Some users report a detachment from emotions. Doplencyethorphine is used in small dosages medically to help with extreme emotion issues and rage management problems. It was originally Recreational users take it for the effect of resetting the mundane and everyday into something new and different. Side effects include memory loss, panic attacks, paranoia, and psychotic episodes.

Freeze – A synthetic tranquilizer used for muscle therapy that puts the user in a very heavy sedation while also activating the nerve endings in muscles. Originally created as a way to rebuild damaged/rebuilt muscle tissue, it found another use as a sedative weight-loss supplement and in a concentrated form as a party drug.

Glow – A unique spin off of Neon. Focuses more on causing a euphoric feeling and less on the hallucinogens that are normally associated with Neon. Some people microdose Glow to help them maintain a positive attitude. The main risk is that once the effect wears off people can become suicidally depressed for a short while before their brain chemistry normalizes.

And that’s it for the current leaks and datamined info we have some of that might be in 3.8s branch, some in 3.9 though always take leaks and data mines with a pinch of salt.