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Star Citizen 3.9 New Moons | Pyro System 2020 Plans

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, Finishing off the Stanton System & starting the Pyro System seem to be a focus of 2020 we will take a look at what CIG have said about that We also have a New PTU Patches 3.8.1 f & g as it plods towards a live build & do CIG value feedback and read forum threads and if so which ones?

There is a push to complete the Stanton System in 2020 so that they can then work on Pyro.

Some people have actually messaged me asking does this imply that they might not release Pyro at in some form in 2020? I am expecting Pyro and a Jump Point in 2020 probably for the end of the year and I believe that is still the plan from CIG, but those of you that follow Star Citizen will know that delays happen and things do get pushed back.

Beyond those moons there is New Babbage, Crusader & Orison as well as the Aaron Halo to do to sort of finish off the basics of the Stanton System as well. 

We should see a bit more info with the Roadmap Updates Hopefully this and next week.

But there is a push to get Pyro started in earnest as the CitizenCon Pyro they showed was more of a “what Pyro could look like” rather than anything completed.

They are currently working on microTechs Moons for 3.9 while also further developing their tools and techniques at the same time.

CIG wants to close out these last 3 moons before moving onto Pyro (which makes sense given their staggered development model) there are teams already working on 4.0 and once the 3.9 teams have finished their work they will move onto 4.1 as well as larger tasks)

They can build planets and moons magnitudes faster than when they first started with them.

They are still exploring new biomes and interesting features of these astral bodies.

Ocean and Frozen Oceans are a major part of 2 of the moons which they haven’t used much yet. They want palets and colors used in a planetary or star system to be somehow consistent and tied together.

The Planetary Tech v4 is fully utilized with these moons, the speed at which these tools work allows artists to focus much more on quality.

They are going to really try to push and utilize the sea/water/ocean tech & biomes for the 3.9 release it seems, though I now see everything that CIG are doing as a bit of an experiment when it comes to more of this… if it works they keep it and build from it, if it doesn’t then they rework it.

The Cutlass Red is coming in Alpha 3.8.1 it also has medbeds allowing players to heal and set as temp respawn. The ship is intended to be one of the first rungs on the Medical Career Gameplay… in 3.8.1 however it’s more of a mobile respawn point and heal station.

The Ship has more of a sealed area for the medbeds, rather than side assault doors it has hatches and the rear section has an additional airlock before the rear ramp.

It’s Flashing Lights are cool! Talking about 3.8.1 there is a New PTU Patch and the PTU is open to all backers as well.

PTU Patches 3.8.1 f & g – There is just a few updates with this patch:

  • Red envelopes have been hidden around the major hubs throughout the ‘verse to celebrate Lunar New Year. Hunt them down and sell them at kiosks to ensure good fortune.
  • Speculative fix for an issue where the audio engine could get into a state where the player would experience severe audio loss.
  • Fixed an issue where the Glaive and Scythe startup audio could get stuck looping forever.
  • The interaction test on the side airlock doors of the Cutlass Red should no longer be reversed or flipped.
  • Players should no longer die for no obvious reason when approaching the Fizz advertisement at Area18.
  • Cargo capacity may no longer fluctuate when extracting while mining.
  • Textures should no longer be slow to stream in or appear purple.
  • Fixed 3 client crashes & a server deadlock.

The g Patch is literally a single Hotfix – Fixed a client crash associated with active scanning criminal AI ships.

Apparently there is a New Commodity, Quantanium which would be the mineral needed for Quantum Fuel, this was datamined from this PTU build. We don’t know when it might turn up in game tho.

When are we going to see 3.8.1 to LIVE? I would still expect by the end of Jan so next Friday (31st)? There is certainly still some bugs to fix… and I am sure CIG wanted to have it ready today so they could have a Cutlass Red Flyable Sale now BUT we will have to wait and see, if they do release it early, then there wouldn’t of been much point in doing a Hotfix if major elements of the game are still broken.

Do CIG listen to posts on Reddit & Spectrum AND to what degree?

There was a Reddit Thread – This is a very concerned post title where a user made light of concern posts and the typical type of internet “argument” you see on some forums. 

“This post is a wildly uninformed opinion, coupled with a cynical insistence that nothing we like will stick around and nothing we want will get implemented. Nothing you say will sway me from these positions, and I will complain about downvotes and anyone who attempts to correct my misconceptions.

Edit: As promised, I am now complaining about the downvotes and telling you that even if I’m technically wrong, my original post is still somehow entirely on-point and you all are just fanbois.”

Zyloh one of the CIG Community Managers replied tho:

This is a comment to let folks know that our perspective on posters like these isn’t actually dismissive.

This post talks about how we would greatly prefer to have healthy discussion and for feedback to be as constructive as possible (it’s really a benefit to all parties), but also sympathize and note that we know some of these posts come from a place of passion. We’d also make a note that we’d rather have a frustrated player over a player who doesn’t care, because a frustrated player is only frustrated because they care. A frustrated player still has valuable feedback that can help us improve, or at the very least, help us understand how a misconception was formed to begin with.

Finally, we’d end this comment by thanking everyone for always collaborating, supporting, and helping in making the best damn space sim ever.

Be good to each other.

Zyloh was then questioned:

How do you know the difference between passionate people who care about the game and people who are just passionate about seeing it fail?

Trolling is an artform and some are really good at pretending and rallying people toward what is a detrimental outcome.

He responded – When we share feedback with development, it’s rarely ever as simple as sending over a Spectrum/Reddit comment. Instead, we take into consideration a variety of factors and aim to present a meaningful summary. Our goal is to identify the root feedback, weigh it with factors such as frequency (how many is this impacting), related discussion, analytics (data), and more.

So, if you’re the miner, part of our role is to act as a refinery to help maximize the effectiveness of incoming feedback.

I thought it was nice that CIG took the time to reply and say everyone has value… makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside… NOW FIX 3.8.1 CIG!