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Star Citizen 3.9.1 Cutlass Blue Tour

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, I wanted to take a quick look at the Cutlass Blue it is available in the latest 3.9.1b PTU.

The Cutlass Blue has a different default loadout to the Cutlass Black BUT it’s options for weapons and systems are the same other than it’s Prisoner Pods & QED additions.

So yes the ship has both a stack of 12 prisoner pods & a quantum enforcement drive in the same vien as the Mantis. Tho these items do reduce the Cargo capacity to 12 SCU compared to the Black’s 46.

For Ships Systems they are all Size 2 and there is some Mixed Types of Components & Gear here.

2 C Class Graupel Civilian Coolers

1 Turbo Drive C Class Military Power Plant

1 Aspis Industrial C Class Shield

This differs from the Black’s Default Civilian Component setup.

6 S4 Missile HPs

Each HP comes with 4 S2 Tempest II CS Missiles

24 missiles total, tho you could switch this out for 8 S1 on each HP….

For 48 missiles if you were a monster or 6 S4s if you had your sights set on larger pray!

The Cutlass Blue is pretty setup for running with Auto-Gimbals already.

You have 4 S3 HP for the Pilot Weapons that have S2 Gimbaled Weapons by default those bing

2 XJ2 Distortion Repeaters (the black comes with Badgers) & 2 Scorpion GT-215 Gatlings

That’s actually quite a lot of dakka and you have the manned top turret that can fit 2 size 3s coming with 2 Panther Laser Repeaters.

But you could basically set this or the Cutlass Black up in the same way.

The Cockpit is a more curvy beast, which lot of people would argue is a a better look.

We’ve got 2 beds, an armory section with room for 4 rifle sized weapons, a couple of armor racks. Your turret access too.

Like with the Cutlass Black, there are airlocks separating the ships major sections.

Moving to the mid section you have 12 prisoner pods.

The Ship was supposed to have more armor than the Cutlass Black BUT at the moment it feels very low health in regards to it’s hull. It doesn’t feel like it can slog it out yet and it’s a big target. I think it needs a lot more armor IMO. Yes it’s got some utility tho.

We don’t have a confirmation if the price is going to change for the Blue. It was last on sale for $150 BUT that’s the same price as the Mantis and the Blue has more functionality in pretty much every area. So I could certainly see it goin as high as $200.

I am not sure you can put a price on the flashing lights NEEE NAWWW mother trucker…. It’s missing the siren… maybe customization in the future will allow me to get that tho… and annoy players.

I expect to see the ship being used by Crusader Security and the other forces in Stanton… to be honest I expect it to be a more common interdiction ship than the Mantis.

It’s Blue and certainly very cool looking and I am probably going to get one, the prisoner pods look like they are moving towards treating prisoners as cargo which I think is the simplest solution for that whole thing…

The Facilities the Blue has makes it an appealing ship… no toilet or kitchen BUT those things don’t really have function in game yet SO we don’t know how to value them either really.

The Cutlass Blue is going to be Flyable with the Launch of 3.9.1.

If you want one you’ll be able to purchase one from the 30th of May and Fly it for free when Drake take over the Expo with their DefenseCon on the 30th and 1st.