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Star Citizen Crusader Concepts

Hello & Welcome to some more Star Citizen, Inside Star Citizen looked at Concepts of  Characters for Crusader and the Landing Zone Orison, there was a brief few frames of some concept alien animals so I wanted to delve a bit deeper into them… they also had a quick look at what Planning Week and Producers do in the Studio.

Concept Characters – Orison is the first landing zone at Crusader we should see Crusader as an actual traversable gas giant and the floating cloud city of Orison in Alpha 4.0 end of Q2 2020. As with all the major Planets/Landing Zones in Stanton this necessitates the need to have brands and clothing more unique to the zone there.

The Concepts of Orison as a location & it’s clothing have further been advancing.

There are engineers and shipbuilders commonly here as there is a major shipyard here.

WW2 Bomber Pilots were an influence here BUT then CR didn’t like it.

They’ve worked on a more Corporate Look and Tour Guides for some of the NPCs, CR liked some of these for a direction.

They then looked at the engineers from a different POV, more sort of HighTech AncientChina/Persian. As well as some more oriental suit styles.

Upon developing these they look really clean high-tech. I REALLY LOVE THESE but they iterated further…

They also talked about mixing a bit of colonial times and the 50s in here.

Which then had everyone looking a little Almish/American Civil War.

They decided against the 50s styles tho BUT like a little bit of the Colonial inspiration with the clean high tech cuts.

Some of the Concepts that were shown very briefly are of Animals again, dangerous looking alien pigs, buffalo, goats and cows.

They had previously shown some animals that they have planned.

We know there are going to be the Oni-Crabs on Hurston.

Ranta (assumedly a rat or mole type creature) in caves.

But there will be dangerous and benign animals on planets and moons with livable atmospheres and there is hope that there will be big game hunting, capture, trade and other gameplay associated with them. Pets & daily schedules for animals are both things that are planned too.

Planning Week – is how CIG spend the first part of Jan every year, reviewing what the did last year and goals for the new year.

This is a big version of them evaluating direction of the project, though they do this to a smaller degree every few weeks and with each major patch too.

The planning week however sees a global alignment of the teams and studios… a giant interstudio team meeting.

This is also a good time for teams to understand more aspects of what other teams and disciplines do, giving their own Area of Operation context.

A lot of the feedback on Spectrum is taken into account and discussed during planning week.

The Producers are the ones who are pushing, organizing and seeing what is viable to deliver each quarter.

Producers at CIG help organize any given project or feature sprint in aid to make it go more smoothly and efficiently. The Sheppard the devs into working on a focus and get information exchanged, resources going to where they need to go and everyone on the same page.

A big part of this is balancing individual devs schedules so that work aligns and no one is waiting idle.

There are roughly 60 individual teams operating at CIG that have a deliverable for a given quarter. It remains to be seen if Staggered Development will lead to better more playable or more efficient patches for 2020… as of yet it hasn’t paid dividends.