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Star Citizen 3.9.0 Wave 1 Soon & Stella Fortuna Sale

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with some details of 3.9.0’s progress, a Ship Sale that could help get you a LTI Token as well as details on what’s happening with Star Citizen & CIG this week.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.9 is the next major Release for the PU and is expected LIVE for the end of March, it’s currently working it’s way through testing, here is what CIG have to say:

“As many of you are aware, 3.9 has been released to Evocati! We are currently in the process of sorting out some expected stability issues. We haven’t cleared some big features for testing yet, such as Prisons and the updated contact system, so we still have some things to check off before going to Wave 1. Stay tuned for more info coming soon!

As a heads up, the player experience team has seen lots of discussion about the upcoming food and drink mechanics. Although 3.9 isn’t in everyone’s hands yet, we already know it’s a topic we will need to pay close attention to and look forward to hearing your thoughts after you test it out in-game.”

Reading into that expect there are some issues with the current Evocati Build that they are aware of needing fixing before going to Wave 1 and they have yet to test some of the major updates with evocati yet which also need to be given a burn test.

Also CIG are aware that some people hate the idea of having to eat and drink… and without it you will eventually die, there is a lot of worry that it will be getting in the way of gameplay OR you’ll need to eat far too often… They are going to monitor and tweak the mechanic, I suspect that they will just make eating and drinking either take a VERY long time to run down OR have it so it debuffs you BUT doesn’t kill you again that’s just my take.

Also I think it’s possible that we will see wave 1 PTU on the weekend IF we are very lucky BUT more likely next week tho now. Wave 1 adding Concierge and RSI Subscribers into the testing group.

On Thursday we have Inside Star Citizen that this time looks at the Personal Inventory and Inner Thought Systems as well as a Sprint Report which I very much look forward to.

Friday sees a Roadmap update/Roundup and the RSI Newsletter.
However Due the situation surrounding COVID-19, CIG have taken extra precautions to ensure the safety of all their developers. They’re still in the process of figuring out how those precautions will impact the regularly scheduled live shows. They have said to Keep an eye out for more information concerning this week’s planned Star Citizen Live… so it may still go ahead. To me that looks like they may be asking devs to work from home where possible!

There is a Stella Fortuna / St Patricks Day Sale currently on. In Lore Stella Fortuna is all about Luck and Adventurous Sprit.

Every Year CIG sell Green Themed Ships for this event.

And this year has the bonus of having a viable LTI Token.

Let me explain.

We have the P-72 Emerald this time round for $35 Warbond with LTI… warbond ships just mean they can’t be bought with store credit… the ship is available using credit with 6 months insurance OR as an upgrade for $40.

The fact it comes with LTI at $35 means that it’s an incredibly cheap LTI token, as you are able to upgrade it to another ship and the LTI will stick… so you could upgrade it to a Cutlass Black for another $60 and have it with LTI.

HOWEVER there appears to be and oversight that CIG are currently looking into that means that you can’t upgrade the ship properly, I’d expect that to be solved very soon.

Other things in the sale are a Green/Emerald Ursa Rover, available for $55… this just has 6 months insurance and is purchasable with Store Credit.

There is also a “Soldier of Fortuna” pack with the Constellation Phoenix Emerald, Emerald Ursa Rover & Emerald P72 for $415 all with LTI. It’s also available without LTI and with store credit for $475.

Those Soldier of Fortuna Packs stock ran out almost immediately, there is a second batch which becomes available on March 17th at 11pm UTC . The pack is limited to one per account and is limited in stock.

CIG have said the P-72 Archimedes Emerald, is going to be flyable in Alpha 3.9.1 which means that CIG probably already have some plans for this minor patch as part of the 3.9 branch.

There is also a Limerick Contest with a 1st – 3rd prize with those Fortuna Emerald ships/vehicles.

The Limerick needs to have your “Luckiest Star Citizen Gaming Moment” as a subject

One limerick per participant with no offensive content.

The limerick must be original and conform to the limerick rhyme standard. Non-limericks will not be accepted

Contest ends: 03/22/2020 (11:59 PM Pacific) which is also when I would expect the Fortuna Sale to also end.

CIG have also put out some information on Bugs they are tracking, fixing and work arounds:

We are closely monitoring a few issues present in our latest patch, and will keep you updated as we know more. These are the most reported issues we’ve received, and what you should do if you encounter them in the wild. For a list of our most reported issues updated daily, keep an eye on our Known Issues list.

  • Anvil Carrack | We know the Carrack has a variety of residual issues that need to be worked out and we are keeping our ear to the ground and collecting what we can from the Issue Council. If you happen to stumble upon any issues with the Carrack yourself, please help us reproduce the steps by contributing to the Issue Council.
  • Sign in Failed- Code: Error- Launcher Issue | We are investigating an issue where players may receive the error “Sign in failed. You may have entered the wrong credentials. code:error” when attempting to login via the RSI Launcher. This error may appear even when the username/login ID and password are entered correctly. Check the link above for a potential workaround!
  • Error – Vulkan-1.dll Was Not Found | We have found an issue where players may see this error when attempting to launch the game. After some investigation, this is due to out of date video card driver software and you do not need to totally reinstall the game. Check the link above for further instructions!
  • Cryastro Services Issues | We are aware of an issue that players are encountering where CryAstro services to repair and refuel are not functioning consistently. A fix for this is in the works and planned, but it is not expected to be addressed until patch 3.9. Until then, please follow the workaround instructions included in the link above.
  • Why Can’t I Spawn My Ship? | Can’t spawn your ship? We may be able to help you understand why. Check out more info in the knowledgebase article linked above.

Some other issues we’re aware of and are currently investigating:

  • Commodity trading exploits (we have already gathered enough data on this, so there is no further need to test this. We’re monitoring and working on a solution, so please don’t use them)
  • Ships not spawning when listed unknown
  • Disappearing asteroids after mining fracture
  • 0 UEC after reset
  • Duplicate ships

Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, and we’re monitoring and tracking a number of issues that have been reported on a smaller scale.

My hope is that if those issues are list here they are likely going to be addressed in 3.9 LIVE at least most of them.

And that’s it for what’s happening this week in Star Citizen, once we have Inside SC, more details on 3.9.0s progress, the PTU, and Roadmap Changes I’ll get videos out.