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Star Citizen Starfarer Rage At Fuel Changes

There were a couple of hot topics and bits of news today RSI Website Updates, Subscriber Exclusive Ship Upgrades, Starfarer Uncertainty & I am also gathering questions for the ToW AMA.

Subscriber CCUs – There are some extra bonuses coming to RSI Subscribers with Subscriber “exclusive” Upgrades.

It’s interesting to me, these RSI Subscriptions are purely voluntary and are supposed to support additional community content, things like Inside Star Citizen, SCLive, Calling All Devs.

But there are lots of other incentives to encourage players to become RSI subs, earlier access to PTU test patches, items/flare each month, discounts on merch…

Last time we saw the data on how much Subscribers were generating it was around $3.3 million a year in 2018. I would actually expect this to be closer to $4.5 million now due to the influx of players and the increase in Star Citizen’s Funding as well as new Subscriber Offerings… that is very much an I reckon figure.

I personally still want to see more from CI’s video & community offerings… give me and $100k a year budget and let me into the wilmslow office.

I am really interested in who Star Citizen monetization model will evolve between now and after a launch of Squadron Episode 1 and the PU.

Private matches have been temporarily disabled (for Electronic Access for AC/SM) as they’re not currently supported by the new party service.There is no ETA but they say they will get them back as soon as they can.

The Starfarer was supposed to be able to collect and refine QF (Quantum Fuel) originally BUT there were changes making quantum fuel solid as quantianium solid and minable by the Prospector and Mole. I saw a lot of angry backers posting about the fact this changed.

It’s confirmed that the Starfarer can still refine quantum fuel BUT it appears it might not be able to gather quantum fuel AT LEAST NOT from asteroids… maybe it will be able to gather it in other ways in the future. The starfarer is a heavy fuel transport and gathering ship and is still going to be incredibly useful in the gathering of other gases and the transfer of fuel to other ships.

I think it’s likely that if it can refine it, then it’s got to be able to gather it somehow EVEN if that’s from mining ships depositing it nearby…

The starfarer should be important for fleets, suitable for refueling gameplay and be able to make a lot of money gathering/transporting/refining gases and liquids.

There appears to be some new updates to the RSI Website incoming and a new signup/enlist/website login UI is being tested. We have needed some updates to the website for a while AND it looks like the updates to player enlistment is to make it more simple to signup for a new account by having just a single name take for your account rather than an account name, handle and community moniker, you should still be able to change these later tho.