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Star Citizen – The Economy Cometh – Trading App

Welcome to some more Star Citizen we finally have information on Player Trading and the Finance App and we have a new damage type electron that will be used for a variety of weapon types. This is a Summary of Inside Star Citizen: Danger! High Voltage!

The first iteration of the Player Trading App is coming in 3.10… it’s going to get more and more functionality over the next several patches but it’s geared towards trade, economy and asset management. They are rolling it out in stages 

In 3.10 they are allowing the transfer of funds from player to player, this will be both aUEC AND merits (if you are in prison). At this stage it will just be a 1 way sending of the currency.

This is the first true transferable commodity in game and allows them to track issues and build upon the system more easily.

To transfer funds you’ll just bring up the New App on your mobiGlas, select the recipient (they can even be offline and you can search for them) and then the amount of funds then send… the app they showed did have a TAXES amount which was shown as 6% and implies that there may be % losses when sending & receiving. This was paid by the sender in the demo. Both sender and recipient will receive a notification that the funds have been sent.

The App they showed was just barebones functional, they are making something prettier with building blocks.

Work on the unified friends database in 3.9 has helped the functionality of this app with being able to search players and attribute them their funds in real time.

In the future they will enable 2 way trades with an active interface. It will show what’s on offer from both parties, you can move bits around and then confirm your trade if you are happy.

This will then start to add other assets into the mix as well, ships, items, commodities.

When we are able to trade assets, to start with the location of the item will be where-ever they currently are.

BUT they will allow in the future the ability to place items in cargo decks for trade and then have those items shipped via Missions generated by the Quantum Simulation (that NPCs or players can take). Exactly how this will work and any forms of insurance for these kind of trades remain to be seen BUT they will be iterating on all parts of this app and trading.

Service Beacons for services are not robust enough for Star Citizen’s needs and I suspect that this will eventually see updates and blending in with these apps in the future too.

Electron Damage is a new damage type it’s several different types spliced together, energy, distortion & stun.

Lightning Bolt Company make lethal use of this with their Atzkav Sniper Rifle & Yubarev Pistol coming with 3.10.

The Sniper fires quite slowly but is a extremely powerful example of Electron damage with more of the energy damage end.

It has a pull almost bolt action loading, to give it a feel of power.

It can chain/arc electron damage & a DOT/Debuff between the impact and nearby targets.

Chained damage will be less for every target it jumps to.

And shooting a target that is already affected with this will cause additional damage and a AOE pulse and can cause some chain reactions as well.

The Pistol fires quickly but is significantly less powerful AND doesn’t appear to have enough oomph to do the chain damage effect at least in the same way the sniper does.

There are lots of cool effects like beam splines and emitters going on with the VFX for this new damage type too… like electricity arcing everywhere.