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Star Citizen News – CitizenCon 2020 & Carrack REAL SOON!

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News, we had some CitizenCon 2020 info, progress with the 3.8.2 Patch, Long Term Persistence Testing, some minor Roadmap Updates & some more information on the Mercury Star Runner and Anvil Carrack.

The Date of 2020 CitizenCon was announced it’s back to it’s old schedule of October 10th and this year in LA at the Los Angeles Convention Center. That is a massive venue used for things like e3. CIG have suggested it will be their biggest CitizenCon ever and to make of that what you will. It’s always a highlight of the year.

This does mean that the IAE / Anniversary sale will be separate again this year and should be expected in the last week of November.

3.8.2 Progress

The 3.8.2 Patch is still on the PTU and receiving updates, no Carrack yet at this stage BUT LTP (Long Term Persistence) Tests are going well, the are wiping the databases and seeing if aUEC and Purchases appropriately carry over, which for most people and myself they have the 3 times they have wiped them, GREAT NEWS.

  • Manual character resets no longer reset long term persistence data.
  • Fixed an issue where the Faceware camera would remain on when FOIP was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the ship 3D radar did not appear as intended.
  • Fixed a server deadlock.

Roadmap Updates / Roundup

Though the Roadmap was supposed to be update this week for 4.1 CIG have said they weren’t ready this week but it will be updated very soon (I would expect next week)

We do know the Mercury Star Runner is slated for the Alpha 4.1 Q3 2020 Update.

In Star Citizen LIVE they talked about the Concept Design Process of the Mercury Star Runner and the Carrack.

The Star Runner has a large amount of multi-role purpose… it can support a small crew, data run, smuggle, it’s relatively stealthy and fast and I suspect it will be a great mission runner. They went through over 100 shapes for the ship before settling on the Asymmetrical design we have today.

The ship has vents and passages to allow the crew to move around, there are areas for more hidden cargo. The rear of the Star Runner has 96SCU of cargo split in 2 with a path allowing for access to a turret and the rest of the ship.

There is a chess or games room, that may have a secret compartment in it.

With the Carrack they brought some more of the shapeology of the Original concept back into ship, there has been a good amount of improvements to the ship post CitizenCon 2019 adding detail, finishing off rooms and tweaking the externals. In Fact those externals are quite a bit more refined and the details there look great.

Battlestar Galactica influenced some of the ship, with a reinforced area around the Cargo Pods, the cargo pods will open up like the Caterpillar’s I believe.

The ship has a little repair workshop, though we don’t know what functionality this will have in game terms yet.

There is a mapping / holo room which still needs a bit of love… again functionality wise we don’t know what that will do precisely in the future yet.

The Medical Bay had some glass put up separating the bed there in like a quarantine area.

I am really looking forward to the Carrack and it’s release later this month.


General Feature Progress for 3.9, Prison Uniforms are almost complete and the Klesher Prison and Gameplay have all made a bit of progress. New Babbage and the Moons of microTech have all seen work too.

High Speed Combat Improvements & the Player Interaction System have seen a big jump in work done. Player Status System &  Weather Locomotion have also seen good progress.

Most of the 3.9 features look like they are on track.

With 4.0 Orison Mission Givers have seen a massive leap in progress.

There is lots of progress on various Weapons as well and the SDF Shield Tech Replacement. We are now waiting for the more Major Updates to the Roadmap.

CIG have a Dev presence at Pax East on February 29th, so there will be some of them walking around the event with Swag to giveaway and they are doing a Bar Citizen in the evening there too which is ticketed.

In the Newsletter we had a Sneak Peek of the Behring BR-2 Ballistic Semi-Auto Shotgun (we don’t know when this will be in the PU yet)

This week’s video & live content from CIG was much better, with Inside SC they had a sprint report which covered a load of areas of the game and showed they they were working on the Crusader Hercules, Cutlass Blue in addition to the Carrack & Star Runner… but also there was some bits on 3.9 features, prisons, the vehicle experience team who are working on getting ships and vehicles more fun and combat in a better place for 2020.

They showed some further improvements to planetary tech as well.

This would of been a great week for Star Citizen if they had also got the 4.1 Roadmap up, still a much better week than last week with bobblehead gate, lack luster news and inside SC.