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New Armor & Prowler Hype

Welcome to 3.9.0 draws closer… but we are in overtime xD

We have some new armor that’s been announced for 3.9 now and I wanted to talk a little more about the Prowler which is also debuting in 3.9.0.

New Armor to start with this month of April’s Subscriber Flair is a selection of helmets worn by six key figures in the Overlords gang.

May will see the rest of the Overlord Armor Suit with the rest of the pieces to complete it. Centurions will receive the remaining components to complete one set of Overlord Armor and Imperators the pieces to complete two.

The Overlord helmet delivers heavy protection while a special lightweight composite plating makes it feel like nothing’s there. Repurposed ocular sensors normally found on ships keep you attuned to your surroundings and, when worn with the full Overlord suit, the high neck collar provides extra head support and protection. These helmets will be available in 3.9 and assumedly the rest of the suit will be useable as soon as it’s released in May.

The Dev’s did say they wanted bonuses or additional functionality with certain gear and armor sets when you wear them together so I am hoping that we see less head bob or better aiming stability here.

There are 2 helmets the “Forces of Nature” set for Centurion Subs in brown Dust Storm and green Predator colors

For Imperators they get them and there is also the Silent Strike set in rust teal Riptide and yellow Stinger colors.

Subscribers can purchase those at anytime too and also buy the “Double Trouble”, Red Supernova and blue Switchback set which are exclusive to the sub store.

The Helmets and color schemes are cool for sure and I like the fact they are looking at more Pyro-Centric Gear now. I am always in 2 minds about exclusive items, as long as they don’t give you an advantage you can’t get elsewhere in game then I am happy with that personally.

The Avenger Titan, Stalker, and Warlock are currently available to all Subscribers and will be until May 1st, 2020.

Imperator Subs will get access to the Prowler for a week once 3.9 goes LIVE as well. 

As does anyone that has pledged for the ship. We don’t know about it’s rent or purchase-ability in game for 3.9.0 yet though. I do think that it’s important the CI add these ships and anything that’s flyable to be accessible by everyone in a timely manner in game.

The Gameplay with Prowler in 3.9.0 is going to be pretty basic as the Prowler is an advanced stealthy drop ship and that gameplay in 3.9.0 is very much going to be what players make it.

There are a couple of missions that can be useful for having a drop ship…

More on the Tevarin & Why the Prowler is important

The Prowler marks a point in the game where all of the major races are covered with at least 1 ship and a style guide.

And the Tevarin might be a little more important than the Banu or Xi’an at least when it comes to building human planets and that’s because the Tevarin are more integrated into human society as they had been previously conquered by them.

The Second Tevarin War was an armed conflict between the Tevarin and the United Empire of Earth that lasted from 2603 to 2610. It began when Corath’thal, a Tevarin warlord, launched a campaign to take back the Tevarin Homeworld, Jalan (Elysium IV), from the UEE. Lacking the numbers and resources of the First Tevarin War, the Tevarin waged a protracted, guerilla-based campaign over the next seven years. When it became clear to Corath’thal that the Tevarin were going to be defeated after the Battle of Centauri, he and his remaining forces removed the thermal shielding from their ships and dove into the atmosphere of Jalan. Their self-immolation prompted the Tevarin to cast off the culture that had failed them and fully assimilate into the UEE under the rule of Deacon Messer II.

Also I said major races because there is another race we know a tiny bit about and that’s the Kr’Thakk… 

The Kr’thak are a spacefaring civilization indigenous to an unknown area of space. Little is known about them, other than their involvement in a period of turmoil in Xi’an history called the Spirit Wars. The Xi’an have strict laws in place preventing the populace from interacting with the Kr’thak and have refused to fulfill information requests from Humans. While some Human explorers have made attempts to locate Jump Points into Kr’thak territory, none have so far been found. In 2943, the UEE Senate discussed establishing contact with the Kr’thak, but ultimately decided against potentially jeopardizing diplomatic relations with the Xi’an.

Spirit Wars…

The Spirit Wars were an interconnected series of massed conflicts between the Xi’an Empire and the Kr’thak, spanning multiple centuries (272-1263). These wars had a profound effect on Xi’an society; during a Kr’thak incursion (1225), Emperor Iith se Xy.ō and all in her House were exterminated. The Second Imperial age came to an abrupt end and a century of anarchy rose in its place.

I consider the Kr’Thakk as a minor race because… well we don’t know much about them and CIG have only mentioned them in brief… it’s likely they will be something we see much much later in development. It’s something they can be secretive about… which you know is kinda cool

I am really looking forward to whatever the Kr’Thakk are and CI have time to work that out later, tho Spirit Wars could imply they are a bit ethereal looking.