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BoredGamer Channel Update March 2020

Welcome to a Star Citizen & BoredGamer Channel Update for March 2020.

We have a Giveaway Winner for Feb, Angens Congratulations that was for a Cutlass Black /w Red Upgrade and GamePackage.

There is a New Giveaway for an Anvil Arrow & GamePackage, all you need to do to be in form a chance for winning that is comment on any of my videos made during the Month of March.

The Carrack & LTP in 3.8.2 make SC a lot more playable for me.

Though the game still VERY MUCH still has it’s problems, still rooting it in being an Alpha. 

If our Progress Persists to 3.9 and 4.0 I will be extremely pleased. There are still going to be full resets bare that in mind.

The Carrack has a few problems a major one being landing it kinda of dancing on the ground… Other than that the ship is amazing looking and fun to fly around in.

The lack of ship in ship spawning currently makes it a bit of a faff with the Pisces and Ursa Rover and getting them in the ship.

We need Exploration Gameplay too BUT that’s further off. If you are stuck in a Station or Bed, try pressing Y… If you are mega stuck you can always reset your account from the RSI Website.

Alpha 3.9 is going LIVE this month of March, or at least that is the plan. There is a HUGE amount of content planned for this first major patch of the year.

New Missions, Prison Gameplay, New Babbage, Light Survival (Food, Drink, Weather, Buffs/Debuffs & even the Idris is planned to be in this patch, it’s only an NPC one for a mission BUT that is still pretty exciting.

I would expect some surprises with maybe a straight to flyable ship or vehicle being here as well.

The Hiring of zin, so you may know that I wanted to hire an editor, community manager, camera person, helper minion carer… full time to help with the Channel… Star Citizen is getting more and more flesh to it’s bones and I want to get pretty b-roll, make better content, more content, stream gameplay, organize regular events.

I am terrible at editing and not very arty… that’s where zin comes in she will hopefully help me organize the channel and make significantly better content.

The current plan is to have her start for end of June this year… QUESTION MARK?

For around the 4.0 launch, that should mean we have a lot we can cover…

Theatres of War as well should give us something to do if we have done everything else.

End of The Crytek LawsuitBy the 24th of March the Crytek vs Star Citizen Lawsuit should all be done and dusted. The Parties Settled in the end and are currently in the process of informing the court of all the necessary details. It’s likely we won’t know much of the details beyond that BUT if anything turns up I’ll let you know. Crytek were in a very weak position IMO IAMNOTALAWYER so I suspect that CIG won’t be hurting from that.

Possibilities there are the Parties cover their own legal expenses, things like that… but then the matter is done… that’s my expectation anyway.

March is a busy month for me too

It’s one of my best mates Hen-Dos

My Birthday, zins birthday

There is a Board Game Convention, Shake Battle and Roll – 27th of March I’ll link it below, it’s right next to me and awesome BUT it’s gonna be right around when 3.9 launches xD

So there is Standard Star Citizen stuff & lots of 3.9 bits too

I’ve also started painting Gamesworkshop stuff again and planning to play some Adeptus Titanicus a load of my mate locally play lots of 40k and model games… I used to be pretty good at painting and playing and I wanted to get back into it.

Painting did make me realize I need to wear my glasses more. I get terrible eye strain and blurry vision if I don’t.

Health wise – I am doing pretty well Mentally, I even occasionally take days off without feeling mega anxious, I went to see Baby Metal the other week and my mate zenn was literally crying next to me watching with the utmost joy… for him Anime had become flesh… but I was able to go away for a weekend and not feel blergh throughout not being on my PC and making videos.

Weight Loss – I am now 195 pounds… which is still too much BUT less than I was… I want to lose another 20-25 pounds this year. I am eating well tho… porridge, quinoa, salmon, jacket potatoes and some lean chicken make up most of my diet.

My Dad seems to be doing well at the moment, thank you for all the kind messages, he has been around a year now without any further complications which is fantastic.

I sort of have a new cat… he is a 3 legged menace that the neighbour named tri-pod.

I love him and he comes to my house to eat, sleep and a lot of scrats…

I’ll get some video of him at somepoint… all my go-pro batteries are exhausted atm… now charging

Content Wise for This Month I’ll be getting up videos on.

3.8.2 State of the Game

Some Carrack Adventures

3.9 Content – PTU, Features, Patch Notes, LIVE, State of the Game

Prison Life Gameplay… lots of that

Finding the Idris in 3.9… which is a mission chain…

Monthly Report for PU and SQ42 should be out by next week.

General Summaries of Inside Star Citizen, SC Live and SC News.

I saw the SC Reddit wanting to see bigger updates to the SQ42 Roadmap, Squadron 42 is certainly something that CIG do not communicate with us very well. After the Monthly Report I might look a bit deeper into SQ42 Updates as well.

There will be looks at specific mechanics, food and drink and any other hot topics that turn up too.

One Day… I plan to start doing a Podcast as well… I have been monstrously lazy with that.

I Would love to hear from you if there is any specific content you would like to see, topics covered, series ideas or even if you just wanted to ask about Star Citizen please drop a message in the comments below.

Anything else?

We could start seeing testing for Theatres of War this month potentially, this is the new Objective Based More Traditional FPS Game Mode for Star Marine with the scale and combined arms battles that Star Citizen can offer.

A New Concept of Straight to Flyable Ship / Vehicle – We recently had a teaser that Origin have something in the works, that may be connected to exploration or cartography.

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I am going to be doing some more stuff with Asetek, they have hooked me up with an AlienWare PC. Asetek make a range of high end cool solutions for CPU, GPU and your PC and it’s something I use so hopefully I’ll have some cool stuff to show you soon with that hardware and Star Citizen.

I am very much a proponent of Cloud Based Gaming and Owning Your Own Enthusiast Rig… they are for peoples different needs… I needs both xD

Thank You List of People

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