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Star Citizen – Crytek Lawsuit Settlement & Carrack Preview Tour

Welcome to some more Star Citizen we have seen more of the Carrack which is kind of in Game now & the Crytek vs Star Citizen case appears to be over.

Crytek and Star Citizen have come to a settlement over their long running lawsuit, they now need to document that and put in a dismissal together to the court.

This will all be done by the 23rd of March at which time we may see some details of the settlement, often this sort of thing is sealed BUT it is now pretty much over.

I know a lot of SC Backers would have probably wanted CIG to have fought this without settling BUT we don’t know the details of the settlement yet, I would suspect whatever decisions made were in CIGs best financial interests.

There is a 3.8.2c is out on the PTU the Carrack is not yet in player hands BUT is in the files and has been spotted around the Verse with sneaky little devs spawning it in. 

Checkout Dtox_TV on Twitch which is where I got that Carrack Footage From.

There are 2 skins for the Carrack the standard one and an Expedition one.

The Patch had just a handful of fixes from the 3.8.2 b build

  • Certain ship beds (ex. Mole) should no longer cause an infinite loading screen on return from using them to logout.
  • Players should now be able to hack away more than 1 crime per Crypto Card.
  • Fixed a client crash.

Inside Star Citizen saw a quick tour of the Carrack

Starting on the SubDeck – Vehicle Garage for the Ursa Rover or anything else that fits. There is a front opening ramp and a stopping ramp too.

Docking collar that is built ready for Ship to Ship Docking, it also holds EVA suits. It will have an extendable trellis.

3 Detachable cargo pods with overview gantry. Each Pod can carry 152SCU for a total of 456 for the ship.

Each Module is separated by double airlock doors.

These pods will be easily detachable in the future it seems.

Past those is an armory. Suit & weapons storage.


There is the Hab Deck

Medibay – Office, Clear Screen separation, a single medbed, this is supposed to be a step up in abilities than that of the Cutlass Red.

Mess Hall and Recreation Facilities.

Military Style Crew Bunks and Bath Room.

Moving towards the bridge is the Captains Quarters.

There is then the multi-level bridge taking up a part of the Hab Deck and Technical Deck.

The Lower Bridge has pilot and Co-Pilot Stations and a variety of server blades for helping to collect data.

The Upper bridge has stations for the comms and gunner. It also has a StarMap Table/Globe AS WELL AS an alternative STANDING Pilot Station that gives less function BUT more visablility.

On the Top Deck moving back now there are some escape pods then a Repair Room.

To allow you to fix and maintain components.

There is then the drone room with 2 operator seats and a drone system to allow the drones to be lauched and picked up without depressurizing the rest of the room.

Past this is the Hangar for the Pieces BUT you could put anything that will fit in there. P52/72 will fit… DragonFly will fit.

Past this is access to the Carrack’s 2 side turrets.

The turrets extend out from the ship more than they did at CitizenCon for better aiming and target tracking.

At the back of the ship is engineering. It also spans the Technical and Hab decks.

Ship componets are mostly stored here.

There is another deck at the top of the ship tho! The Cartography deck.

In the future this area will display the Star System you are in, in great detail and allow you to plot courses. There is also an EVA airlock and view area here too.

I think the ship looks amazing.

Inside Star Citizen Moons and Carrack Swoons also looked at the New Moons in 3.9.

The Planetary Tech has evolved a lot. The Moons of Microtech are entirely made with the v4 Planetary Tech and look pretty unique because of that.

There is a big increase in quality

The major differences on each of these 3 new moons is ocean type and distribution.

One with no Ocean… one with a large frozen ocean & one with a fluid ocean.

SC Leaks also spotted a couple of new Harvestables that are also eddible BUT also are toxic… probably better for selling rather than eating.

Sunset Berries that grow in cold climets like… most of microTech.

Also found in these areas are a Fungus which  grows in a similar partern to the internals of the heart.