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Star Citizen 3.9 Hidden Features & Leaks

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, Alpha 3.9 has a variety of listed features on the Roadmap AND we have seen various data mined information from 3.8 branch builds of the game showing some other bits that CIG are working on, we have also had some insight to other features and parts of them from Inside SC & the Monthly Reports.

I wanted to talk about some of the content that 3.9 might also include and other bits that CIG have been working on that have been data mined or mentioned. Please bear in mind with a lot of this they are NOT CONFIRMED for 3.9 BUT have been data mined and in my opinion a lot of this is highly likely to be in.

There are various Mining Consumables that are one use items that fit into slots of certain mining lasers. These will give you the ability to mine quicker, safer, reduce instability, prevent an explosion, basically quick situational uses, though you’d have to have the right one equipped, the charge lasts for between 10 – 30 seconds depending on the consumable.

New Commodities as well as a bit of a rebalance to the Economy is expected.

Jahlium – This naturally occurring metal has found use in several industrial applications and in the production of steel alloys that were favored during 28th century space station construction.

Quantanium – A highly unstable mineral used in the production of quantum travel fuel. With this Q-Type Asteroids as some form of new mineable was also spotted, tho it’s not clear if that’s for hand or ship mining or BOTH.

I would expect some others as well.

CIG have talked about what they want for Gameplay in the PU in the Short term and acknowledge that Jump Town Emergent gameplay was something they want to capture in a more dynamic changing way, with locations, tradelanes and goods that are hot causing friction in game. 

With that in mind there have been some new Narcotics spotted – Zip, Thrust, Mala, Dopple, Freeze, Glow that may very well be potentially with other narcotics already in game consumable with the new Player Status system with that in mind…

You will need food and drink from 3.9 onwards otherwise you’ll at the very least get some debuffs. Food and Drink has a Nutrition Value OR Hydration Value with the higher the number the more effective that item is.

Consumable Items will also give you buffs and debuffs. For example Making you more vulnerable to certain damage types, get hungry or thirsty quicker, giving you stamina boosts.

Some harvestables will be edible in addition to new food stuffs in 3.9 like energy bars and water bottles.

Further expansions to medical gameplay with the mobiGlas showing you additional information on your status, there are references to varying levels of truma to each body part, burns, concussion, Dehydrated, Hemorrhage (so bleeding)Hyper & Hypo thermia for being too hot or cold. Intoxication, Malnourished (seems like it will directly affect your stamina), Radiation Sickness, Respiratory Failure (from lack of oxygen), Sleep Deprivation, Unconscious is also listed… though how would you ever know if your mobiGlas showed this… maybe your medical condition is stored in log form.

These will come with associated debuffs it seems, dehydration may give you blurred vision for example.

There has been talks of a Radial Interaction Innerthought type menu to remove/put on helmet quickly for eating & drinking… as well as allowing for a quicker weapon change.

It’s also been suggested that they may soon open up parts of hospitals in appropriate LZs as respawn points BUT also to potentially cure some of these ailments, expect just like a waiting room and room with mediBed.

Weather will have an effect on your character in 3.9 and there may be changing Weather Conditions – You’ll get warnings of if a Snow Storm is coming in OR your clothing is not sufficient in the cold weather AND you should get an approximate timer before freezy death will occur.

All clothing and Armor will have ratings on how effective it is for most relevantly in 3.9 protecting you against the cold.

There are other New Armors & Clothing as well that will be part of the microTech Collection.

And it appears that there is the Separation of Backpacks from armor – so that armor has an attachment point for them.

We should see a good amount of New Missions with 3.9

There are Chained Delivery Missions that appear to have you delivering 2 or more packages one after the other, getting the next one after you deliver, you get a reward for each package and a bonus for completing is the idea, a bit more of an epic delivery trip.

They should also be Expanding out cargo missions to various distances and locations with the new commodities and gameplay area adding New Babbage and Klesher into the mix.

They did mention data as cargo for some of these cargo missions too, tho that’s likely a placeholder.

There are New Assassination Missions of varying difficulty with appropriate rewards & descriptions as well as Group Assainsations – Having you take pn 2 targets in 2 different areas at once so you have to coordinate with a team mate.

There is a mission to intercept a Prison Transport, which is expected to be something like a Caterpillar, take out the escort ships, board it, take out the guards then work out what prisoners you are supposed to release based on the mission log and data pads you find, with the potential of a bonus for taking out one of the pods as well.

There were mentions of Prevent Data Upload Missions.

The multipart CitizenCon Demo Mission is something that we may see in 3.9 this suggested that the player will have to obtain a security key and uniform before boarding a NPC transport ship to a research facility and sneak around to copy for data to a card before getting away… that mission had the player travel to Pyro System which we won’t have in game in 3.9 so it would be a modified version of that if we do get it.

& there will be New Missions on microTech.

There was rumors of the fight the Idris Mission as part of the Arlington Gang being added tho that is in my opinion unlikely. 

There are mentions of Pirate Raid Events, missions popping up with lots of pirate shenanigans going on.

There is also the likelihood that the New Mission Giver Eddie Parr will have some other interesting missions too.

It’s very possible that 3.9 will see something Straight to Flyable… we haven’t had a concept ship so far in 2020 and it makes sense that CIG have at least 1 new vehicle or ship.

We know that Prisons and Associated Gameplay is coming with 3.9 and they are expanding the Law System to support this there looks to be infractions for escaping & trying to escape from prison.

“Escaping from the custody of the UEE and / or local municipality by an individual before their scheduled release, through any means such as force, subterfuge or violence.“

“The taking of substantial and willful steps to attempt an escape from the custody of the UEE and / or local municipality by an individual before their scheduled release, through any means such as force, subterfuge or violence. 

If you do escape, asumidly you will want to get somewhere to hack down your criminal rating as it’s expected that there will be missions to hunt down escapees.”

In the center of Klesher is a Prison Information Terminals will show your merits & merit goal.

They have been working on Interactive Oxygen Dispensers that will be in places like the mines under Klesher Prison that will refill your suits oxygen.

High Speed Combat Changes – We are likely going to see ships going above SCM speeds have some disadvantages such as the inability to fire missiles BUT there is potentially various other things that CIG may try for this… maybe you can’t go to Quantum while above SCM for example?

I am also oddly looking forward to the Interactive Hologram in microTech, I like Mass Effect like world building and I think it’s a nice touch, there is supposed to be a lot of information that it can convey about microTech and New Babbage.

Long Term Persistence is being tested on the PTU with 3.8.2 at the moment and it’s possible that aUEC & Purchase progress from 3.8.2 may carry on to 3.9 and that 3.9s might carry over to 4.0.

And that’s it for what I wanted to talk about today. I am interested to know what you think we could potentially see for something straight to flyable if anything for 3.9?

Are you excited for Prison Gameplay, what about having to eat and drink OR protect yourself from the elements? 

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