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Star Citizen 3.9.1 NOW OPEN PTU

We had a Fleet Week Teaser Trailer that showed off a lot of military ships flying down from the Station above ArcCorp, around area 18 with a large focus on the the parade, military flyby & F8 Lightning being shown here as well as capital ships with the Bengal, Idris and Javelin. 

Alpha 3.9.1 is out on the PTU and has quite a lot going on with it, the Brevic Convention Centre & Entrance to the Convention are all set up with assets AND you can visit the convention centre via the tram from Area 18 OR the SpacePort there.

We can’t get onto the show floor BUT the entrance has various UEE Navy propaganda, recruitment and generally inspiring features, scenics and dioramas.

There is a fleet week Jacket, Hat and T-Shirt which I was able to grab in the entry area too.

It’s very cool looking… Also if you go up to the Station above ArcCorp, there is a military ship dock now attached to it Baijini (bye-genie) Point.

This is most likely going to be to show off some of the larger military ships and potentially as the Fleet Week Poster suggests have an area from where ships will stage their highflying military demonstrations from.

Star Citizen Leaks have suggested there will be a standing fleet of multiple F8 Lightnings, two Idris, and a Javelin by the station & that some of these ships will even land at area 18 / convention centre for a while before taking back off and returning to the Station or doing flybys etc…Whatever is actually shown I am extremely hype for Fleet Week now.

BUT 3.9.1 also has the Evocati Testing Theatres of War over the weekend. There are going to be a few short focused tests, this is more of a quick stress test and sanity check before going out to more players in the future. I will be NDA’d for those Evocati Tests unfortunately.

I did play ToW at CitizenCon 2019 and very much enjoyed it.

But 3.9.1 also comes with a slew of bug fixes and improvements with a noticeably more stable and better performing build, let’s take a look at it’s Patch Notes:


  • Changed in-range radar targets to show up as known to remove the “?” AR marker.
  • Increased the distance players can scan and detect Sentries and Probes.
  • Slightly increased player character strafe speed.
  • Duplicate, Static trains should no longer appear in New Babbage and Lorville.
  • Fixed an issue causing the 890j hangar not to open for the Boarding action in progress mission.
  • Temporarily removed scramble races.
  • Removed timers for “steal stash” mission.
  • The synced assassination mission should now properly update when killing a target.
  • Updated Mission Info with correct data.
  • Clovus & Miles Eckhart missions should now show the objective marker and update when arriving to them. Various Fixes for Mission Givers.
  • Players should more consistently respawn without issues.
  • Ground vehicles should now be able to be spawned at Outposts.
  • Fixes for some ships ladders.
  • AI should no longer stand idle on chairs and benches… they do still t-pose for sure tho..
  • Fixed an issue that caused surface outpost airlock doors to not have collision.
  • Bed logouts should work correctly.
  • Players should no longer clip into bunks of the Reclaimer, Retaliator, and Hammerhead. Lots of Bed fixes in fact.
  • Player should no longer exit out of the wrong side of the Beds when getting up & should be better aligned to many seats.
  • Friends list on the frontend will now display the number of players on a PU server they are in if you right click on their name.
  • Reduced player’s movement speed while charging a railgun.
  • Various FPS Weapon bug fixes.
  • Fixes for various audio issues including VOIP being heard globally.
  • Fixes for some odd reflections, missing MFD data & world holes.
  • Comm array “turn on” missions should now work properly.
  • Player’s negative virtue should now reset when completing a prison sentence legitimately allowing them to see more than just unlawful missions.
  • EMPs should no longer bypass shields & are fixed for missions.
  • Black Market Kiosks should now be present again at their intended locations.
  • Fixed multiple areas in that had players getting stuck, had consoles with no collision or had extremely strong winds randomly and ships being blown away by wind when landed.
  • Characters no longer become invisible and unusable.
  • Players should no longer spawn without their mobiGlas attached.
  • Duplicate ships should no longer occasionally generate.
  • Players should no longer lose their wallet value on second login.
  • aUEC should remain consistent after a character reset and from session to session.
  • Fixed 9 server & 18 client crashes as well as fixing a Server deadlock issue.

Ships & Loadouts

  • Fixes for various ships and items in the Loadout manager, items can be changed on many more ships & it should be showing correct info.
  • Components should now correctly contribute to a vehicle’s signature.
  • Fog inside the Esperia Prowler should no longer clip through. Reduced health of Prowler nose/body. Top remote turret should no longer be able to be attached to its wing mounts.
  • There were some shield fixes.
  • The Reclaimer now only supports a S4 power plant & S3 Quantum Drive & changed default shields to intended 3x S3.
  • The Buccaneer can now equip size 1 gimbals.
  • Increased max speed of the Retaliator to 942.

Arena Commander & Star Marine

  • Updated Arena Commander Free Flight to no longer kick players for friendly fire.
  • Increased score to REC conversion for all Electronic Access games.
  • Increased REC rewards for Star Marine.
  • Arena Commander scoring pass on all ships.
  • Reduced score required for Battle Royale and Squadron Battle to 15k and 30k respectively.
  • Reduced time limit for Battle Royale and Squadron Battle to 15 minutes.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause multiple player ships to spawn on top of each other in Multiplayer Arena Commander.

That is a huge amount of fixes and from playing 3.9.1 it seems pretty sturdy with only a few known issues

  • The multiTool from the prison commissary does not come equipped with an OreBit mining attachment.
  • If the player exits to menu/disconnects/crashes during the prison load screen transition their load-out will not be changed.
  • Ships can be displayed in an “unknown” state, unclaimable and irretrievable.
  • When going into ADS and crouching with the P6-LR/Arrowhead the player will be unable to see through the scope.
  • Some security guards are behaving unnaturally.

Frame rates and stability seem very good, what we wanted for an initial 3.9.0 release kinda good. We will probably see CI tweaking this patch on the PTU over the next few days and releasing it with the Fleet Week event to LIVE on Friday the 22nd of May. Along with Ship Sales, Free Fly & the actual expo hall and potentially those awesome military ships doing flybys and displays.