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Star Citizen Summary ISC Welcome to Invictus

Welcome to some more Star Citizen looking at some upcoming features for 3.10, Fleet Week and the Cutlass Blue coming later today with 3.9.1, a new concept sale and work on Pyro the new Star System this is a Summary of Inside Star Citizen: Welcome to Invictus | Spring 2020.

They have been working on the first implementation of Body Dragging.

The feature was essential for SQ42 to hide bodies or pull team members to safety.

3.10 will see body dragging implemented with various improvements from their current functional but not perfect looking model.

The Cutlass Blue is Flyable with 3.9.1 and Fleet Week.. if you have one already THEN you can police as soon as 3.9.1 goes live… you’ll be able to buy or try one on the 30th of May with Drake’s DefenseCon at Fleet Week.

There was a little update to the 3.9.1 PTU patch in testing, mostly focusing on tweaks to the Cutlass Blue and a few more bug fixes to the branch… hopefully fleet week will go off without many hitches!

The M50 has seen it’s cockpit get some updates with a new seat and lighting. The rework is planned to be completed for 3.10

They have been working on Dynamic HuD Contrast/Brightness which allows white text to be read on bright light backgrounds BUT not be overly intrusive on dark backgrounds.

GrimHex’s Raceway and Hangars have seen work, we are going to see this LZ have internal hangars and more features in 3.10 giving outlaws a proper haven in the Stanton System.

We saw early work on Pyro 1 a Planet Charred by Pyros FlareStar but we didn’t see it in the actuall Pyro System… it was just work on it in a dev environment… the Star’s lighting I think will really make this and the Pyro system come together when they are put together. Very WIP BUT there is plant life here which is kind of cool as Pyro and especially this planet was suspected to be pretty lifeless. We don’t have any confirmation of when we will see Pyro being added to the Verse, last we heard was for 2020 BUT that was before Lockdown Happened!

The G12 Origin Rover is on Concept Sale AND will be used by the UEE Navy in the future too. The 2 Seater Vehicle comes in 3 flavors the G12 Base/Touring (with cargo space and a turret), the G12R Racing which is faster and has an EMP Device & the G12A Combat which has 8 Missiles and Countermeasures as well as heavier armor. They are available from $55… great LTI tokens for the upcoming sale!

Invictus Fleet Week is starting later today. In lore this was the time that the UEE would pick up new recruits and bring them to their training barracks dating back to the 1st Tevarin War AND is now more of a Navy recruitment drive.

Later today we will be able to visit the Bevic Convention Centre on ArcCorp, Try Various Ships for free from various manufacturers and see some ships that are in development.

Fleet Week looks like it will be an annual sales & expo event.

Lots of military and supporting ships will be available to buy on the RSI Website.

We don’t know the exact time it will start or change over to a new manufacturer, so keep checking back. I’ll link the Manufacter Dates below tho… also all you need is a Star Citizen account to get access during Fleet Week when it starts later on the 22nd of May all the way until June 1st. You can Get a Star Citizen Account & Download the game here.