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Star Citizen 3.9.0 Wave 2 State of the PTU

Hello & Welcome to some more Star Citizen, HAS (JUST) GONE TO the 2nd Wave of PTU access with Alpha 3.9.0 it’s likely it will go even wider next week and we have had 2 PTU patch updates since then with a p and q patch fixing various bugs and adding some additions… let’s take a look at the patch notes and current State of the PTU.

  • Reduced the time player ships are allowed to illegally linger over Grim HEX landing pads before being impounded.
  • Lowered the amount your character twitches while impacted by fire in combat.
  • Updated mining consumables to have ship manufacturer branding.
  • Balance pass on prison ore deposit merit rewards.
  • Balance pass on mineable distributions inside prison caves.
  • Added Vanguard nose guns into the AC REC Rental Inventories.
  • Increased available deadzone range for vjoy by 20% & Set default deadzone to 4.5%.
  • Restored relative mode optional setting for mouse control (not bound by default).
  • Players can low lock the rotation of their ship using the Rshift key.

Bug Fixes

  • Price of Freedom mission should now give the correct mission rewards for completion.
  • Ship AI should now spawn correctly for escort rescue missions.
  • The terrain should no longer clip into the interior of the Hydroponics building at Rayari Kaltag Research Outpost on Calliope.
  • Fixed missing sections of the bar counter at rest stop bars.
  • Security ships should no longer approach a player who has already initiated quantum travel which was causing them to get an evasion crime stat.
  • Prowler cockpit display should no longer be overly reflective with red light.
  • Fixed various overly bright red lights throughout the Prowler.
  • Prison suit loadout should no longer be saved after user exits PU and enters a Hangar module.
  • Fixed an issue in Area18 where some some of the shelf items at Dumper’s Depot could not be Interacted with.
  • Exiting pilot’s seat or exiting ship in atmosphere should no longer cause the ship to stop hovering and fall.
  • Prison release audio message should no longer play after the character is released and nowhere near prison.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to get stuck around the external geometry of derelict caterpillars.
  • Fixed missing walkway segments around Grand Barter in Levski.
  • The Prowler’s QT effect should now properly fade in and out
  • Fixed an issue preventing black boxes from spawning when reaching the objective for associated missions.
  • Fixed instant auto-gimbal slew speed.
  • Players should no longer be routed through a distant OM1 when setting long range QT routes.
  • Players should no longer get stuck on loading screen when leaving prison.
  • Players should no longer wake up with their prison suit still on after leaving prison.
  • The side landing gears on the Prowler should no longer visibly clip through the floor when spawned or after landing.
  • Ruto’s mission terminal should now correctly function.
  • Stowed knives should now properly be aligned when attached to leg armor.
  • Players should now correctly be able to stow the prison shank.
  • The Euterpe Starfarer space derelict should no longer be in the moons atmosphere, preventing use of EVA due to gravity.
  • Fixed a collision issue inside comm arrays which was covering the majority of the hacking slot making it extremely difficult to put in.
  • Ships at Grim HEX should now properly be impounded for blocking pads or landing without permission.
  • Pad ramming infraction should now send the player to the correct location in Grim HEX.
  • The landing pad on top of ArcCorp tower should now have proper collision.
  • Duplicate trains should no longer appear in Lorville, New Babbage, and Area18.
  • Fixed an issue where inmate homicide infractions weren’t applying inside the prison work mines.
  • Players should no longer become invisible to others after riding on any transit system separately.
  • Ground vehicles should now be able to be spawned from ASOP terminals.
  • Display ships outside New Deal in Lorville should now have collision.
  • Fixed an issue causing missiles & torpedo’s to despawn before reaching their target if fired at a target that is over 1000 meters away.
  • Prowler engine trails should no longer separate away from the thrusters.
  • Prowler’s Interior red fog should no longer clip outside of the ship when in motion.
  • Synced Assassination mission timer should now correctly start upon engaging either target.
  • Players ships should no longer be locked as read only on the VMA.
  • Player reward should no longer be multiple small Uaec rewards when completing the Arlington Bounty.
  • Fixed Carrack maneuvering thruster VFX continuing to play after the engines are off.
  • Optimizations were made to reduce network stalls.

Between the 2 patches they also Fixed 8 server crashes & 7 client crashes.

The Testing focus is currently on:

  • Esperia Prowler
  • Contact and Party System Update
  • Caterpillar Prison Ship Mission
  • New Babbage and microTech’s Moons
  • Personal Interaction System
  • Mining: Volatile cargo and mining consumables
  • Prison Systems
  • Actor Status System

There are some Known Issues:

  • There’s a chance the party leader will crash on party launch.
  • Being in a large party causes markers to not display correctly while inside a ship.
  • There’s a chance the player will wake up floating in space after getting out of prison.
  • Levski’s armistice zone does not cover hangar spaces or exterior areas it is meant to.
  • The player is unable to logout in any of the Starfarer’s crew beds.
  • Mission givers can sometimes not speak or animate if a player accepts an invite mission.
  • Server blades are missing from Clovus’s downed relay mission.
  • Criminal players killed by player bounty hunters do not end up in prison.
  • Ships are immediately destroyed upon spawn at Area18. W/A: Avoid Area18 for now.
  • The KC Trending shop keeper stands idly and doesn’t not interact with the player.
  • Karoby energy bars are missing from all locations.
  • Unmanned turrets do not fire at the player if they have a crimestat.
  • Its possible to get the contact notification window stuck behind the main menu.

Beyond those issues, the patch is VERY stable I haven’t had a crash yet.

People are reporting Desync still, though I haven’t experienced this myself when playing with a couple of friends.

Erratic Frame Rates are an issue for me… areas like Klesher Prison (the mines there) can force me down to single digit frame rates. Other areas I have over 90 at 1440p.

Food doesn’t require to be eaten much at all, you might be having to have a sip of water every few hours tho.

We should see fixes for these problems over the week, it’s still possible we could see something new for the patch in the form of a straight to flyable ships or vehicle BUT no confirmation yet.