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Star Citizen – Did Your Progress Persist?

 welcome to some more Star Citizen as Alpha 3.8.2 is now LIVE and the Carrack along with LTP is out eyes turn towards 3.9 as the next major patch and it’s only a month away.

With Long Term Persistence (LTP) it seems to have saved some peoples 3.8.1 progress and brought it to 3.8.2. With some people reporting all their purchases and aUEC transferred to 3.8.2 others some, and some being wiped.

There is a Character Reset Tab one the RSI Website now in your account so that you can reset your stuff fully OR if you are stuck OR want to test something.

I was not expecting any progress to be kept from 3.8.1… so that’s something, the inconsistency of the data tho is a bit worrying for me if I wanted to grind.

That said we know there are still going to be full wipes in the future… we will now have them less frequently hopefully.

I mentioned this at the end of my last video briefly but there was an Origin Teaser suggesting that there will be a new Origin Concept or Straight to Flyable ship in the near future.

“According to our sources in New Austin, ICC consultants are spending a lot of time at Origin HQ. We’re not sure what the implications are, but we’re keeping our ears to the ground.”

Some people have said maybe this is a Capital Ship announcement… but we already have the 890 Jump… reading between the lines “we’re keeping our ears to the ground” Origin Rover or Mining Vehicle Anyone?

I think ICC consulatants is refering to Imperial Cartography Center so exploration might be a factor here.

With Inside Star Citizen: To Go or Not to Go  this week we had them talking about the Player Status System and Go No Go Meetings.

Actor Status is anything that can effect the status of a player. The system would prohibit you from player Star Citizen, it should add to the experience.

Preparation is key to success and will reward players when equipping them selves well for a particular adventure with gear and food. They want a fun experience that is not tedious.

Eating, Drinking and Protection from the elements is not the focus of Star Citizen, it’s not a Survival Game HOWEVER these are still important elements in Star Citizen when choosing what missions to take and what planets or POI to visit.

They have put a lot of research into things that would affect a player, heat, cold and the associated visuals with these too. Light Sensitivity, shivering…

Every planet will have a base temperature that is then affected in different areas by humidity, wind chill, storms, buildings.

This will affect your body temperature (and life expectancy) based on the gear you are wearing. There is different gear to protect you from both the heat and cold.

Too hot and you’ll get raspy breath, swirly vision… get too hot or too cold for too long and you’ll die. There are buffs and debuffs gained from food.

Some drinks my slow your thirst, some food give you a temp stamina buff or a little bit of health regen.

Don’t eat or drink for too long and you’ll suffer the effects of malnutrition or dehydration.

Go No Go Meetings are there to check what features are ready to be put into the next major patch OR if they should be pushed back. It typically gets the execs and directors of tasks all together to talk and show where they are.

This also gives context and unity to teams so they can understand where there piece more fully fits into Star Citizen’s Development.

They also check the direction of certain mechanics and currently core features.

One of the aims here is to have a solid mechanic implemented that can be built on BUT is polished and functional, like FPS Mining more recently, the experience of that being

Go to a Store to buy mining equipment

Travel to a Asteroid Field, Cave or Rock Field

Scan them, Mine with a minigame 

Store and then go and sell it

A lot of these features require further iteration and development BUT putting them LIVE gives them 1000s of testers to then give feedback and play those loops to death.

Sometimes features are not ready for a major patch in time and then they will delay them to the next major update. They do post mortem why these features weren’t ready tho… CIG are constantly learning still.

The New Targeting System does have a working model for it currently BUT it isn’t where they want it to be yet. The UI with it isn’t what they wanted, so they are pushing it back to unify it with a UI update too.

Back to the Carrack, the ship is available for sale at the moment BUT there is an Expedition skin that is effectively on sale for $25… I think that is quite expensive BUT have still purchased on as I am a sucker… I just really like it!