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Star Citizen 3.9.0 LIVE RELEASE UPDATE

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with some Dev Responses & Announcements.

There are bug fixes incoming to 3.9 and a multitude of things you can get involved with to help. I’ll also take a quick look at what’s happening this week.

Let’s have a quick look at what’s going on This Week in Star Citizen:

There is no Fleet Week this week, that will be later in May.

Later Today (Tuesday) we will see a post, announcing the final five Imperator candidates! This is an in lore thing that Players may be able to influence in the future. 

Inside Star Citizen this week is looking at new tech for ships and an update on Prisons: how it’s been going, what they’ve learned, and the changes they have planned for the system in upcoming patches.

On Friday with Star Citizen LIVE we have the Level Designers for the PU are answering questions about creating the locationsin game. There is a thread for gathering questions for that!

Star Citizen Alpha 3.9.0 has had a whole bunch of issues, with some players having a stack of bugs and game breaking problems while others are having none.

There is has been a 3.9 LIVE RELEASE UPDATE from CI, let’s take a look:

“We are closely monitoring a few new issues that have popped up with our latest patch, and will keep you updated as we know more. These are the most reported issues we’ve received, and what you should do if you encounter them in the wild. For a list of our most reported issues updated daily, keep an eye on our Known Issues list.” 

“Long term persistence, aUEC, and items you may have purchased ended up being in a very unstable position with 3.9.0. Fortunately, we have had backend team members working non-stop to rework how the wallet system functions to make it more stable, which includes some of the account smashing issues like invisible character and missing mobiGlas. We hope to have that in a hotfix soon.

Some other issues we’re actively investigating or working on:

  • Repair services not working
  • Players entering a no-clip state
  • Ships being set to an unretrievable/unclaimable state

We already have some fixes set for Alpha 3.9.1, including duplicate trains, the missing Freelancer MIS shields, and the Freelancer guns firing in odd directions. More to come!

Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, and we’re monitoring and tracking a number of issues that have been reported on a smaller scale.

If you come across an issue in-game, you can help us squash that bug by reporting it on The Issue Council.

We are reviewing early feedback from our 3.9 release review and discussions are under-way about ways to fix some long-term problems, such as quantum travel, Starmap usability, and interaction mode usability.”

They then go on to give links to various areas you can give feedback, again I’ll link that downbelow. They range from most irritating Bug too Frustrating Game Mechanic as well as general gameplay feedback in both the PU and in AC/SM. It’s worth getting involved with the feedback, it helps shape the game and could lead to more fixes in Alpha 3.9.1.

CI are requesting feedback on various other things too if you dig through spectrum:

Rock Scatter on Moons/Planets – We have seen feedback on the dense and uniform rock scatter, which makes traversal by vehicle difficult on planetary surfaces. We would like to know what planets or moons are the worst offenders, keeping in mind that rock scatter is realistic in some scenarios but we want the landscapes to both appear natural and still not frustrate regular traversal. With that in mind, please list and up-vote your very worst offender for rock scatter that seems too uniform and dense for the landscape.

I actually think gravity plays a bit part here too, I do like that CI are looking at this tho. Some moons should allow you to really make uses of vehicles, others more restrictive.

There was a question: can you lock frame rates in game and in the menu so potentially less CPU & GPU resources are used as the menu screen tries to max out your GPU/CPU for example.

You can set a command of “sys_MaxFPS=60” (framerate) in a user.cfg OR as a command in the console. This will only have an effect if V-Sync is off… I recommend you turn it off for SC anyway AND I use a very simple user.cfg with every patch. 

You can find the one I use and a Guide on that.  

In Regards to if Star Citizen will eventually support any specific given controller like a 3d Mouse, CI’s YogiKlatt said:

“We usually avoid supporting specific input devices as it adding support is not trivial and can be quite time consuming (also in the long run when e.g. software needs updating, etc.). All gaming sticks, gamepads, HOTAS, pedals, etc. usually expose themselves as generic Windows USB Game controllers. That is by far the easiest way to get device support for games.”

Basically Star Citizen will support a large range of standard and compatible devices… very specific odd ones maybe not.

There are Some REC Changes coming to 3.9.1 with CIG Duncan taking to the Forums explaining:

“We recently refactored how REC is earned, before it seemed almost random how much REC you’d get from a game, now you’ll notice its clearly linked to your score (10%). We also had a pass over all vehicle scoring, all vehicles now have a hand-set score; for example, killing a gladius (in 3.9.0) will earn you 1600~ damage score plus whatever award bonuses you earn.

Regarding solo play: “Singleplayer” is really “Offline Mode” you’re not connected to a server so there’s no way for us to verify what you’re doing is ‘legit’. Right now we’re focused on Theaters of War and I can’t make promises but I hope to eventually allow solo play in online modes.

Improving the leaderboard is on our radar but cant say when it’ll be addressed as we’re focused with ToW and other improvements across EA. 

So, what are we gonna do about the REC issues and low payouts?

I’ve looked into why you might be getting 380REC (3800 score) from a 20 minute battle royale and it seems we missed the mark with some of the scores we gave vehicles. I wont bore you with all the details but I’ve done another pass over all ships to better reflect how hard they are to take down and the loadout slots available to them. I’ve also lowered the score limit on Battle Royale to 15k (from 25k) and Squadron Battle to 30k (60k) as those reflected the old scoring system; both modes have also had their time limit reduced to 15 minutes.

I’ve also increased the Score to REC conversion to 70% (up from 10%).

Finally i’ve added a temporary 50% bonus to REC earned in Star Marine while we better balance the difference in score earned between it and Arena Commander.

You’ll see these changes in 3.9.1.

With these changes you would be able to very quickly be able to rent ships and equipment for AC & SM. It will be interesting to see if ToW is going to use REC for anything.