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What Needs Fixing for Star Citizen Alpha 3.9.1?

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, there are various issues with 3.9 which need to be fixed, some of these have workarounds & fixes already which I want to go thru here along with what needs to be fixed for the 3.9.1 Patch is possible. 

We don’t have Fleet Week yet, this will see a ship sale and/or promotions. We know there is a planned free flight too along with community things. Fleet Week will be at some point in May AND it’s been suggested that the 3.9.1 patch may coincide with it too. Which makes some sense as there are a few issues in the current 3.9 build that can be a little game breaking, tho a good amount have already been fixed.


There has been a lot of players that have not had their aUEC ported across from 3.8

AND now CIG have said they are unable to restore any aUEC that may have been lost with the launch of 3.9.0. They continue:

“While unwanted, this sort of event can happen during the Alpha phase of development, particularly while building out our backend services and infrastructure. Upon the launch of Patch 3.9, we encountered various Long Term Persistence (LTP)-, wallet-, and database-related issues after our deployment. The result was that players’ wallets were left in a state with a different amount than what had been earned and expected from prior versions.

We’ve deployed several fixes to address the playability of 3.9.0, and actively continue to address persistent aUEC issues. In the meantime, players can expect a degraded aUEC experience, up to resetting the value to zero after logging in after patching the game.

We recommend NOT using the self reset option to fix aUEC issues at this time.

It should only be used if your account is in a completely unplayable state (missing mobiGlas, no claimable ships… etc.). 

Please also note that RSI Support Staff do not have a way to do a “full” or “complete” character reset.  The character reset options we have access to within RSI Support are the same that players have when using this option themselves, with the exception of bypassing the cooldown timer.”

If you are getting stuck on the character creation screen or crashing there CI first say Restart the RSI Launcher, Go to the game’s Options menu, set the game to windowed mode and make your character. You can switch this back after you are in game.

The Service Outages have been solved at least according to the Service Status Page.

This was causing a lot of PU issues. If you still have certain errors specifically 16k7 errors, Crashes on login, Invisible characters, Missing mobiGlas and missing ships and none of the other fixes or work arounds work then you can Reset your account via the account settings section of the RSI Website. These problems should be largely fixed now tho BUT need to make sure they stay that way really as CI want to put out a stable as possible build for the Free Fly Event.

Deleting your User Folder or more precisely your Shader folder from your Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE\USER is still a recommended step after an update, this can help with crashes, graphical glitches and more. The Character Reset should really be the final step if all other solutions don’t work.

We have various Known Issues & problems in game at the moment:

  • Duplicate, static trains may appear at Lorville or New Babbage.
  • Ground vehicles can not be spawned at outpost ASOP terminals BUT are still spawnable at Levski, Lorville, and New Babbage.
  • Players can become stuck when jumping over some railings
  • Ships can hitch or teleport at times when observing their motion
  • For ECN alerts, the rescued Starfarer will sometimes circle endlessly after all waves are cleared
  • Crashing might prevent you using your prison multi-tool
  • There is some desync, but much less than in 3.8’s branch.
  • 30k server disconnects and crashes still happen… the more stable SC can get the better.
  • Some ships literally get carried away by the wind… or flipped over
  • Some missions like the Probe / skimmer scan missions don’t spawn the enemies.

There are some potentially more minor ones:

  • Some Airlock doors at outposts lack collision.
  • The Cutlass “Best in Show” version has an opaque canopy. 
  • The player can spawn with their prison suit still even after ending their sentence.
  • Being in a large party can cause party markers to fail to appear when inside a ship
  • Players can not see through the scope of the Arrowhead or P6-LR when crouched
  • FOIP animations are not transmitting to others nearby
  • Cargo boxes left behind after a ship explodes appear to blink in and out while the player is moving
  • Player inner-thought and interaction system is off-set in wide-screen resolutions
  • Autopilot sometimes does not disengage after triggered by no-fly zone
  • The new Heavy suits block portions of the mobiGlas

Some of those known issues are really quite obstructive to play if you are experiencing them. Making sure players can get around the verse, missions are accessible and players can interact and play with each other is essential!

CIG Duncan replied to a thread asking to remove the auto kick for friendly fire in Arena Commander FreeFlight as players might be messing around or practicing.

“Thanks for posting on this! Definitely not intentional, funnily enough the gamemode param for kicking players in freeflight has been there since at least 2.6 but because it was tied into the scoring module it was never checked, as scoring isnt in FreeFlight. However, I’ve been refactoring the scoring which has caused the call to increment friendyfire to properly trigger, exposing that kicking was enabled.

I’ll disable friendlyfire checks for FreeFlight, should be in for 3.9.1. Sorry about that!”

Other than that and general fixes We Know that the 3.9.1 will contain the P-72 Emerald skin variant.

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