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Star Citizen 3.9 How Long Can You Survive?

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, 3.9 is out BUT where is Theatres of War the New Battlefield Objective Style Gamemode, what’s the Button for X? How Long does it take to succumb to the new Survival Mechanics and some more updates to Prisons with Morpholigis interviewing one of the Escape Route Designers.

How Do I Do X or What’s the Button for a given action? Whether you are new to Star Citizen or a Veteran 3.9’s Inner Thought System is incredibly useful for finding any given action you want and binding keys without faffing around in the options menu. I’ll be getting a Start Here Star Citizen Tutorial up in the next few days… but the inner thought system makes everything much more accessible.

How Long does it take to die in Star Citizen? A Player tested at what rate they lost nutrition and hydration which led to a dev response.

There is a buffer (digestion for food and absorption for drink) that delays the nutrition/hydration meters from lowering when consuming something – you also start off with this buffer when you respawn although it is not completely full. So if you eat something or drink something you get a delay before the meter starts to drop again. This gives you a chance to eat/drink something when you are low and to get back to an LZ or your ship.

If you maxxed the meters and the buffers it would take you 7 hours to die from thirst and 10 hours to die from hunger if you stood still. Doing activities makes them drain slightly quicker.

That will add up… and being hot, running around and having a dehydration debuff is going to equal a bad time and your hydration will drop quickly.

At around 10%  hydration / nutrition you will see more detrimental effects to your character.

If you hit 0% in either of these you will die.

For me those times are fine… any quicker then it would start to really encroach on gameplay and be a bit too invasive… I think a lot of people would be happy doubling the time or more for thirst and hunger tho. I like to see it as a way to get players to take a quick natural break in their gameplay and maybe eat/drink and wash IRL xD

Remember running out of oxygen is something that will happen much more quickly… no helmet on… well that’s going to be a few seconds if there is no oxygen… and with your helmet on you will only refill oxygen where there is some atmosphere… inside a structure or ship typically otherwise you only have a few mins. Tho there are things like oxygen refill stations in the Klesher Mines. Oxygen will deplete quickly and much more quickly when running or jumping around.

TTK from weapon fire even when wearing heavy armor is very quick so bare that in mind too.

Where is Theatres of War? From what I am hearing they are still aiming for Theatres of War in at least some players’ hands before 4.0 AND there has been lots of tweaks and updates.

CI have talked before about some of their rewind time improvements which are much more apparent with Theatres of War’s Gameplay, reducing the delay in animations and added artificial smoothness. This will see better hit prediction, smoother animations and generally a better PvP experience, the server ticks need to be stable at 30 for this to really make the difference tho and in Theatres as it’s a much smaller, simpler area for the server to manage we should see that working well.

As some of you may be aware, there wasn’t an asset wipe with Alpha 3.9… so your aUEC and items/ships you bought in 3.8 should carry across… there has been a lot of people not having their progress copied tho…

Will Leverett said in a post that doing an account reset now should fix this… there seems to be mixed success with people doing this tho. I’ll link the thread talking about it below. If you haven’t “lost” much then I’d probably leave it xD BUT if you have just logged on and were expecting a few million more aUEC than you had… then why not… it does lock your account out for a few mins tho… you can reset you account in the Account Setting Section of the RSI Website.

Morpholigis interviewed Oliver Hughs a junior LIVE Designer from CI who gave some extra information on some potential plans for Prison caves in the future, he helped design the Prison Escape Route from white box to implementation… 

Be sure to checkout Morphologis’s Video on this Hostile Creatures in Star Citizen’s Prison Caves?

The Escape route is a mix of traditional signposting with confusing disorienting claustrophobic areas too. They wanted areas that make the player feel like they have made progress and interesting scenics.

They sort of have checkpoints… where you might come back to if you get lost OR fall… tho that’s not always the case and you might fall further or perish with some jumps!

It took around 6 months from white box to completion… which is in line with CI’s Staggered Development Process.

They will be expanding the escape route / routes in the future. More steps for the players to do before they even get to an escape route opening, having players hide from guards, turrets and cameras…

He acknowledges that speed runners and players that master the current escape route will be able to leave prison very quickly BUT the law and crime system will expand and deal with players that are slippery… at the moment due to 1 route that you can immediately access it’s a little different BUT there are plans for more and changing routes in the future.

They want to incorporate fauna where possible into these areas if appropriate in the future too.

Also on a side note it appears that previous owners of a prowler should get the free Aves Helmet, though I am not 100% if that is in all cases including upgrades… 

I’ve seen some off videos of players finding salvage outposts by asteroids in 3.9… pretty bugged out BUT it looks like we might see these in space at some point.