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Star Citizen Roadmap Updates – More 3.9 Details

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a Roadmap Update, a Sneak Peek at the gravity module as well as some info from the recent SCLive all about Alpha 3.9.

Let’s Start with the Roadmap Updates

The ability to Surrender to Security Forces has been pushed to 4.0.

“Certain tasks took more time to complete than initially anticipated, resulting in the surrender functionality not being ready in time for feature lock. For this reason, this card has been shifted to the 4.0 column on the PU Roadmap. Fear not, prison enthusiasts, there will still be plenty of ways to get locked up in 3.9 (albeit slightly more violent ones).”

So now it appears the way to go to Prison in 3.9 is to get an appropriate criminal rating and record and then get killed by those security forces.

There is a new Feature added to 4.1, the Space Station – Cargo Deck

This card has been added to the 4.1 column on the PU Roadmap. Cargo Decks are facilities within rest stops where players can handle all of their cargo needs. From dropping off and picking up, to storing, renting space, buying new cargo equipment, and taking on cargo-related missions.

This has me expecting a few other things that may well be targeted for the 4.1 patch

The Sneak Peek this week was at the Gravity Module for the GreyCat Multi Tool

Now we know there are a couple of things that CIG may want to do with this. Either for movement of objects and cargo OR movement of the player in EVA.

I suspect in this situation it’s the former allowing you to move Cargo Containers around more easily, whether in gravity or EVA, kind of a T0 first implementation of basic tractor beams.

We had up until reasonably recently had some economy features that I was excited about on the Roadmap including timers associated with loading unloading cargo… I think that 4.1 is likely to be where a lot of this content may land. We also know that CIG have been working on updating Cargo containers with both larger and different types for differing cargos.

Again something else that benefits all this is the iCache or Item Cache which is going to store the data for assets and their locations… this is currently a focus for CIG.

That’s just my take on that.

Cargo Deck also sounds very much like it’s going to make good use of the Ship to Station docking planned for 4.0

We do have a lot of features now moving to the polishing phase for 3.9:

  • Player Interaction System Improvements
  • Player Status System v1
  • Weather Locomotion
  • microTech Moon: Clio
  • microTech Moon: Calliope
  • microTech Moon: Euterpe
  • Ship AI: 3D Navigation – Collision Avoidance

I would expect the Evocati to have the 3.9 patch VERY SHORTLY hours not days sort of thing.

Star Citizen Live 3.9

Desync should be resolved with 3.9 – They have a physics proxy refactor also coming here.

Ship in Ship Spawning is not in 3.9

No Player to Player Cash Transfer for 3.9, they are waiting for a mobiGlas Refactor for the new building blocks UI. They are currently working on the ship HUD.

They are waiting on the iCache to be complete before Physical inventory will get 

PiS & PiT Physical inventory System and Personal inner though… PISPIT

Pirates will be able to sell cargo from blow up ships

No player server cap improvements in 3.9 BUT they are working on the backend optimization of the server to eventually allow this. They want to get server tick rates up first.

You will be able to eat and drink at bars and food courts in 3.9… vending machines and street vendors – CLARIFIED VENDING MACHINES ARE NOT IN 3.9 WORKING YET

You can’t properly store food in kitchens yet BUT you can store food on yourself.

You unwrap energy bars and candy bars.

Radiation hazards will be a thing for Player Status System… not for 3.9 tho

There is no hygiene player status being tracked in 3.9 so no poo poo or toilet function yet.

They wanted piracy and pvp gameplay improved which is part of the reason that prisons were prioritized.

It was confirmed that the Idris Fight in 3.9 is the exterior of the Idris and it will take a huge amount of firepower to take it down, also you will only be offered the mission once when completed,  you will have to join some-else if you want to do it again BUT there should be people wanting to team up for the mission!

And that’s it for the quick round up this week.