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Star Citizen News – Preparing for Alpha 3.8.2 & 3.9

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a News Update looking at… Patch & Progress updates, some ship sales, some ship updates and improvements to the Reliant, a New Reset tool… actually this week this is mostly PSA for various aspects of the Game & Website.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.8.2 should be in our hands by the end of February and along with this the Carrack. The Next Major Patch is coming in March with Alpha 3.9.

There was a Sneak Peek of the Boxing Ring which is part of the Kelesher Automated Prison in 3.9. With a Fight Club Reference on the picture of “First Rule” and a LL Cool J Quote from Mama Said Knock You Out of “Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years.” We have seen a bit more of the internals of the Prison this week, which you can see in the background.

There was a mini patch on the PTU for 3.8.1g, this has since been closed while assumedly they add more fixes, they said “We have collected the data we were looking for and will deploy a new PTU build when we have more tests to conduct.” The patch addressed a duping exploit, infinite loading screen and crash issues.

Please be aware that in Alpha 3.8.1 at the moment that FOIP will be turned on by default and may try to use your webcam, make sure you turn this off in the options IF you don’t want to use FOIP OR you are having framerate / CPU issues as it can be a little resource intensive.

Roadmap Updates

We didn’t have any additions on the Roadmaps this week, they are aiming to add the Q3 2020 Roadmap for Alpha 4.1 next week AND then 4.2 in the “near future”

We did however have a bit of progress with the Carrack getting ready to go into the PU for 3.8.1.

With 3.9’s Patch Mission Giver Eddie Parr has seen a huge amount of work. Locations like New Babbage and Klesher Prison are getting tasks added and completed, there was progress on the Moons of MicroTech as awell…

Restricted Area Reworks, Player Interaction Improvements, High Speed Ship Combat, Player Status System, Lawful Surrendering & Prison Gameplay have all seen a jump in tasks completed AND Weather Locomotion (so having your movement affected by weather, covering your face) is already nearly completed.

For 4.0 we have a little progress on the weapons that moved in from 3.9 BUT a lot of work has been done on the new SDF Tech Shields.

Squadron 42 wise notably AI has seen a lot of work with updates to FPS Cover Useage and Flight Mission Logic Improvements.

CitizenCon 2020 – CIG have said: 

“We’re actually just about ready to announce the date & location for this year, expect news coming soon!

We’ve made a point to get that info out to y’all much sooner than we had in previous years. We know travel prep & planning takes time and we want to give you as much time as possible!”

SC Newsletter

The Reliant Kore is available as a discounted Starter Pack $70 with a Gamepackage. The idea being it’s the most affordable 2 person ship… maybe… though I would suggest maybe the Pisces is… I suppose not for ship operation.

MISC Reliant Series Update

The Reliant is getting various improvements for Alpha 3.9 as well. This includes:

  • A second gimbal twin mount by default will be added to the Reliant Kore.
  • Two S3 missile hardpoints will be added to all Reliants. 
  • (Default 2xS2 missiles per rack)
  • A minor health buff will be applied in key areas to help strengthen some wing points that were too weak.

You still have until February the 10th to get the Drake Cutlass Red medical marvel at the exclusive Warbond price, which I believe is still $120.

There is a Valentine’s day make a Card Contest on at CIG with various ships as prizes for the top 3 entries, that ends on the 12th. There will be a new contest on the 13th of Feb, alongside a bevy of delectable goodies whatever that means.

Valentines day typically marks a sale of some ships that can be used with a pair of crew, sometimes some valentines themed skins. Also Mid February is historically where we see the first Concept Ship or Vehicle Sale of the Year.

CIG have launched a new tool that will give you the ability to manually reset your character at your convenience.

This was a highly requested feature in the past. No longer will you need to submit a CS ticket and wait for a reset – it will allow you to take control and reset your own account when you see the need. It’s their first iteration of the tool tho and just a short term step as the goal is to eventually have NO MORE SERVER WIPES.

Resets could take up to 30 minutes, and it may give you an 15006 error until the reset is complete. You can use the reset tool once every 7 days.

What Does The Reset Actually Reset?

  • All aUEC earned in-game will be lost & aUEC will be reset to it’s default value.

This Value, your aUEC balance will be the same as the UEC amount shown on your RSI account plus 5000 aUEC that’s given to you BUT will not include UEC as part of any packages (that will be added later). 

  • Any ships, equipment, and other items purchased in-game with aUEC will be lost.
  • Mission and quest progress in-game will be wiped.
  • Your spawn point will be reset & you’ll be able to choose your starting point again.
  • You will need to re-create your character.
  • All ships, vehicles, and equipment will be reset to their default state/loadouts.
  • You’ll still have access to any loaner ships & will not lose anything in your RSI Hangar on the website… so anything you’ve paid REAL MONEY FOR.

RSI Subscribers in February have access to the Banu Defender.

We don’t yet know what the Subscriber Flair for the month is BUT we do know that they are alternating with the props and character team each month and last month we had Combat Knife Variants.

There was a Star Citizen LIVE that had them making a bobblehead… it was mostly fluff and filler… pretty chill… nothing news tangible. It was however not really what we have come to want from CIG which is News, Information, development updates and at the moment on Youtube is the most disliked SC video they have produced I believe. 278 likes to 913 dislikes. Please CIG, you have to improve and add additional Video OR LIVE Content. Though I do think videos are the way to go.