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Pillar Talk 3.9 Summary

Welcome to some more Star Citizen… we are still waiting on the New 3.9.0 Patch, Wider PTU and LIVE Builds BUT we have a lot of info on some more of the Updates in that Patch as well as some of the future features that CI are currently working on… we also have a load of general SC News for you!

Star Citizen: Pillar Talk – Alpha 3.9 – Filmed Early March 2020

Long Term Persistence is being utilized & It was confirmed that there WILL NOT be a Persistence Reset for 3.9. This means any ships or items you bought in game and your aUEC balance will carry over to 3.9.0

HOWEVER there were some exploits in the 3.8 Branch and CIG have said they may individually edit those players accounts or wipe their progress if they have ridiculous amounts of creds.

Moving forward they have said they want to avoid wipes as much as possible, though they may still happen. This system is fine as a stop gap but doesn’t go into the detail of items that’s needed for the future of the game.

The iCache or Item Cache they are working on currently is a database which provides and manages the persistence & details of all player and entity data for Star Citizen.

This expands how information on items is stored including locational information all at a micro-level.

This is needed for base building and persistence of objects in game. This is something they are planning for now even. Player contributions will help add to the living world.

Server OCS updates will allow for the iCache to be utilized efficiently.

We have SOCS in game now BUT it needs optimizations and other services to come online to be fully engaged.

This then allows for server meshing & full persistence. Seamlessly handing over server data between servers without players noticing and allowing for magnitudes more players to be on the same Mega-Server.

They have seen big server benefits with server start up times significantly reduced.

3.9.0 and future patches are planned to be more stable, they want a high quality of life with the gameplay & stability. 

Rewind Time or Latency Improvements have been made – Areas of network prediction code used to ensure positions and states are accurate and as close to real time as possible between clients and server. This is mostly utilized for FPS & animations for the players BUT really you need high stable server tick rates for this as well… so Star Marine and Theatres of War will benefit from this the most in the short term BUT if the PU servers are clunky or degrade they are still going to see less than ideal results, still a solid improvement for 3.9.0 tho.

Unified Friends List combines the previously separate spectrum and in game friends so if you add a friend in one they appear on both in real time.

Deeper VOIP & FOIP integration is planned for this in the future as is general updates to get it into a very useful state. 

We will be able to see if a player is online BUT not exact location, in the future the plans are to see more accurate locations of friends BUT also expect things like ORG tags and filters for your HUD too to allow for more info to be conveyed.

We will start to see various Org and lobby additions in the future.

PIS PIT – In 3.9 you now have access to most of the games controls contextually through the innerthought system. You can also set hotkeys here and interact with your personal inventory (which is different from your loadout)

Eat, Drink, Emote, Interact, Use a Ship Function… it’s all accessible via a radial nested menu. This actually allows for players of all levels to find and access controls BOOM!

The New Weapon Attachment UI can now be accessed via this system too and you can change the mods on your weapon in real time. This will eventually be expanded with animations and info on mods, unifying it with inspect mode.

These are all also steps towards their planned physical inventory system.

New Babbage is the new landing zone in 3.9

Light States change for the day night cycles, with Wally’s Bar having laser shows and a disco at night for example BUT also lights coming on on the exteriors of buildings in the dark.

They built the 3 moons of microTech as well for 3.9 this fully uses planet tech v4… with the guys that were working on that now working on another Star System.

Prisons will be in Star Citizen, in 3.9 we have 1, on the moon of Aberdeen – Klesher Automated Prison. It’s a punishment & risk for the criminal, protection for lawful players but also it’s own gameplay for players that are locked up there.

They want players to eventually track and capture Criminals as part of this and bounty hunting gameplay too.

CI acknowledges that the way they develop is a slower development cycle with constant iteration and testing, which they think will lead to a better end product in the future AND if you want a polished non-buggy game then SC is certainly not for you YET.

Star Citizen is never getting Cancelled they are going to keep working on it UNTIL it’s the best Universe Simulator… Chris Roberts Fancies himself as Willy Wonka.

We do know that the Idris Mission, the Finale of the Arlington Gang Chain of missions has been pushed back to 4.0, which is disappointing. CIG wants it to be in a better, more EPIC battle state rather than only semi-functional.

The m50 is seeing a little more of an update than originally expected and is also having it’s updates pushed to 4.0.

This Friday 6pm UTC we have SCLIVE with the Narrative and Lore Team talking about the history and present day story behind the universe of Star Citizen and Squadron 42.

Buy Back Token’s are Refreshed & are Now Available, allowing you to buy back a previously melted ship with store credit, they refresh again on July 6th, then October 5th.