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Star Citizen Upcoming Features

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a look at what CI are working on for Star Citizen beyond 3.9 BUT also some updates on the 3.9 PTU and CI Devs working from home and it’s effect on the project from there POV.

They showed off the Cargo Ship and Deck Concepts – It’s a 1 stop shop for all your cargo needs, there is an area for retail purchases and if you are in certain guilds you’ll get discounts. You’ll be able to rent cargo ships from around here too.

Eventually cargo space and containers will also be available here.

It’s a Delivery Warehouse with lots of cargo stuff going on.

Grim Hex is getting proper hangars added as well as a XL hangar so you can spawn larger ships there.

They are building a Racing Area there too that may be a cool way to earn creds.

They have been concepting NPCs for Refinery Decks.

Wasteland Electrian is how I’d describe the look.

They showed concepts of HEAVY ARMOR from Terra… very Destiny 2 / warframe.

VFX have been updating the atmospheric entry effects with the SDF tech and how it melds around a ship even if they change direction or morph into a different shape. They are looking at a burn shader as well that shows heat on your hull too.

The Cutlass Blue looks like it has been settled on with it’s color/livery and exterior.

Other than the color the Blue on it’s exterior has a different canopy. There may be some surprizes for the ship I have been hearing.

The Crusader Hercules Starlifter has more of it’s whitebox done.

They are adding new POI around the stanton system with wrecks, derelict, crashes and more.

Bar Tenders are coming in the future, they are representative of some of the gold standard for social AI or at least that’s what they are going for.

There’s Early work on the Massive Asteroid Field in Stanton the Aaron Halo.

The idea behind this large field is that it’s too dense to QT through and you have to go to one of the large gateways before continuing your journey, owned by ArcCorp.

It’s going to be a miners paradise too.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.9.0 is on the PTU and we are now on the 3.9.0p Patch of the Wave 1 testing. Frame Rates seem to be the most problematic issue atm. Especially in Klesher Automated Prison where even I get single digit FPS. However the patch is VERY stable and a pleasure to play other than that. Me and my Editor zin (who is effectively a new player) where able to mess around and not have any issues outside of the prison, which she did clip through the floor in too xD

There are more fixes, tweaks and content to come! It should be going out to more players VERY soon.

CIG are working from home and they talked about how it’s affected them in some more detail. Devs taking their rigs home.

The Studios are configured for remote work BUT there is some disruption as they worked out what was needed for this on a larger scale and how needed PCs shipped to them from work.

Downloading large builds between the devs was obviously a major issue as is getting some many people on their VPN.

More generally CI are being flexible with their staff as a lot of people are having to make concessions and changes due to the global situation.

They are ensuring they keep in contact with all staff regularly and bring them on the same page.

It’s not the same as having people next to each other and it’s not 100% efficient BUT it is working and working well.

They are spending more time socializing and playing star citizen even after hours with the teams.