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Star Citizen Origin G12 Rover

The Origin G12 Rover has just gone on pre-sale to concierge and the like. Here is what you need to know. It is a Concept Sale! The G12 is NOT going to be driveable with Alpha 3.9.1 BUT it willbe going on sale to everyone for Fleet week.

The Origin Rover is kind of a cross-between the Ursa Rover & Tumbril Cyclone. Being a little smaller but a tiny bit wider than the former with a Length 7.25m Width 5.8m Height 2.75m.

3 Variants the G12 Touring, G12R Racing & G12a Combat

The G12 series all come with 2 Seats.

Trek to the edge of the galaxy with confidence thanks to Origin’s trademark build quality and design. Built with the most extreme environments in mind, the G12 suits all types of planetary travel, from traversing tundras to sightseeing.

The G12 Touring has, Light Armor & 2 SCU of storage in the rear.

It has a remote turret with a 360* 2xS1 Laser Repeaters and a top speed of 50m/s. It’s on sale for $55 for the Warbond Version & comes with LTI(so not for store credit until assumedly the start of fleet week).

Stripped back and meticulously engineered for performance, Origin has taken everything learned from preparing the 350r and M50 ships for competition and added it to the ubiquitous ground racer. Lighter, faster, and with a built-in EMP for protection, it’s ready for anything the outlands can throw at it.

The G12R Racing has no armor or SCU space.

It has no weapons BUT it does have a S1 EMP Device & a top speed of 55m/s It’s on sale for $55 again warbond & with LTI.

The G12a combines military might with Origin’s unique approach to high-end engineering. Designed for all offensive ground-based operations, it’s the ideal partner for long-range perimeter patrols, intercepting assailants, and exploring dangerous new locales.

The G12A has heavier armor and no cargo. No turret weapon but instead 8xS2 Missiles which could potentially be pretty effective as well as countermeasures. It’s maximum speed is 45m/s. It’s on sale for $60 and again warbond & with LTI.

Each of them also come with different wheels… which may or may not affect the performance of the vehicle… I wouldn’t expect anything beyond a different look until a bit later on in development tho.

You can grab the 3 pack for $155.

Each of the G12’s will be available for store credit but not with LTI for $5 each more.

These are going to fit in more ships than an Ursa would and the Warbond version are suitable as LTI tokens during Fleet Week… what I mean by that is you can buy one of these and then upgrade it to another ships during a sale and get LTI on the ship you have changed to. 

There is not an indication yet when these vehicles will be in game. Tho you will be able to see their holo-model during Fleet Week and learn more about them!