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Star Citizen PTU 3.8.2 with PERSISTENCE – Carrack Teasers

Star Citizen 3.8.2 Alpha is now on the PTU and is open to All Backers to play.

The Current Build does not have the Carrack in YET  BUT there was a sneak peek of a picture of the Carrack with the address bar showing the teaser Anvil_carrack_final_art_WIP_you_will_see_more_on_thursday_and_friday

(The Carrack is very close and will be in our hands by the end of Feb, probably as part of the 3.8.2 build)

The Current 3.8.2 PTU does have some important updates while we wait, the main one being LTP or Long Term Persistence

We have added an Early version of long term persistence to allow player purchases and UEC balance to persist between database wipes.  For now, we will persist FPS item purchases, ship component purchases, ship purchases, and UEC earnings.

  • Updated interior lighting for the Cutlass Red & Fixed Various Issues with the Ship.
  • You can now interact with the medical bed computer on ships while standing next to it to save your spawning location.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing FOIP to be turned on by default. (Please note, if you have a previous USER folder from 3.8.1 you will need to delete this as it may still be set to have FOIP enabled, it’s also a good idea to do this anyway) – Expanses Fans might be happy about that one.
  • Fixed Various Audio Issues including the game-wide crackling audio caused by weapon fire.
  • Insurance claims should consistently work without duplications.
  • Bed logout should now work consistently and no longer cause an infinite load.
  • They put a quick fix in for some ships Shield Holes – More Shield Holes should likely be fixed with the implementation of the new SDF Shield tech a bit later.
  • Fixed multiple shopping kiosk issues.
  • Fixed the missing Interior Cockpit Glass LODs on the Aegis Sabre.
  • Fine terminals should now show the correct UEC owed and no longer show -1 UEC balance.
  • Scanned mineable rock markers should now correctly show on the edge of the screen while the mineables are off screen.
  • Claimjumper missions should now correctly show waypoints and spawn NPCs.
  • Players should no longer randomly die getting off the tram at Riker Memorial Spaceport in Area18.
  • Fixed multiple lighting effects sometimes being excessively bright on the Vehicle Loadout Manager.
  • Fixed 3 server crashes & 12 client crashes.

There is still however most of the other issues from the 3.8.1 build still here, to what extent they will bug fix the others remains to be seen

There was a little bit of a Leak or DataMine from this PTU with an interesting new mission probably for 3.9 that SCLeaks posted on Reddit.

New Mission Price of Freedom (Pacheco Mission) – Which has you rescuing prisoners on route to a prison.

The Mission is to assault a ship (which is a prison transport, which should already be disabled) – Eliminate the transport’s security escorts, Gain access and board the prisoner transport, Eliminate the security forces, Find the Prisons CryoPods (using one of potentially many datapads which will have the names of all prisoners aboard and the associated numbered pod) and potentially protect them until the retrieval team arrives.

There is also a Bonus to Eliminate the Criminal (in cryopod) that got the rest of the group caught in the first place.

It also appears they maybe setting up a radial interaction menu to allow for easily taking your helmet on an off for eating and drinking in 3.9 as well as changing your weapons.

February Subscriber Flair

RSI Subscriber Flair this month is for New Cold Weather collection from Escar Limited. These jackets don’t just look stylish, they provide an element of protection from colder locations like microTech – just in time for the upcoming Player Status additions in Alpha 3.9!

Centurion Subs get a Green Jacket as well as a Red & White one.

Imperator’s get those and 2 Black Variants one with Orange accents one with red white and grey.

Also this month, subs get to fly the Banu Defender until the end of February.

Plus, when the fabled Anvil Carrack arrives later this month, Imperator-level subscribers can look forward to a week’s access through the Imperator Test Flight Program. That goes into effect for seven days following the ship’s debut in the Persistent Universe.

Next month, all RSI subscribers will receive access to the ARGO MOLE, the multi-crew mining platform introduced to the Star Citizen universe in December.

We will have some cool stuff hopefully from Inside Star Citizen today with a Sprint Report which looks at what a lot of teams are doing and a closer look at the Vehicle Experience Team’s efforts.

The Earlier Teaser suggested maybe a little bit of Carrack might be teased too, also more Friday, were we have a SCLive with a Concept Artist, Sarah McCullogh, who’ll be discussing the process of creating some of their previous concepts like the Star Runner and Pisces.

Also Friday is Valentines Day so maybe a sale, maybe a concept ship as it’s mid Feb… maybe both!

But that’s it for a quick update today, Persistence… Please please be good and stable to us xD I genuinely think have Progress Carried through major patches will have Star Citizen played a lot lot more by many BUT remember CIG are still going to wipe at times still.