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Star Citizen News – Carrack SOON!

Welcome to some more Star Citizen it is the First of February 2020 there’s a load of Star Citizen News, a Roadmap Updates, a New Giveaway, plans for the next minor 3.8.2 patch and confirmation of the Carrack’s Release for later this month….

Arrow WinnerJoseph Meacham won January 2020’s Giveaway for an Anvil Arrow & GamePackage. We have a Cutlass Black & Upgrade for the Red /w Game Package for Feb 2020 more details at the end of the video.

Star Citizen Newsletter  – The Lunar New Year Event Ends Feb 3rd. There are Red Envelopes around the Landing Zones of the PU… which you can then sell at a kiosk BUT also unfortunately a bug allows players to fill their inventories full of them. At least until then the Carrack, m50 & 890 Jump are on sale… The Cutlass Red is also available now too (this might be permanent in the store)

Star Citizen Alpha 3.8.2 is set to fix some more issues with the Game as 3.8.1 is still pretty buggy. The Carrack is Still Confirmed by the End of Feb and it’s expected to be part of the 3.8.2 patch.

Star Citizen Roadmap Update – CIG have said they will be updating the Roadmap for 4.1 & 4.2 Q3/4 2020 in the near future.

They want to have Theatres of War (ToW) out in some form in the first half of 2020. We will do another video covering the ToW gamemode in more details soon.

MISC Hull-C – has been moved to complete on the SQ42 Roadmap.

Ship AI: 3D Pathfinding – PlanetSide – While this card did move into polishing on the PU roadmap this week, we expect to open it back up in the coming weeks as there is a chance more work will need to be done.

Descriptions have been updated for the following cards on the PU Roadmap to reflect the feature in a bit more detail and accuracy:

For 3.9

High Speed Combat – Ship systems will suffer the strains of traveling at high speeds, with maximum velocity resulting in the restriction of some player options in the cockpit, creating a vulnerability that will push players into engagement at lower speeds.

New Targeting Methodology – Fundamental changes to how targets are tracked on and off your screen, with UI updates to improve the visibility of locked and tracked targets, and the return of pinned targets.

Player Interaction System Improvements – Continued development of the interaction system that lets the player select dialogue options, interact with props in the environment, and generally interact with the game. This work will include providing appropriate player feedback when items can’t be used, adjusting UI elements to scale/place correctly with geometry, and the ability to bind commonly used actions to hotkeys.

Ship AI: 3D Pathfinding – PlanetSide – Building the fundamental technology to allow AI-controlled Ships to navigate in atmosphere using information from physics and planetary tech. The path search will use data from the elevation map of the planet and physical information about the additional objects present (buildings, rocks and so on) to set an obstacle free path. This will be built on top of the current approach to 3D Pathfinding, allowing an entity to not only find a path in space, but building over time to optimize calculation and scale.

Ship AI: 3D Navigation – Collision Avoidance – Building a first pass for the system to correctly handle collision avoidance between moving entities. The system allows AI entities to reciprocally avoid each other as well as collisions with the environment. The system considers the projection in time of the position of the agents, their size and their target velocity, and provides a steering command that is as close as possible to the original intention of each agent.

For 4.0

Body Dragging – Implementing initial functionality for the player to move an incapacitated or dead NPC by dragging the body around an environment.

Ship HUD Rework – As we adapt all our in-game UI to use the new building blocks UI system, we’ve taken the opportunity to re-design the ship HUD and make many much-needed improvements with the Building Blocks System.

Shield Systems Tech Replacement – Adapt shields code to determine shield hits based off of dynamically contoured shield meshes for more accurate combat gameplay, and to eliminate possible weak spots in shields. This also extends shield tech to entities beyond just vehicles.

Some Features have been removed from the PU Roadmap:

Bounty Hunter Armor – should be released alongside Bounty Hunter Gameplay, with meaningful design choices being incorporated into the armor. Until we find a place for Bounty Hunter Gameplay, we’ve removed this card from the PU Roadmap.

QT linking for AI Ships – Following review, leadership has decided to remove this card from the roadmap because, in its current state, this epic would only bring functionality, not the full player experience we would want.

Large-Scale Shadow Improvements – After a review with leadership during planning week, focus for the quarter shifted from Shadows to finishing Live Environment Probes and Reflections, as these tasks will be needed fairly soon for SQ42.

The Sneak peek this week in the Newsletter appears to me to be an internal defense turret aesthetically it looks matched to the Klesher Automated Prison. If it is a smaller turret focused towards anti-personnel then maybe we could see similar setups inside certain ships in the future too.

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