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Star Citizen This Week – Missing Squadron 42 Updates?

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with What’s Coming Up This Week? 

For the week ending the 7th of June 2020 as well as a statement from CI about the missing Squadron 42 Updates!

There was a new RSI Launcher Update for some backend fixes related to telemetry that’s already been deployed.

The FreeFly Event Ends today later today (2nd of June).

The Avenger Starter Ship “deal” will fly away at 7am UTC on June 3rd for those of you that wanted to pick up that pack.

Again later today , the Narrative Team will be sharing a portfolio on Gyson Inc, they make the bag on head soft shell helmets you can buy from the oppressive Loreville.

I will probably start covering lore a bit in Star Citizen WHEN it becomes more relevant to actually playing the game… so an applied lore series that will help with understanding and benefiting from the lore in game… we are actually pretty close to being there to be honest.

Wednesday will have PU & SQ42 Monthly Reports which give us a huge amount of info on what CI have been working on.

There is an AMA on the Spectrum Forums starting at 6:30pm UTC answering questions specific to Theatres of War with Sean Tracy, Rich Tyrer, and Jonny Jacevicius, questions can be submitted from 6:15pm that day. I am going to be putting some questions together and I have participated in both the CitizenCon Teaser and Evocati PlayTests so far… so I have some questions BUT if you have any you want me to include while I am there, you won’t be there yourself OR to merge them into mine then please leave them in the comments below. As with everything else I’ll cover the answers in a video!

On Thursday CI’s Official Inside Star Citizen Video will look at Restricted Areas as well as a Sprint Report, these reports cover a huge range of features currently being worked on and are typically my favorite offerings from CI.

On Friday 5th June, Sarah McCulloch from the Ship and Vehicle Team is going to be on Star Citizen Live  5pm UTC. She was involved with the creation of the Argo SRV, Mercury Starrunner, Hercules Starlifter Hammerhead & Tumbril Ranger.

I saw on her Art Station beyond some of the cool ships she has worked on that she had also immortalized her beloved pet dog as an awesome piece of concept art… let it be known, when I pass I hope that I can also be immortalized as concept art… maybe as a potato in Star Citizen’s Farming Gameplay?

We will also see the Newsletter & a Roadmap Round up for Star Citizen for the weekend too, this should yield some more information on if 3.10.0 is going to make the end of June for it’s LIVE build and if there are any new or pushed backed features for the patch.

Where Are Our Squadron 42 Updates?

We have been waiting on a Squadron 42 Update that Cloud Imperium were supposed to post up a couple of weeks ago BUT the delayed the video on it’s release day saying their was and editorial issue BUT now they have made a statement where going on with this:

“We’re aware that many of you eagerly await the Squadron 42 Update video we had mentioned previously. We’re eager too! So much so, that we jumped the gun and posted a publish date prematurely. We mentioned editorial issues, and to be very specific about what that meant, the video just wasn’t good enough, which oftentimes can be the case when working creatively. It’s very rare that we publish any video without it going through some level of iteration – our goal is to provide you all with meaningful content after-all. For this episode, it lacked the b-roll to properly illustrate what we were discussing, which led to it feeling like a lot of words without visual substance. We played with it, and added more visuals to better accompany our discussion. However, it became clear

 that we still weren’t quite there. So we’ve had to re-shoot some of it to better reflect what we want to show.

To properly set expectations, this specific video is just another way to share more information by checking in with Brian Chambers and some of the devs and seeing what they are working on. Our goal overall is simply to create more ways to share Squadron 42 progress updates with you, especially in lieu of the Roadmap visualization which is being updated. We don’t want to leave you in the dark! So, while progress continues on an updated Roadmap (which we’re looking forward to rolling out), stay tuned and we’ll update the community content schedule as quickly as possible, and not before it’s ready.”

So it seems there was a lot of improvements they wanted to make with the video and we don’t know when it will be actually released. I wouldn’t expect too long, hopefully in June.

We do have the monthly report coming this week so that should give us at least a good amount of info on Squadron to tide us over.