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Star Citizen The Idris is Coming to 3.9

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News, IDRIS!!! IDRISS!!!! The idris is coming!

Roadmap Updates

There are various Features coming to 3.9 that are not shown on the Roadmap and CIG talked about 3 of them, I’ll start with the most hype one.

The Idris Frigate is in Alpha 3.9… it’s an NPC one as part of the Miles Eckhart Arlington Bounty Chain of Missions, the last mission in that series is supposed to be you up against an Idris. The shields on an Idris have huge health and regen so you are going to need a sizeable group to complete that one.

Now are we going to be able to board, capture, glitch into the Idris… If there is an interior to it then I would expect that there will be lots of shenanigans to be had.

I would expect the seats to be locked out tho SO don’t expect to be riding it round the Verse in 3.9 yourself BUT I hope you can prove me wrong.

Does this mean the Idris is close to release for Players to use? Well it’s certainly closer BUT a single Idris at a time for a mission IS DIFFERENT from players being able to spawn the ship… also you would be able to have a whole server on board one and still want for more crew with current limitations.

Server Meshing might be a better place to release this mighty ship to the next level.

But this is very hype for me and will be the biggest ship in game when it goes live!

Also for 3.9 is a Prison Transport Mission from “Twitch” Pacheco: The Price of Freedom – This will have you assaulting a convey with a disabled Caterpillar Prison Transport ship, then boarding that ship, taking out the guards and using data-pads to determine what Prison Pods to open. You may also be tasked with taking out one of those prisoners too.

Lastly something not on the Roadmap that CIG confirmed for 3.9 is Volatile/Perishable Cargo – This will introduce additional challenges when trading/transferring some commodities in the ‘verse, this could see timed cargo before it’s worthless or dangerous, timed missions, if you take damage that could damage the cargo. This leads to lots more risk/reward.

Some less fun news tho FPS Combat Behaviors v2 and Eddie Parr a New Mission Giver have been temporarily taken off the Roadmap. They require a bit more work and other tasks are taking priority at the moment.

There was a Tevarin Prowler Teaser of the Jump Seats where some of your boarding party will be deployed from. The ship was pushed back from 3.8 to 3.9 and will be the first Tevarin ship we have in game.

In Star Citizen Live Painting PlanetsShowed that CIG have powerful tools for creating planets and biomes and they are at a stage they can rapidly generate high detailed Worlds… weather, varying biomes, water, poles are all part of that and can be changed with a couple of clicks. 

Slightly older news 3.8.2 is out to LIVE – The Carrack and Long Term Persistence and there with that too. The Carrack is on Sale you can also grab a very expensive $25 Expedition for it OR upgrade to having the C8x Expedition Pisces too.

Inside Star Citizen looked at Go No Go Choices with Features getting pushed back if they are not ready for prime time as well as the Player Status System… in 3.9 you will have to protect yourself from the elements, like the cold of microtech by wearing different gear. You’ll need to eat and drink to keep healthy and there are buff / debuffs too.

There was a little hint at something from Origin a new concept ship coming from them soon too.

And that’s it for this week!

3.9 is just around corner and month away… with Evocati and PTU sooner than that!

I am interested to know what you are looking forward to, did you like the content from CIG this week? Have you been playing 3.8.2 or with the Carrack? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.