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Star Citizen Fleet Week

Welcome to a quick Star Citizen Fleet Week Update & What we Know about the Event.

Invictus Launch Week otherwise Known as Fleet week is running from May 22nd to June 1st but what does this mean?

Celebrate Invictus Launch Week with high flying demonstrations from the UEE’s awe-inspiring naval fleet.

The celebration gives all players the opportunity to see some of the verse’s biggest, best and most iconic ships up close and the Bevic Convention Centre on ArcCorp.

That’s the location of Last Year’s IAE. Where you will need to take the train from the ArcCorp Plaza Area to the Bevic Centre when it opens up.

May of the ships are available to test-fly for free. Different manufacturers take over the hall every few days, so keep checking back to be inspired by every thing the event has to offer.

So it’s basically an IAE – a week of ship sales, an expo hall so you can see the ships in an in game event, a free fly so anyone that makes a Star Citizen account can try the game for free and you’ll be able to rent different ships every day.

But that isn’t all there is a Hologram Hall too – in addition to the ships on display, players can take a detailed look at vehicles currently in production (and ships so big they couldn’t fit into the convention hall) via state of the art holoviewers set up around the event.

The show example holograms of the Kraken and Mercury Star Runner 

Join Us as we welcome the UEE Navy to Stanton, see and fly some of the empires greatest ships. I would expect we will be able to see the Idris and Javelin as well in some form at Convention Hall.

We have heard there is going to be some ships skins available during the week.

And there were rumors of the F8C Lightning being on sale… it’s possible now tho that it’s just going to be on the show floor BUT maybe it will be flyable… #SPECULATION!

Also there have been lots of emails I have seen from CI Concierge Customer Service saying that a huge range of ships even big one’s like the Idris and Javelin will be on sale in at least limited number, that’s not a confirmation BUT there is a very good chance.

This looks to be like a IAE with lesions learned from last year and we should be seeing a lot of ships being shown off.

CI are in the process of releasing a hotfix for 3.9.0 and also it appears that a 3.9.1 PTU Patch could go up for the weekend of early next week with a plan to release 3.9.1 LIVE for the Fleet Week Event. 

CI have also had requested people make and highlight tutorials and I would expect these to be featured during fleet week as well. We should also see some other community competitions and events.