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Star Citizen New Alien Animals SPACE COWS

Welcome to some Star Citizen News, we have lots of information and teasers for animals in game, space cows, whales… also some cool tevarin helmets, New Stanton System Locations & Updates AND we will also have a quick look at where we are with Alpha 3.9.0 and the Roadmaps for that and SQ42.  

They talked about non-humanoid creatures that will populate the verse in Calling All Devs – Bugs, Boids and Beasts. There are 3 major types of animal:

Insects / minor critters – that will be VFX and more passive to an area.

There are Boids which are small creatures like rats, frogs, snakes, or more in SC lore ranta and oni-crabs.

There are larger creatures too, ranging from Cows and herd animals, apex predators to Sandworms (which are native to Leir 3).

Some of these animals will be common across planets and systems as they have been farmed or otherwise migrated.

They are looking at the Kazi Grazer otherwise known as the “Space Cow” as the first of the larger creatures in game. This will give them a pipeline for a lot of other (4 legged) creatures that will eventually be in the game, they need to work out it’s rig, pathing, ai and behaviors too.

They also need useables for it, so the ability to move to a river and drink or go to a den and sleep as part of it’s 24 hour schedule.

These Large Warm Blooded herd animals were originally discovered on the vast plains of Kazi on Planet Terra – they have an unusual method of carrying their young, they are common now to many planets in the UEE as they are used to seed them after terraforming, their eggs are used for cooking as is their meat.

Their hides can be used for heavy winter clothing too. They are a one stop agriculture & farming animal.

Terraforming and the commonality of animals in the UEE for example allows them to be much more detailed… CI don’t have to make a million different species, just a few dozen common ones, make variants on that, different skins and things and then have a few more distinct AND unique species as well to fill it out. They can then build on to that over time. As with all things Star Citizen they want quality and detail over quantity.

Also across UEE populated planets you are likely to see similar plant life too as that typically what they seed the worlds with.

The next big creature they want after that is the MASSIVE Space Whale, they are apparently native to the Gas Giant Crusader in the Stanton System. They live in the denser areas of the planet BUT do come up to the surface and breach. They really want to have tours where they zip you around looking at space whales.

They don’t have a proper name yet.

They might have rare materials to harvest off them, space ambergris has my vote, but maybe you can mine deposits off them, or pick space barnacles, or hunt them tho they seemed to not be going that route atm… that is very much still being worked out, but they want it to be a race against time as the whale might only be in reachable areas briefly.

They are going to be working on some dangerous animals soon, sounded like pack animals of some description.

We don’t have dates on any of the Fauna coming into the game BUT they are working on these and other pieces now!

In this Months Jump Point RSI Sub Magazine there was a lot of cool stuff.

Tevarin helmets look very cool. I like tactical bird samurai and ninja. We may very well see Tevarin Characters in Squadron 42 and around the PU in UEE areas as they are very much integrated and part of society, cool stuff.

New Locations were shown off on inside Star Citizen this week.

GrimHex Updates, The Aaron Halo Massive Asteroid Fields and Transit Gates, Cargo Facilities for Stations. We also got to see the Cutlass Blue and more POI derelicts and such are being placed around the verse and on planets/moons.

This week’s Sneak Peek from the Newsletter was of Updates to GrimHex looking at it’s Racing Lounge where I assume you Wait for and view Ship Races.

There are no major changes in the Roadmap this week for the PU:

We are on the 1st wave of ptu currently with the 3.9.0q patch, they are trying to fix various bugs BUT the frame rate issues seem to be the current major issue, it’s only in certain areas for me but can drop to single digits in Klesher Prison Mines for example… not great frames… there are massive improvements with the patch… ill get a focused video up on the progress ASAP WE should see a wider PTU going out to more players next week.

With Squadron 42 CI have released a bit more of a statement AS they have paused Roadmap Updates for it -: 

“we’re working on an updated way to share our progress on SQ42, and are doing that with the feedback y’all have given us in mind. We’ve been experimenting with converting our internal sprint blocks into something we can display and maintain publicly. We’re actually really excited to share more on this soon. Also, we’ll have Brian Chambers back in front of the camera to give us another update on the team and how things are going in the very near future.”

I am looking forward to animals in the game ASAP… I am hoping big game hunting and arable farming are both solid gameplay opportunities in the future… in fact farming in Albion online and Rust has made me realise how much I enjoy chillaxed aspects of games a lot of the time.