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Star Citizen’s Server Problems & Record Funding

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, Star Citizen Alpha 3.9.1 and Fleet week has seen a host of problems with deployment it’s, backend and server issues. Also Star Citizen’s funding has been absolutely off the charts over the last few quarters… I wanted to have a bit of a rant and discussion about some failures and successes with fleet week, 3.9.1 & Star Citizen’s Funding.

Fleet Week started on the 22nd of May and we also saw a freefly event (which is still on until the 2nd of June) However  there were loads of issues with Players not being able to login, getting stuck on the character creation screen, not having access to their ships.

There were various work and hotfixes to help with this and some of those issues have been fixed HOWEVER… there were still various issues and for some they still are unable to login and have not been able to experience fleet week or the freefly event because of this.

Also since the evening of Saturday the 30th a huge portion of the Player Base are unable to logon again and keep getting errors….

ERROR – CIG services 15007/16007

Account data update failed.

Synchronizing account data with game network either failed or timed out.

This appears to be problems with the logon servers of which Europe Seems most affected by those issues by some margin. You can get on if you keep trying sometimes BUT I’ve been able to get around it using a VPN and just connecting from the US bam it works fine… at least for me and being able to get into the game. Tho my mate zenn still couldn’t get online.

I saw a post with work arounds changing your hosts file OR changing your login.json file which I will link below BUT grabbing yourself a VPN is my recommendation, I shill for Nord… I am NordGamer BUT a freeVPN will work too. Apparently account resets can work in some situations too BUT I tried that on a couple of my affected accounts and it didn’t work.

That all said, players that have been unaffected by those issues OR have eventually had them solved have been having a pretty good time during fleet week, trying out all the ships to rent, seeing the UEE Navy’s big boys.

Fleet week has been a huge financial success for CI. May by far has seen the largest funding for the game in pledges. It looks like it’s Hitting around $15 million just for that month… just for May 2020. Ships that went on sale with limited amounts sold out within minutes or in some cases seconds.

In fact since the end of 2019, November, Star Citizen’s funding has further exploded. CitizenCon obviously contributing to that to some degree BUT I can’t really workout why it’s started to make quite so much more money now. The recent Fleet Week Sale & Free Fly yes… massive success financially BUT not when it comes to having a stable patch.

There have certainly been a few larger streamers and content creators playing star citizen…

WackyJacky, Cyanide, Quebec, LevelCap, Robbaz, creators like Morpholigis have made EXTREMELY pretty videos that have had a lot of traction too.

Star Citizen has also been covered by various online media and content creators too with more negative stories BUT it appears to me that’s only made Star Citizen get more of a main stream following as well. Even things like the Crytek vs CI court case could of well given Star Citizen more exposure that has led to more advertising for the company and game.

Lockdown might of contributed to this too, CI can continue to develop and work remotely pretty well AND people are bored… they want entertainment & video games.

It might be just because the project is getting a bit more traction and snowballing now, with more backers coming on board as release dates for things like Squadron 42 look more potentially within months not years… we still don’t have dates on Squadron 42…

Also CI haven’t really marketed much in the way of new concepts or straight to flyable ships for 2020 with just the G12 Rover being the only entirely new offering in 2020.

Something that might of also contributed to this funding explosion is (at least for me) very few other games that have come out that I have enjoyed over the last couple of years.

Doom Eternal, Apex Legends, Half Life Alyx and BoneWorks are ones that come to mind…

I am only really looking forward to Sons of the Forest, CyberPunk, I’ll checkout new world… there probably are a couple more… but it’s not many… large disposable incomes, mighty PCs and space ship sales seem to work together… I wonder how much money was spent of SC Space Ships during the Space X Live Streams.

Also congratulations to SpaceX for completing Ship Docking before the feature was in Star Citizen… I owe someone a fiver.

Anyway, if Star Citizen can make that much money out of an event, that a large number of players weren’t able to logon & where they only sold a more military focused selection of ships then with lesions learned the IAE end of november sale is likely to be even “bigger”.

If CI can get a FreeFly without major server issues the I really think Star Citizen will evolve into it’s final form of fundraising… where it becomes much more mainstream.

For me, I am waiting on Squadron 42’s Release to judge whether CI can genuinely make the game of my dreams with Star Citizen as a MMO. Sq42 representing the first full product they should be releasing… tho you could argue they are trying to do that with ToW but that’s a whole other video.