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Star Citizen News – WAITING ON ALPHA 3.9.0 PTU WAVE 1

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News with a look at the Roadmap, 3.9.0 Release Plans and a quick update with what’s been going on this week.

Alpha 3.9.0 is still with Evocati and the community is awaiting it to go to 1st Wave PTU.

Now there may be some minor disruption with 3.9 PTU and LIVE although CIG are seemly still trying to get it out by the end of March.

More To that CIG have said a bit more on their studio at least in the UK currently “Working From Home

As you may know, we’re taking necessary precautions to mitigate risk for our team in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have full confidence in our developers to adapt to this new work-from-home reality, and we’re constantly evaluating any impacts this has on us and will keep you in the loop. We’ll continue to do our best and work on making the best damn games ever. In-office or at home.

As the UK gets more locked down and people are pretty bored… I actually think they may be efficient workers as it’s something to occupy yourself BUT it’s very possible that we could see distruption.

This Week’s Sneak Peek was of the Prison Information & Merits UI that Prisoners will have access to when locked up. This will show the amount of merits you have, the amount you need to be able to get released and eventually have the ability to transfer merits to other inmates. You sentence can increase if you are naughty while in prison as well.

Klesher Automated Prison & Associated Gameplay is coming with Alpha 3.9.

The billion merits and 40 hours prison time is just a random placeholder BUT we do know you’ll have to be logged in to accrue merits and you’ll be able to gain additional merits by mining under Klesher and bringing back your resources.


Alpha 3.9.0 is now preparing for it’s potential Launch Date of the end of March.

New Babbage as a landing zone and the Klescher Automated Prison & it’s associated Mission Gameplay are now in polishing.

The Restricted Area Rework Feature (hopefully giving us a better experience when flying near Cities/LZs) has 1 task remaining.

The Esperia Prowler has made good progress and the M50 rework has been revealed to need 8 tasks completed.

Alpha 4.0 the Q2 end of June Patch has seen some progress.

The Death Animation Improvements Feature & Server to Client Actor Networking Rework has begun. The latter is extremely important for SCs Netcode, with plans to reduce lag, latency, remove general animation delay and make the code more robust for the games needs.

All the Weapons of 4.0 the Lightning Bolt Pistol and Sniper and Sledge Mass Driver has seen a little bit of progress.

The Squadron 42 Roadmap is no longer receiving updates while they work out another way of more appropriately showing it’s progress.

Jlee looked at how some of the uniforms of the UEE may have looked like in the 2nd Tevarin War. In a Star Citizen LIVE. Some cool art work done live here and a quick lifecycle look at Concept art. When it comes to LIVE shows and video offerings over the next few weeks from CIG expect some potential changes as they adjust to having a lot of their staff work from home.

The Stella Fortuna Ship Sale is still on until March 23rd at 4pm UTC.

The Emerald Versions of the Ursa Rover, P-72 and a package that includes both of those and a Constellation Phoenix Emerald is available. The P-72 may be tempting to some as it is a cheap LTI token, meaning you can upgrade it later to a different ship and it will keep the LTI… so upgrading it to a Carrack for example gives it LTI.

And that’s it for the news this week.