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Star Citizen 3.10.0 & June Channel Update

It is June and we have Star Citizen Alpha 3.10.0 pegged to go LIVE for the end of the month… this is a boredgamer channel update with plans and what is to look forward to in June 2020.

The Monthly Giveaway winner for the Arrow & SC Game Package is Mr. Fight congratulations.

We will draw the winner of the Cutlass Blue Fleet Week Giveaway June 3rd once fleet week is fully over. I’ll message the person and put the winners up on my Reddit too.

June’s Giveaway is for a Tevarin Prowler & GamePackage the mighty alien dropship that is Flyable in Game now, CI gave me the ship to be giveaway away, so thanks to them for that. Same as always just comment on any of my videos made during June to be in for a chance of Winning that.

Alpha 3.10.0 has a few major new features, lots of updates to the flight model, ship experience and hud improvements, new shops, GrimHex is expanding, new missions, some big AI updates, Body Dragging, some very cool new items and better looking terrain among other things. 

It is possible we could see a Straight to Flyable Ship/Vehicle in 3.10.0.

And it’s very possible that CI will put out a New Concept like the Tevarin Fighter, Xi’An Cargo Ship, Mining Vehicle OR Mobile Refinery that they talked about at CitizenCon 2019.

I am hoping we see the Idris Fight Mission that was originally planned for 3.9 but wasn’t ready at that time.

Could we see a delay to 3.10.0 it’s possible, even if there isn’t a planned delay already then like we saw with 3.9 it took a month longer to launch to LIVE due to complications, so bare that in mind. That said I would expect Evocati for 3.10.0 to start between the 12th and 19th.

Another thing that is likely during June is another Evocati Test Weekend for Theatres of War.

CI will want to tweak and iterate on that game mode until it’s in a good place before putting it in the hands of more players IMO.

Where is the Squadron 42 Update Video? Well there was some form of “editing problem” which could range from they lost all the footage to, it get copyright claim blocked when they upload it to we need to refilm a bit or the audios garbled… BUT we should be getting both a monthly report this week and a SQ42 video update later in the month. We just don’t know when. I’ll link this week in Star Citizen below once it goes up so, then we will know a little more.

Content This Month

As always any Star Citizen News, the monthly Reports…

3.10.0 Patch Notes and Videos focusing on all the different content through it’s PTU phase.

Any New Missions, Ships & Location I’ll be sure to cover.

I am organizing a couple of org spotlights this month, I’d like to get 2 done a month if that is viable.

The Flight Model Changes are what I am VERY interested in tho! If it’s in a good place I’ll do my Ship Buyers Guide again for all the SpaceShips that are flyable BUT the changes could be just what star citizen needs to make pvp and ship combat good again.

I have got a load of footage of the F8, F7A and tons of the Idris-M and Javelin Capital Ships… I want to take a deeper look at those ships.

I am going to be streaming at least twice a week at the moment, Tuesday & Friday anytime around 3pm UTC to 7pm is typical. I use these streams at the moment to chat to the community, answer questions, help shape the channel for content, zin should be joining me for a few streams so that we can mess around going some missions and gameplay.

My soon to be editor zinya is learning some more bits for adobe premiere and star citizen…

You will see a few videos fully edited by her this month, any feedback on those videos would be amazing… we did realize that we could make reasonably good videos even out of video I would normally just bin.

From the end of June/Start of July BoredGamer is planning to have her

Fleet Week is drawing to a close… and CI raised over $15 million in May… which is the most they have raised in a single month… it’s a bit cray cray…

3.9s branch of the game has had loads of issues BUT mostly with the servers, logging on and getting into the game. We do really need something a bit more accessible for 3.10.0

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