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Star Citizen 3.9.1 Hotfix Live & New Sales Day!

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a host of news, dev response and preparation for the new sale & expo day!

The 3.9.1 Fleet Update mini update IS NOW LIVE the Update fixes various aspects of the UEE Navy Fleet, they are even tougher, you can’t steal their ships and they are combat ready… there as a few other improvements to the branch ALSO CI have said: 

“The team has been working non-stop on resolving issues with service stability.  Numerous hotfixes have been applied so far and will continue to be put in moving forward.  Note: Because of the outages, your account may be stuck a bad state, which includes missing all ships, missing the mobiGlas, invisible character, or stuck on the CC screen.  Hotfixes will not correct currently broken accounts and those players may need to perform a character reset.”

There is still “Degraded Performance” reported on the Server Status Page for Star Citizen.

Also there have been lots of issues with people unable to log-on infinite load screens and Europe seems particularly affected… although this was before that mini-fix went live, so hopefully we will see more players being able to play!

There was a Spectrum Post [Cutlass Blue] Half of Flight ‘buff’ repealed – thanks for nothing, CIG!!

The post criticizes the changes to the Cutlass Blue in the latest 3.9.1 mini update and yes it can now accelerate and decelerate properly BUT it also turns like a brick now and has a beautiful line I’ll quote: 

“Own a Drake ship? Be prepared for disappointment after disappointment.”

John Crewe from CI responded: 

“The handling in the original 3.9.1 LIVE build was actually incorrect/broken and flared as a bug by Player Relation/QA for the team to fix, but looks like the subsequent fix pushed it back too far so we’ll take a look for 3.10. It is supposed to have slightly better handling (not just SCM/Afterburn) and better armour which also appears to be missing.”

So they are very much admitting that it’s not right yet and it will get more love for 3.10.

There was a thead Ship Modularity (and the Retaliator Modules) basically asking if they had been forgotten? CI’s MGibson replied:  

“Is Not forgotten and still planned. Just cant do it correctly yet (Current version of doing this would need to undo it when the correct system comes in which means throw away work)”

It’s the 28th of May and it’s a new sale day at 7pm UTC we have the new sales and expo for Fleet week this is for a bit of a hodge-podge of ship manufacturers:

MISC, Consolidated Outland, Argo & Crusader… this sale is going to have 3 waves again for it’s limited Hull Ships specifically mentioned as Crusader Ships. The first wave for those limited hulls is when the sale goes live at 7pm, the next at 3am and the last 12pm all UTC.

We know that the ARGO MPUV 1P, Freelancer MIS,Mustang Delta, Razor EX, Reliant Tana & Starfarer Gemini will all be available to freefly from the expo AND buy on the website.

When it comes to stuff sold on the website tho…

I would expect that to be the Crusader Hercules A2 on sale in limited numbers… but I think the rest of the ships on sale may be unlimited as it were.

In addition we should see the Hercules M2 and probably the C2 on sale… I mean the C2 can carry tanks and it makes sense.

The Ares Ion & Inferno should be there on the website AS should the Mercury Starrunner as we saw in the ship shown in the hologram rooms in some media. I don’t think we will see the Starliner on sale this time around UNLESS CI say it’se used to ferry UEE recruits!

MISC could see the normal Starfarer on sale, it’s also possible we could see some of the Hull series based on what the UEE use for transport and supply. The Endeavor as well… Hope Hospital variant kind of makes sense.

Argo have a slew of support ships, the SRV and MPUV-P make sense.

For CNOU we should see the Mustang Delta IS IT POSSIBLE we will see a limited run of the Pioneer…? maybe if it’s justified as something that builds military outposts or supports their operations.

When it comes to skins, the Relaints, Mustangs and Freelancers make the most sense to get skins imo BUT I have yet to be impressed with skins that have been sold!

Ship Skins – CI have made more of a statement and clarification on skins as well

Currently, we are in the process of updating the paint and skin system to allow players to switch and change out skins on command.  This is being rolled out slowly as work on the system and how it will interacts with various ships is completed.

If a ship has not yet been updated for use with the new system, then it is not possible to remove or revert changes made to a ship pledge, which includes a skin or customization option.  Consider options carefully before altering a pledge with a skin upgrade.

Should you not wish to wait for the system to be updated and allow you to remove your skins freely for a given ship, players will need to reclaim the pledge that contains the ship and buy it back to “remove the skin” or customization by reverting the ship to its base.  This will add the ship’s (and if applicable, the skin’s) value to your RSI account as store credit to use on a new pledge.

Some very important points to keep in mind before doing this to remove a skin or customization:

  • Limited offer skins and customization options will be permanently lost. (Ex: the 2019 Origin Celebration special ship colors, the IAE 2949 Best in Show skins)
  • The ship/pledge being reclaimed may not be available on the pledge store.  Double check it is there and available to pledge for again before reclaiming your current items.
  • Buy-backs using store credit are limited by an account’s credit buy-back token, which are distributed once per quarter.

So please be careful if you are applying a legacy skin via the RSI website rather than from in game with the updated skins. Tho by the sounds of it, even in that situation eventually you’ll be able to take the skins off your ship anyway… probably

In regard to purchasing skins and Exclusive Ones – Not all skin options will always be available.  A specific example is the special skin/exterior paint that players could only apply to their 300 series ship during the 2019 Origin Celebration.

Eventually there will be many additional options and ways to customize your ships with different colors and skins.  Since that is all in development right now and may radically change as we move though our test phases, exact details on how it will function are not known.