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Star Citizen 3.10.0 City Landings

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a Summary of Inside Star Citizen: Stick the Landing, we had a look at various little pieces of development.

The Building blocks system has been building out some drop and drag layouts for an inventory system. The idea is to have a real time semi-physicalized inventory that makes use of all the space on your character based on what they have equipped and shows what’s appropriate… very basic layout stuff right now tho.

VFX work continues with SDF (sign distance field) tech and atmospheric entries… making a your fiery entry change based on your ship, angle of entry, speed… and it can be seen from a long way away, from people on the ground even… very cool looking stuff!

They are building voxel based fires… that can spread… smoke spawns separately from that as well. It’s just testing at the moment but fire and the need to suppress them in the future sound pretty awesome as a concept.

The central building in microTech Shopping district the Factory Line is opening soon, in 3.10 in fact and is microTech’s Flagship store… eventually they want custom mobiGlas on sale here, a jobs board, mission givers all housed here and we know they have been working on a simpod, hologram contraception and high tech hacking tool for here too.

Cargo decks & facilities are coming along and are moving more into reality, eventually you’ll be able to use these for a huge range of trade and cargo management needs, purchasing, selling, loading/unloading cargo, getting cargo based missions, performing trades. Even trade security missions will have a home here, so this could be anything from escorts, to recovery.

Ocean Shader improvements are being made for 3.10… wind affects the waves and ripples.

If it’s stormy… you’ll see that reflected in the water!

Restricted Areas are overly intrusive and get in the way of flying near cities.

So they have a new approach, they require some form of restricted areas, preventing players going anywhere they want with their ships, you wouldn’t want shopping areas and civilian ground spaces full of ships or a blockade infront of spawn areas.

3.10.0 will have landing splines for areas that have a space port by the city like ArcCorps Area18 & Hurston’s Lorville. (microTech’s Space Port is far enough from their city for it to be less of an issue.

The area around the Space Ports will always be covered in a restricted area.

When you request landingm you’ll see a flight tunnel on your HuD that allows you to fly to the hangar.

There are prompts that now will tell you when you are near an ATC and to request landing and another if you are too close to the restricted area.

Further useability improvements will be added in the future.