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Star Citizen New 3.10.0 Features Added

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a 3.10.0 Roadmap Update, there is a load of new features been added we also have the Origin 100 Series turning up for Alpha 3.11.0 and some other tidbits of news.

We have some pretty big near term Roadmap Updates:

We saw a what I would deem a minor feature slip with the Surrender Mechanics, Tasks in this card required work from the AI team. Due to other work taking longer than expected, the AI team will not be able to get to the needed work on Surrender by the 3.10 cutoff, so we’ve shifted the card to the Alpha 3.11 column.

There is a whole host of New Features listed for 3.10.0 

Long touted Addition of the NPC Bartender has reappeared. Improvements to the Bartender AI archetype, including additional interactions for the player as well as other NPCs. This will include passes from animation and audio. Once completed the Bartender is supposed to represent a Gold Standard for Social AI, he’ll interact with the player and other NPC and be able to serve them drinks and feel like they are actually operating the bar.

But there are a host of of features too:

Turret and Gunnery Improvements | New controls and functional UI for turrets. Fixed weapons (on ships and turrets) get more computer assists, which will make them viable choices, especially for multicrew. Additionally, tweaks to PIP calculation improve the stability for hitting targets in all aiming modes.

Turrets being more fun for gunners is good AND this could be really good for balance and fixed weapons which it’s clearly attempting to address… tho it could be terrible xD we will have to wait and see.

Electron Damage for the New Lightning Bolt Co Pistol and Sniper | Electron is comprised of energy, distortion and stun damage. Targets hit by an electron projectile will retain a charge for a brief amount of time, and if hit again will discharge damage in the area. This Damage type will be used by other weapons in the future for things like bounty hunters in a less lethal way.

Law System v2: Impounding Improvements | Impoundment has been developed so that infractions can have different fines and durations, allowing light penalties for blocking pads versus harsher penalties for pad ramming. Players lingering over landing areas without permission will now see a countdown timer warning them of imminent impoundment, should they not withdraw. This is combined with the new Landing/Restricted Area Changes that has players being guided thru a landing window when at a major LZ like Lorville & Area 18.

The Kruger Intergalactic P-72 Archimedes Emerald that was supposed to be in 3.9.1 has turned up here, as far as I am aware it’s just a skin for the P-72.

Various Features have been completed and have moved into polishing these being:

  • M50 Improvements
  • Restricted Area Rework
  • Kruger Intergalactic P-72 Archimedes Emerald
  • Thruster Efficiency Curves and Aerodynamics
  • High Speed Combat

Really looking forward to those Flight Model & Combat Changes.

Also something coming to 3.10.0 is the Factory Line Shop on New Babbage Opening and there was a little bit of a sneak peek of the mobiGlas2 on display… whether or not this will be an equipable item OR have a different UI in 3.10.0 remains to be seen.

We also know that a Hi-Tech Crypto Key, SimPod & Hologram doohickey will be at the store too.

Hopefully we won’t see other features slipping off 3.10.0 and maybe just a few more added.

The Origin 100 Series of Luxury Starter Ships is now on the Roadmap for the 3.11.0 patch.

This includes the 100i Touring/Base, 125a Light Fighter & 135c Light Cargo Models.

I think this is the ship series they mentioned they were working on in the Monthly Report BUT interestingly there is also 2 other ships and a vehicle that CI said they were working on in the Monthly Report… the Vehicle may be the Grey Cat Mining Vehicle that SC Leaks are releasing a video on later today.

Newsletter After the Party

Fleet Week is over and the most profitable month for Star Citizen ever ($15 million in May!!!)

However apparently “loads of exciting events coming up” it will be interesting to see if CI have lots more in game events planned this year.

There was an AMA talking more about ToW.

There are Theatres of War Playtests going on this weekend for the Evocati.

On Star Citizen Live we saw Sarah McCollough creating a “concept” for a Big Benny’s Delivery ship / secret prisoner ship. It was very much a chatting a fluff episode but was good to hear from the very talented sarah.