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BoredGamer Channel Update – Star Citizen 3.9.0 Content

Hello & Welcome to a Star Citizen & BoredGamer Channel Update. I wanted to give you a bit of an update where we are with SC Alpha 3.9 Content, plans for the coming days, SOME BIG UPDATES to the Channel and I NEED YOUR HELP shaping the content to come.

Isolation Life has embraced the UK and some other Countries too and that has led to a lot of people working from home including the CIG’s Manchester Wilmslow Studio, which is by far Star Citizen’s largest Game Dev Hub, though Star Citizen is kind of tooled to be able to be worked on remotely, so they are suggestion there isn’t going to be much disruption to development, though I expect that it has caused some short term delays with aspects of Alpha 3.9.0… getting it to PTU Wave 1 and LIVE.

3.9.0 – CIG are focused on getting the PTU WAVE 1 into our hands as quickly as possible AND there is a lot of content I have planned once we have the PTU OR LIVE Builds.

Patch Notes

Feature Focus looking at the Updated Law System, Survival Mechanics with Food, Drink & environments, The Player Interaction System Updates.

Prison Life and exactly how prisons work and play is something I am very much looking forward to.

Idris Mission & as much of a tear down of what we can do / see with that new NPC Idris.

Other Mission Playthroughs too, the Prisoner Transport Mission, coordinated bounty Hunts/assassinations and anything else that’s new.

New Gameplay Loops with Mining Quantium and Rushing to sell it.

A New Player Guide

Ship Tours for the Prowler and anything Else that is new

Location Tours, New Babbage, New Stations / POI

A State of the Game looking at what’s broken 

And much much more… There are going to be lots of potentials of doing guides on meta, what loadouts / gear is the best.

I might look at how long it could take to go from Starter Ship to a Hammerhead OR just a general SC progression Series.

Carrack Adventures – Going through and experiencing what Star Citizen has to offer with a Crew in a Carrack.

Playing with some other Content Creators / Streamers – I kind of have isolated myself from working with others so much because I have an odd schedule at home.

Evocati Phases are really annoying for me, as an Evo member I don’t cover the leaks from Evocati Patches nor can I cover their content… so I am hoping that there is only minimal delay… 

More to this content as well a Lot of Companies are laying off Staff in the UK OR reducing their work hours, as many of you know I have been planning on employing a Full Time Editor / Content Helper / Community Manager, zinya.

I actually planned to have her working for me last year BUT there was a lot of stuff to work out like pensions and I wanted to have her employed properly rather than as a subcontractor.

My Editing and B-Roll Skills are poor and I am inspired by creators like Morpholigis to GET GOOD.

Well due to the current situation she should be learning the ropes and getting involved with the Channel from April with plans to be employed full time for the end of June… as we know things rarely go to plan!

But with that in mind I am able to make more content, stream more and improve the quality of my videos and have Community Events Running.

The rough plan is to create more videos responding to Star Citizen News and Community Hot Topics / Suggestions. Get better B-Roll and Video for those videos by having a dedicated camera person helping, have events organized for background footage and videos. To develop a style of editing that adds some production value and quality as well as a bit of Character to the Channel. I’ll be able to stream more, make more videos and have higher quality more relevant content.

What I do need is Feedback and Suggestions on what content you’d like to see.

I’ll be putting polls up on my Youtube and Social Media over the next few days.

This is to help prioritize and work out what content people are most wanting to see and whether that be specific types of gameplay, feature deep dives, guides etc…

That should allow me to make the most efficient use of the additional man hours.

Once I have a bit of momentum then we will regularly be taking topics and looking to viewers to help pick the videos each week.

Additional Content Plans for the Channel – I also want to bring back Org Spotlight but expand it to cover Events, Tools, Apps as well… basically interviewing an Org Leader and taking about their org or someone that’s made a useful app for star citizen.

Streaming Star Citizen Gameplay a couple of times a week in addition to more chatty streams. IF Alpha 3.9 has solid playability and has solved the De-Sync and anti-player issues then I’ll start doing that when it’s LIVE. 

I want viewers to Help me decide what content to do from week to week.

I also want to be a force for good as a community for Star Citizen’s development and am thinking that maybe we should have some focus monthly about a particular mechanic, look at bug hunting and see if we can make a difference beyond just standard Feedback and Issue Council Reporting. I’d looking to really deep dive into a topic and produce an article or video on the discussion and everyone’s points of view.

I also want to do regular content with viewers and my discord, I think zin should be able to organize this and we’d then get some vetting of players for those that also want to be on comms. A podcast… I have had plans for this for over a year!

Would people like to see VOIP stuff… maybe parodies of the real world news OR creating a character / sketch and running with it. Self Isolating in a 890 Jump… Day 2 We are out of toilet paper OR a Carrack jump point mapping business called Any Hole’s a Goal, sketches are probably what I’d do… as I am not a massive fan of RP cringe… RP done good is good… I like funny and sometime awkward… mostly witty humor.

I am potentially thinking of expanding to some other games or content on the Channel… for example today I was thinking of streaming some HL:Alyx on my Valve Index when it’s released BUT there are probably other games that I will want to play AT LEAST ON STREAM in the future and I am interested to know if that’s something you’d like to see as well… 

I’ll probably have another channel for any other non-star-citizen topics, but may stream some games to the main channel if people are up for that, it won’t be a regular occurance, I’ll probably just stream on Twitch for that – Half-Life Alyx may be a game that defines the VR genre.

I did want to update you on some personal stuff, I am only lightly affected from a country lockdown as I work from home and don’t go out much. I do most of my socializing in the evenings playing games and chatting on Mumble.

I am looking after my Dad at the moment who is vulnerable so I have been isolating myself sensibly. However I have been a little stressed, anxious and depressed as my father is not taking his medication that he needs.. He is just stubborn and I don’t understand… I have tried to talk to him about it, but he says he doesn’t want to take it and it’s his decision. It’s something that is very much distracting me at the moment and I am a bit grumpy.

That’s for all the kind messages and anyone who was on social media last night that let me vent at them.

I have been out of sorts for the last week or so and I hope to jump back in and REALLY improve my Channel and Content offerings.

I regularly get asked how people can help support the channel and the best way to do that. Commenting with feedback, suggestions and your opinions REALLY HELPS, as does sharing videos that really really helps. If you want to be involved in a Spotlight or can think of an ORG, Event, app etc… that would be great to feature then please speak up!

For those of you that want to go even further there is Patreon & Direct donation links down below BUT also the Youtube Join Button that is something that I am trying to promote, it gives you emotes and badges in that comments & I do a bit of exclusive posting on there BUT the plan is to do a YT Members/Patreons only stream each month as well and have more generally these people affect the channel more.

Thank you for supporting my Channel and helping me be able to do what I love, we are moving into the next stage for the Channel and it’s something that is very exciting for me and hopefully you’ll enjoy the improved content coming SOON!