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What is Xenothreat? SPOILER

Welcome to some more Star Citizen Today I wanted to talk about some potential missions in the future, the pyro system and NPC Fleet Battles. This Video will contain Spoilers for what the Audio Messages & Hacked Transmissions we could hear from Alpha 3.7 just before CitizenCon 2019, so if you are not into knowing about what might be coming in the future then tune out now AND watch another one of my videos instead!


CI have been working on Larger Scale Ship Missions over the last few quarters, we have seen this with the 890 Jump Assault Mission, the Arlington Gang Idris Mission [now moved to 4.0] AND CI are working on more of these in the background, some might never see the light of backer testing, some are for R&D and some are going to be awesome experiences.

In the Recent Star Citizen Live The Story Behind the Universe

They mentioned the Garbled Audio Clips from Star Citizen Alpha 3.7, that you could hear around the Stanton System in places like Port Olisars Ship Spawning Terminal Hub. 

We had previously looked at the clean ungarbled ones in a video AND Chiff Monkey the fantasic audio grabber of Star Citizen Music and well… audio, had sifted through a huge amount of files and data since then and had some additional audio snippets which confirmed some of the rumors and tidbits I heard at CitizenCon as well as expanding on them.

The Audio Messages appear to be from an Outlaw Group called Xeno-Threat who (at least in lore) reside in the Pyro System and a militant, heavily anti-alien faction. They see Xi’An exerting too much influence on the UEE and want human unification, purification and segregation against the other alien races seeing them as a threat to human lives and prosperity.

What does this mean in terms of in game content, well it appears that there will be Xeno-Threat Missions in the Stanton System, with Xeno Threat occasionally having armed incursions from Pyro.

It was rumored that this was one of the things they wanted to show at CitizenCon 2019 but it wasn’t ready in time. Tho rather than a specific goal for CitizenCon just so happens it was being worked on at the same time. As I understand it they have bits they want to show at CitizenCon and then will have extra bits to show or don’t make it based on if they are ready or not.

The audio suggests that there is a Mission Chain from [Special Agent Rowena Dooley] of the Advocacy forming a Civil Defense Force and then allowing access to larger Fleet Battles that can occur against XenoThreat

It looks like the missions will be mostly patrols and destroy targets BUT there are also a few more interesting things going on.

It could be that they want to do fully fledged incursions, this would have Xeno-Threat coming from the “Pyro JumpPoint” (at least eventually when we have the quanta system) and then moving around the Stanton System. 

With hotspots forming near major locations like Crusader, ArcCorp, microTech ect…

During these times there may be major fleet battles where you and anyone else that wants to join and has access to the mission can also join to take on an Idris and Escorts OR Fleet of some sort. We heard in the audio as well that they have Idris Missions planned.

Something that I thought was interesting is that they could potentially use some of these events as artificial blockades to landing zones to help restrict players or help move them in an area. It could also really effect risk and reward of other types of mission and even cargo transport thru hotzones.

One of the other things the Audio files mentioned was Loot Rewards which was implied to be a suit of armor or clothing as well as free ship restocks/refuels/repairs and discounts at the “near by” shops BUT not just aUEC as a reward.

When will we see this mission? The mission set does not necessarily need Pyro or the Pyro Jump Point to be implemented. It can just be an event that appears.

Expect introductory missions for this as well with the CDF and Agent Dooley asking you to do patrols and search areas, that could be done at anytime.

CI are working on getting the Idris in Game for 4.0, these large missions will appear when they are stable and have the needed pieces working, so anytime from 4.0 onwards.

I really like the idea of large scale fleet battles that require large parts of the server to come together BUT don’t require you to form a party before starting, you can kinda of just join one in progress and I hope that’s where this is going, Raid Fleet Battles where when you join you are added to the CDF group & chat for the duration of the encounter.

You might remember as well that people thought that Port Olisar was going to be destroyed and then replaced that was partly due to those messages BUT also because CI have said that PO will eventually be replaced by one of the new Modular Space Stations and Cargo & Refinery Decks as well as Docking are planned for 4.1 at the moment so that is the time you could very possible see PO replaced, CI might have a video or do something for the destruction of Olisar BUT it’s more likely just a rumor that it was going to get exploded.

Some of the other mission & interaction tests that I was able to get some information on was they were testing logic puzzles, where you had to track down a faulty AI and work out which one was lying. It’s nice to know that CI are working on things like this in the background and I hope to see lots of varied missions in the future, multipart ones, ones that can be solved in lots of ways and big server wide fleet raids too, it’s all steps towards content for the more Modular and varied mission system in the future too.