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Star Citizen May News

Welcome to some more Star Citizen. There is a load of little yet powerful pieces of news this week! 

Alpha 3.9 is LIVE, there is a 3.9.1 patch in the works.

There is a promotion If you get a Referral Recruit between now and the 11th of May you both get a GreyCat Buggy.

The Prowler and Aves Helmet are on sale as are all of the Reliant Variants as they have seen updates in 3.9. 

An Epic Month Ahead

CI have announced there is going to be Fleet Week (otherwise known as Invictus Launch Week in lore) Coming this Week with An epic Free Fly, special promotions, community contests, and more! 

They are looking to update us on Squadron 42 later this month CI said:

“We are committed to continuing to give regular updates on Squadron 42 development progress through a variety of avenues, and we’re looking forward checking in with VP of Development Brian Chambers soon for more information on how the teams are doing!”

Hopefully that will be a regular thing!

Theaters of War is Star Citizen’s new game mode that allows players to battle on foot, in vehicles, and in space, and features two teams that fight for victory in three fast-paced, action-filled phases.

CI have said – “We know that many of you eagerly await more information about when you’ll get to play from home. We’re happy to share that time is nigh! We plan on pulling back the curtain and welcoming new players to the Theater for our first test weekend soon.”

That should be at some point in May so I am very much looking forward to that!

The Sneak Peek in the newsletter was of ToW as well with the tag line “break a leg…”

There appears to be some naming convention changes coming to patches, there was a thread on Reddit Petition: Don’t call the next one 4.0 by Disnomiya. Basically saying as there are no HUGE MONUMENTAL Changes in the Q2 2020 Patch maybe they should save the 4.0 title for later and call it 3.10?

Zyloh Replied – “Sounds like someone’s hacked into our network and has been reading our emails! We’ve seen all the feedback surrounding this as of late, and agree that 4.0 should be reserved for when we leave the Stanton system. Our original plan was to update the patch identifier today, but we decided to make the update next Friday instead to allow the team some time to update our internal Jiras (tasks) first. No petition needed this time, folks!”

So next week we may very well see 4.0 renamed to 3.10 and they will be saving the big numbers like 4.0 when we have Pyro. I think that a number is just a number personally BUT if it makes people happy then who am I to disagree?

There was a hotfix patch & Database Wipe last night for 3.9 LIVE this HOPEFULLY shouldn’t see you lose your aUEC or items, there may be some issues tho BUT it will definitely see you needing to customize your character and choose your spawn location again, CI said:

“What happened?

We identified a bug that was causing ships to be incorrectly modified on the back end following repairs. Some of these complex ships, which normally have hundreds of cached items, began having thousands of them. This error overloaded the Cache storing the associated data and subsequently lead to services depending on that cached data to fail.

What are we doing to fix it?

After a late-night of investigation and an early-morning of testing, we’re hoping to go live with the fixes later on this afternoon (2PM PDT). You’ll have to download a very small patch and we will be wiping our temporary databases.

What does this mean for you?

You can expect to treat this like a traditional wipe, for the most part, resetting your DNA selection, current and spawn locations, ship and character loadout changes, and cargo currently in ships.

Due to the nature of these outages and the disruption of the services, we are not sure at this time what has been accurately stored in the long-term persistence database and what will be recovered. In theory, this should be everything, but if there were significant outages, data may have been lost. At this time we expect to be able to carry over money earned and items purchased, but because of the reasons mentioned above, we can’t be absolutely sure of that yet.”

Star Citizen Now has a Service Status Page

This shows any issues or incidents going on with the PU or servers.

There is currently a Partial Outage that is currently marked as unsolved, it’s 12 hours later here and Servers seem to be working for me currently but this might mean that the wipe yesterday & issues have yet to be solved.

You can now also manually reset your account once every 12 hours. 

Inside Star Citizen looked at comms calls you’ll get from enemies, wingmen, friends and people of interest in your cockpit while playing Wing Commander Style. These calls aren’t Faked and what I mean by that is that there is a camera on the NPC that’s talking or using the comms, so their background is what is happening around them, this is being added for SQ42 atm. It will be used in other places too BUT the gold standard will be set in the cockpit usage of it.

Star Citizen LIVE this week looked at using Gas Cloud Tech to make POI in space more interesting. Not really any tangible development information tho.

CitizenCon 2020 has been Cancelled due to them not knowing whether we will be out of lockdown by then. CI will be running an online event of some kind on the 10th of October still BUT it won’t be CitizenCon.