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Star Citizen Alpha 3.9 is out to OPEN PTU

Star Citizen Alpha 3.9 is out to OPEN PTU this is the last major wave before a patch goes live and anyone with a game account can now get access. Here is a PTU faq to show you how to copy your account over for testing.

There is also a new patch 3.9.0r which added a few new updates to the game from the previous PTU as well as a ship load of bug fixes.

  • They Added items to commissary vending machines in prison.
  • Made murder and inmate murder against party members be automatically forgiven.
  • Crashing a ship with players aboard will no longer award the pilot with a homicide crime stat.
  • Improved landing area checking for pad ramming infraction.
  • Increased unlawful mission rewards by 50%, which will make for a lot more potential prisoners!
  • Updated Hadonite merit value on the prison kiosks.
  • Added Crypto Keys to the Omega Pro Kiosk/Shop.
  • Lowered assisted gimbal slew speed that might help balance auto gimbals a little more against players in PvP.
  • Removed roll from axis rotation lock for ships and changed label of lock rotation to “Lock yaw pitch movement”.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was causing duplicate, static trains and elevators.
  • Player should no longer get stuck on a loading screen when exiting prison or respawning.
  • Criminal Database should now show the correct text when hacking prison record.
  • Text popup while exiting the prisoner transport caterpillar should now be correct.
  • Fixed multiple hairstyles showing up as bald while on the character customizer.
  • Fixed missing server blades at the crash site for the Scavenge Relay mission from Clovus.
  • Player should no longer be affected by strong wind while moving around on the two platforms at the Central Business District.
  • Cargo boxes created from personal inventory should now be able to be sold at the commodities kiosk.
  • Fixed an issue with the personal inventory that allowed players to duplicate commodities.
  • Fixed multiple different sachet cubes food items having the same texture when being eaten.
  • Players should no longer get into a state where VOIP group, party, ship, or proximity chat can be heard by everyone on the server.
  • The Constantine Hurston recovery mission should now have a proper delivery destination tagged.
  • Ships should no longer be immediately destroyed on spawn at Area18.
  • Armistice Zone in Levski should now fully cover all locations including the hangars and Teach’s Ship Shop.
  • When setting a Cutlass Red ICU bed as a respawn point, the player should no longer be teleported back to the bed after a few seconds when leaving the bed after a respawn.
  • Escaped prisoner Bounty Assignment missions should no longer be issued for prisoners that have left the server.
  • Player should no longer be killed after being moved from their ship when pad ramming another player.
  • Fixed an issues causing several URSA Rover vehicles to spawn on top of each other inside the garages above the Prison shafts.
  • Fixed 3 main thread deadlocks, 3 server crashes, 3 client crashes & the annoying Client crash for party leader launch into the PU.

The fixes and updates here are pretty solid. Giving little tweaks, fixes and additions to the Prison Gameplay. Missions are more accessible and clear, Area 18 is accessible again, ghost trains are gone and there looks to be genuine balance of some degree getting outlaw missions viable, auto gimbals not mega op and pad ramming behavior squashed!

We do still have some known issues:

  • Duplicate, static trains may appear at Lorville or New Babbage.
  • Ground vehicles can not be spawned at outpost ASOP terminals, but can still be spawned at New Babbage, Lorville, and Levski.
  • Players can become stuck when jumping over some railings.
  • Ships can hitch or teleport at times when observing their motion.
  • For ECN alerts, the rescued Starfarer will sometimes circle endlessly after all waves are cleared.
  • The player can spawn with their prison suit still on after ending their sentence.
  • Being in a large party can cause party markers to fail to appear when inside a ship.
  • If a player crashes while transitioning into prison they will be unable to use their multitool.
  • Players can not see through the scope of the Arrowhead or P6-LR when crouched.
  • FOIP animations are not transmitting to others nearby.
  • Cargo boxes left behind after a ship explodes appear to blink in and out while the player is moving.
  • Player inner-thought and interaction system is off-set in wide screen resolutions
  • Autopilot sometimes does not disengage after triggered by no-fly zone.
  • Heavy environmental suit armors block portions of the mobiGlas.

I suspect that CI will be fixing those for this weekend looking at a possible Live Build for this Friday (tho this might actually be for Wednesday!) based on how well they get through it… also there is continuing improvements to AI, Accessibility of Missions, Stability and Playability… To be clear Desync to a lesser level than that of 3.8 but still there is in 3.9.0 currently… at least from what I have seen. Hopefully desync won’t be much of a thing in the Live build!