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Star Citizen 3.9.1 Datamine | Leaks & Spoilers

There was a bunch of leaks that were data mined from the latest Star Citizen 3.9.1 PTU build by SC Leaks and posted on the Star Citizen Reddit. Tho take them with a pinch of salt as some lack context of exactly how they’d be used, others might not be used and how they are used might change by the time the patch is released with Fleet Week. These can be considered SPOILERS for some so please bare that in mind and turn off now if that’s not what you are after, I’ll chuck in some wild speculation too… why not.

They were able to mine the Theatres of War “Intro Movie” which is Looking really Slick…this is the Star Marine Combined Arms Objective Based 20v20 more traditional Battlefield type mode… if ToW feels smooth and performs well I think it’s going to be really fun. That map appears to be an improved version of the one I played at CitizenCon 2019. That’s probably all I can show of Theatres of War until CI release more as the tests for that are Evocati NDA’d but are being played over this weekend… so I am looking forward to that!

For Fleet Week the Leaks say that the various Manufacturer Halls we will see are a Vehicle Hall with RSI, Tumbril, Origin, Anvil AND then ship Halls with:

RSI & Origin

Aegis Dynamics

Anvil Aerospace

Drake DefenseCon

Support & Logistics

These manufacturers will be taking over the Hall every couple of days.

There are some assets which appear to be Ships & Vehicles on Holo Displays, so not flyable but showing off a bit of their whitebox in 3d.

These were listed as the Vulture, Taurus, Nova, Nautulis, Mercury, Kraken, Hercules, Corsair & Polaris.

There are a couple of ones I want to talk about tho that are also on that holo list:

The Redeemer

“There are few ships that are awaiting deployment as eagerly as the Aegis Dynamics Redeemer. After being featured at two previous Invictus Launch Weeks, the Navy is closer than ever to utilizing the full potential of this cutting-edge gunship. The UEEN has worked closely with Aegis to perfect the Redeemer during this time to ensure that it will meet and exceed all the operational needs of such an advanced vessel. From the early reports arriving from various test squadrons, including the famous 999, the Redeemer is going to be worth the wait. Designed to carry significant cargo and troops, the Redeemer will provide support in a variety of combat situations and logistical operations. The state-of-the-art technology employed by Aegis should make the craft one of the easiest to maintain to operational-effective standards. Additionally, the boarding hatch will permit faster transitions in situ while the VectorLock thruster design will allow for optimal maneuvering via its twin nacelles. High Command is eager to see what the Redeemer can do once it finds its way into the hands of enthusiastic pilots across the Naval fleet.”

I’d love it if they have more of a re-concept sale for the Redeemer during Fleet Week BUT just seeing it and knowing it’s being worked on is pretty good too.

There appears to be a new Origin Vehicle the G12a, which is probably what the Origin Teaser we had a while ago was: 

“While larger vehicles like the Tumbril Nova and Anvil Ballista may be better known for their military might, the UEE deploys thousands of smaller tactical vehicles in defense of the Empire. More easily transported to provide greater mission flexibility, these rovers and gravlevs often allow tactical responsiveness to a wider variety of terrain and scenarios. When atmospheric conditions become hostile and can impede flight, having a varied motor pool at your disposal can make all the difference. One of the newest rovers to join the ranks is the G12a from Origin Jumpworks. While it may have the sleek lines the manufacturer is known for, the G12a is reinforced with heavier armor and fortified wheels, and comes armed with a full defensive and offensive suite. When deployed, it will initially serve as a patrol vehicle for landing sites located in active combat areas with severe weather patterns.”

Ricemaiden was the one to grab those images of the G12a, Mercury and Redeemer.

The Redeemer look VERY similar to it’s original design if it’s accurate, with only noticeably the tail & weapons being different to me. The Mercury is a little chunkier.

There is apparently an Interdiction drive for the Cutlass Blue:

“See that justice is served with the Burke QD. This powerful quantum dampener from Wei-Tek projects a massive field that keeps ships from engaging their quantum drives, making it a valuable component for both law enforcement and security professionals.”

That might mean it comes with it by default BUT there are potentially variants of the ship.

There is a Dock at Bye-Genie Point above ArcCorp that has been been added to the Station there.

According to the leaks, it looks like there is a Fleet of UEE ships (suggested to be a Javelin, 2 Idris & Lots of F8s. These ships will move between the Station to somewhere assumedly near Area 18 / Expo Hall… I suppose where ever is good to view the ships “parading” there is supposed to be fireworks… basically what we saw in the teaser trailer for Fleet Week but real time DON’T expect these ships to have interior, but I am going to have fun trying to get on them for sure!

I personally expect to see Gladius and F7A’s as well flying around with the fleet and parading.

I was hoping we would see the Bengal Carrier but there is no mention of that yet.

Will the F8 be on sale, there isn’t any confirmation of that yet BUT a lot of ships should be on sale! There could be other ships and vehicles beyond the G12a vehicle from Origin… 

CI are supposed to be unveiling some info on ship customization in the near term over the next week, so we might have some ability to paint our ships soon.