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Star Citizen 3.9 LIVE kinda Get Prepared Now!

welcome to some more Star Citizen, I thought I’d give you a bit of a general update with what’s happening with 3.9… as we might have a LIVE build later today even and there is lots of bits worth covering.

Very late last night for me almost midnight there was a post from CI – Alpha 3.9 Patch Update

“We have noticed many of you choosing to forgo sleep tonight in hopes of a live release, so we want to take a moment to give you an update on how things are going with the latest patch.

As many of you have noticed, earlier today we opened Alpha 3.9 to ALL backers on the PTU. Our current plan is to monitor overnight, and if everything looks stable, we’ll publish to the live servers tomorrow. We’ll keep you in the loop if anything changes!

We’re super appreciative of all the excitement surrounding 3.9 and look forward to seeing you soon in New Babbage… or Klescher Rehabilitation Facilities, depending on how you roll.”

It’s not a guarantee of it being later today BUT they are close.

CIG Devs! Different color ships spawned by players?

Some ships that players were spawning in the 3.9 PTU seemed to be different colors and skins than expected… and these had not been seen in the game before.

There was a thread asking if this was a bug or the something towards customization of ships we will have soon?

CI’s Ben Parry Replied

“As I understand it, this is the ship customisation tech (or we’ll be very surprised if it’s not). It’s just not meant to be happening at random.”

Ben also said  

“The graphics team’s involvement was to create the infrastructure for tinting things, and a format for expressing hierarchies of palettes that can override one another in different places. So that’s going to be used by different teams for different purposes but that’s all down to their individual schedules.”

In regards to when a UI will be in our hands to change colors we don’t know

So it seems it wasn’t intended to be in our hands yet and looks to be a bug BUT color changes & deeper after market customization like this is something they have been working on. An awesome bug to be sure.

Also The Origin 600i Executive Edition is being flown around by people that own one… this is one of the spend $25k and get a 600i with exclusive skin rewards… but it’s essentially a 600i that reminds us that we are peasants xD

The CitizenCon “Expo” Novokov Heavy Thermal Armor will be available in 3.9 as well for those of you that have the 2949 goodies pack.

More Escape Routes – People have been speculating if there are any more escape routes in the Klesher Prison other than the single known one in PTU… and CURRENTLY in the PTU there doesn’t appear to be BUT it’s very possible that more might open up later… there are certainly some areas in the Klesher Mines that look like they might open up into escape routes later!

There was a change of patch lettering the R patch became the S patch… BUT it was the same patch as far as I am aware… BUT we are closing in on a release for 3.9 LIVE… I hope they get the remainder of the most annoying Known Bugs cleaned out… along with a solid stability, playablity and no no desyncing LIVE Build.

3.9 will likely see being good at being an outlaw extremely profitable AS will players mining Quantanium Legally and Bounty Hunting Prisoners… It will be interesting to see if a lucrative mining spot OR Klesher Prison will become the new jumptown… basically player HOTZONE.

Also we still don’t know if there will be a “secret” straight to flyable or driveable ship/vehicle coming with 3.9… there was the 600i executive edition for the Rich, some people are saying that’s what the Origin Teaser was about… but that’s just a skin AND whatever, CI have not had a ship sale for something new in 2020 yet SO it’s very possible we could see something BUT we will have to wait and see. Also there are already plans for the 3.9.1 patch which will have the P-72 Emerald and asumidly fixes…

I also think we may see a Free Flight for 3.9 or 3.9.1 LIVE based on how stable it is.

This week we have an Inside Star Citizen on Thursday that “talks about the life of a bug, how you make a difference, and explores the future of in-game comms calls.” Sounds a little bit more fillery to me BUT I hope to be proved wrong we also have a Star Citizen Live on Friday at 4pm UTC looking at Gas Cloud Tech.

For those of your prepping for 3.9 LIVE progress from 3.8.2 should be carrying over to the LIVE build… should be! There are some resources to help you prepare as well there is Erkul Ship Loadout and DPS calculator, Subliminal has made a Shield Metrics Chart for 3.9,

For Trading there is AND that should be updated for trading. is a fantastic general purpose wiki for all things star citizen.

AND the official Star Citizen has a wealth of extremely useful info from W/A, Known Issues, Troubleshooting and Help. is adding more to their set of tools and shards for Star Citizen, they turn touch screen devices into diegetic useful controllers to aid you with SC.