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Coming Soon Alpha 4.1 & 4.2 Roadmap – BoredGamer Star Citizen Update

Welcome to a February 2020 Star Citizen & BoredGamer Channel Update,

Every Month I want to look at what we have got to look forward to over the next few weeks with Star Citizen & give an update on what is happening with me & the BoredGamer Channel.

The Carrack is coming this month to Flyable. It is possibly the most hyped and anticipated ship to date, CIG have taken on some feedback and we should see improvements & additions when compared to the Carrack that was shown CitizenCon 2019.

Once LIVE in game, it won’t have any additional gameplay. It will just be a very useful multi-crew ship in the short term. It has a MedBed and room for a Pisces and Ursa Rover… Though without Ship in Ship Spawning it might be a little bit of effort to get these in your ship. My hope is that CIG will spawn the ship with them in there as a quick bodge.

I am very much looking to deeper exploration gameplay in the future BUT be aware when the Carrack Comes out it’s not going to come out with a load of new content too… it’s possible they might add a couple of little things in the patch tho ALSO Don’t expect it until the end of the month.

Talking about the Patch Alpha 3.8.2 is also planned for this month, in fact it’s likely that will be the patch the Carrack is deployed in… There are various bug fixes, issues and QoL bits that the patch may address. Also there could be some other little additions, new missions, commodities things like that.

Typically we have a Concept Sale Mid February as the first Concept of the year.

Last year we had the Argo SRV Tractor Beam Tow Ship.

It’s also true that CIG are moving towards more straight to flyable ships that they unveil with a major patch so this could be changing… OR it might mean some concepts and some straight to flyable. We know CIG have a Tevarin Fighter, Xi’An Cargo Ship, Mining Ground Vehicle & Small Refinery Ship all in mind. As well as things like the Redeemer Rework, TitanSuits and more that are all possibilities we could see.

Something else that’s common to mid Feb is a Valentine’s Day Sale, we have had ships like the Super Hornet Heart Seeker, or Red Vehicles or vehicles that can be flown with a partner.

Mid February is the Cutoff Point for the 3.9 Patch, this is where CIG confirms internally what will or won’t make a patch, anything that looks likely to miss the date is pushed to a minor or next major patch. It’s also where some other features sometimes appear that CIG want to elaborate on. This is a couple of weeks earlier than CIG would normally have their cutoff BUT it’s likely they are trying to get Star Citizen in a more playable less buggy state.

CIG have said in the very near future we will have a 4.1 & 4.2 Roadmap Update for Q3 and Q4 2020. This is expected to have a lot of the previously displaced features on from earlier Roadmaps. There is certainly a focus on Squadron 42 Episode 1 HOWEVER, there is a lot of tech and features that CIG should be working on this year and based on previous goals we can work out what a lot of this will be:

Better AI

Vulkan Integration & Render Improvements

Gameplay Loops like Salvage

As well as improvements to Mining, potentially adding fuel & quantum matter gathering.

Dynamic Mission & Economy Features

Jump Points & the Pyro Star System

Physiciallized Inventories, Physical Damage System & Physical Components

Flight Model Updates & Improvements

Spawning Ships/Vehicles in Ships

Ships wise The Vulture, Cutlass Blue, Constellation Taurus and Hercules C2 were previously listed so I would expect them and CIG implied they maybe focusing on some of the Crusader Ships this year so I would expect to see the maybe the A2 AND/OR M2 as well as the Star Runner.

If CIG can solve the issues with Morphing Physics Grids and Get Cargo Updates sorted then the Hull-C which is already complete for Squadron 42 is very possible.

TitanSuits are something that have been worked on for Squadron 42 and should at some point be in the PU.

CIG are supposed to be bringing Calling All Devs back fortnightly alternately with Star Citizen LIVE on Fridays.

This is likely going to be a bit different than the original CaDs, it might have a different name and may well be longer. Also CIG has a dedicated thread for Questions for CaDs. It’s going to be a video and we might see a range of topics, devs and subjects in a single episode. They would prefer a question focus on the next 2 proximate major patches & their features as they are able to have deeper answers for these.  

Inside Star Citizen has been mostly filler imo since it restarted this year BUT I am holding out hope that they are going to start to get a bit more meaty from now on as there is a load of 3.9 / 4.0 features they could discuss now. RSI Subscriptions are something I am in 2 minds about… I want more Video & Article OR Community Content really from CIG to justify those Subscriptions… that is very much a me thing though…

Some other bits are it’s possible that ToW might get some Evocati Tests… though that might be overly optimistic given Sean Tracy saying he wanted it in players hands in the first HALF of 2020.

Also for RSI Subscribers I think they are alternately doing Character or Props Flair & Items…

So we may well see something pretty cool for this, this month.

Channel wise we have the Cutlass Red Giveaway for February, more details at the end.

I have been dieting and exercising a lot, I am a short tubby little potato hobbit boy and as I spend most of my time in front of my PC and eating delicious foods.

I’ll give you an update, I weighed 213 Pounds or 15.2 stone at the start of the year.

I’m now 198 Pounds or 14.1 stone. I am trying for a target of 13 stone by the end of March. A lot of the weight I have lost is likely water weight, so it will be a bit harder.

I have been eating quinoa/wild rice with Salmon or Lean Chicken with a Soy and Honey Sauce that I make. I’ve been going for a 20 min jog every day as well.

I have a fatter liver and am overweight and I want to get healthy and hopefully live a bit longer.

I am mentally doing pretty well, been a bit tired & restless recently… I sometimes have days I am mega demotivated and just want to sleep for the whole day… The joy of what I do for a living is that I know I can do that if I need to xD but overall I am doing good!

My Dad is doing well, he literally just got back from his Check Up X-Ray and consultant and he looks to be clear… the checkup next month will be him clear for a year… which is fantastic… they had said previously it’s probably spread to his lymph nodes BUT he may not have an issue with that in his lifetime. Thanks for all the kind messages & Support, it is appreciated.

Still planning on employing zin as an Editor and Channel Aide Full Time… Roughly before June is the current plan.

I am going to go see Baby Metal at the End of Feb in Manchester if anyone else is about, drop me a message, happy to say hi and have a drink… I am looking forward to Japanese Girls Demanding Chocolate.

For the rest of February Content wise, I’ll be looking at:

Gameplay & Patch Notes for 3.8.2

Carrack Tours & Gameplay

We should have a Monthly Report Soon so I’ll get a summary of them

At the end of the month I’ll look at the most asked questions in the Community

Roadmap Updates for 4.1 & 4.2

Summaries for any CIG Video Content

A Concept Ship Buyers Guide for anything that comes out this month.

I’ll also be doing some deeper dives into Features & Gameplay coming in the future.

I’ll probably get a bit of vlog for my Youtube Membembers and Patreons of my Baby Metal trip.

I do have plans to do a Podcast AND to bring back my Org/Community Spotlight series too… I am just lazy with those.

My Streams are still pretty erratic, typically happening on Monday OR Tuesday AND Friday OR Saturday based on have knackered I am. They normally start at around 4pm UTC and I just answer a load of Star Citizen Questions and Chat!