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Star Citizen 3.10.0 Updates & Cutlass Blue Bounty Hunting

Welcome to the star citizen with News on Roadmap Round Up, Drake’s DefenseCon Expo & Sale, more info on the Cutlass Blue and it’s related Bounty Hunter Gameplay as well as some subscriber news.

A bit of a patch numbering convention thing first tho… the next major patch is 3.10 and pegged for the end of June 2020, I am going to refer to this patch as 3.10.0 now and 3.11 as 3.11.0 as that actually seems to help avoid confusion, MAYBE?

Let’s look at the changes to the Roadmap:

Thruster Efficiency Curves and Aerodynamics has been added to 3.10.0 to further round out Flight Model Improvements | Thruster efficiency curves will drastically change the way thrusters work in atmospheres. The work will include a major update to aerodynamics for ships, resulting in far more dynamic and believable behavior for ships in atmospheres.

Ship HUD Rework – Has seen a lot of work and a updated description | Rebuilding our ship HUDs to use the new building blocks UI system ahead of further redesigning the look of the UI. We will also take the time to improve some of the functionality of ship HUD.

You can expect to see further HUD work done in future patches beyond this as well.

There was also some progress with a large amount done for New Babbage Shop Additions, Body Dragging & for Heightmap Improvements with a little bit of work on GrimHex Updates too. We did see some GrimHex work in the Subscribe Vault as well.

For 3.11.0 the Q3 2020 (end of Sept Patch) we had Improved Throw getting 21 Tasks Added & Space Station Cargo Decks had 13 Tasks Added.

We also saw some more work with the Crusader Hercules, which we are expecting in Q4 2020.

June’s RSI Subscriber Ship is the Carrack.

It looks like the next set of planned Subscriber Flair will be Different Colored Multi-Tools. We saw them in a poster in the latest JumpPoint Subscriber Mag.

Fleet Week Coming to an End tho the FreeFly is extended to June 2nd, hopefully we will see the sales hang around until the FreeFly has ended too, grab ships by the 1st of June to avoid disappointment tho.

We have the Drake DefenseCon & Ship Sale Starting at 7pm UTC (today 30th May) and there are some Limited Hulls on offer with the expectation that this is the Kraken & potentially the Privateer being sold in small numbers. I’ll link the information for the 3 waves below.

We also saw some additional clarification on the Cutlass Blue which will be available for freefly & to buy during the 30th May – 1st of June.

The Cutlass Blue’s Quantum Dampening Drive will not be able to take ships out of Quantum.

BUT still produces a field that prevents ships from going into Quantum.

The Mantis is a Support & Utility Craft pulling ships out of quantum and then keeping them there if needed, the Blue is more of a Brawler which also Hunts, Snaring and Detaining Targets, and presents another target that has to be dealt with and it’s 2 S2 power plants mean it can operate it’s QD and fight without issue. The pair would work well together.

It is likely we will see other ships using either the Mantis’ full QED or the half system that the Blue uses in the future

When looking at an Avenger Stalker, it’s really a Starter Bounty Hunter Ship and the Blue is a step up from that for more serious bounty hunters.

The Blue is the fastest Cutlass Variant with a “better” set of engines.

The Black is intended as a multi-role cargo runner & raider.

NPCs will be using the ship as a police cruiser and you’ll see them when security forces stop you.

There are no other cutlass variants planned at the moment.

Captured NPCs or players will eventually be able to be stored in the Prisoner Pod Racks.

The current iteration (WHICH MAY CHANGE HEAVILY) will have players being able to choose to wait to be rescued in the pod OR “sleep” which will have the player spawn at prison to start their sentence immediately. The Bounty Hunter will still see their pod as occupied and will still be dropping the pod off to prison for their reward. 

Obviously if a player hasn’t committed a crime there is no time to serve ALSO it may be a crime to knockout, store or capture players especially when they are not criminals.

It also sounds like general prisoner transport missions might be a thing too, filling up your Cutlass Blue with a load of prisoners from one area to the prison.

There was no confirmation of Audio/Sirens to go along with the Flashing Lights.

The Lights are to help show your intent, LOOK over here I’ve come to rescue you if you are in a Cutlass Red, the Blue might be… stop perp!