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Star Citizen – What is Alien Week?

Welcome to some more Star Citizen looking at what is happening over the next week, preparing for 3.10.0 evocati and hyping up Alien Week that starts on Friday.

On Tuesday we will see a lore post on one of the Final Imperator Candidates Illyana Sharrad later in the year we should see a new Imperator Elected and this may well be influenced by players.  

Wednesday has a the Subscriber Newsletters & Update going out… CI have recently announced that they are adding some exclusive CCU options for Subscribers every month, I think this month’s sub flair is either more body armor OR skin variants for the multi-tool. 

Thursday sees another episode of Inside Star Citizen, there is no confirmation of exactly what’s going to be shown this week BUT it was implied recently that some Updates for Turrets, Fixed Weapons and Ship Combat would be shown off soon.

As always on Friday, we’’ll see a Roadmap update and Roundup, I think it marks the cut off for 3.10.0s content so any features slipping to 3.11.0 SHOULD be known by then and reflected here, also we should know if there are any 3.10.0 major delays BUT It’s possible that Evocati could get an early version of 3.10.0 here too… though I think it’s more likely for next week (even if all is going well). 

Also on Friday at 5pm UTC is a Star Citizen Live on Celebrating First Contact Day with Alien Races & the Narrative Team (Narrative Director David Haddock, Lead Writer William Weissbaum, Writer Adam Wieser, and Archivist Cherie Heiberg).

This will also mark the Start of Alien Week… 

It appears that First Contact Day is being celebrated on Friday the 12th of June.

So what is First Contact Day? We don’t have all the details but here is what we know.

In lore humans met the Banu Race as their first contact with an alien species in 2438 the current game year is 2950 so this was 512 years ago.

The story of the first contact is that a Human navjumper (Vernon Tar) was in the Davien System and encountered a Banu Fugitive mistakenly firing on the ship. From there the Humans sent out a diplomatic delegation and were worried that they had declare war on the banu by accident or something

Two weeks later, representatives of the Banu Protectorate arrived in Davien and made formal contact with Socolovich. In October of 2438, Humans signed the first Interstellar Peace and Trade Accord with an alien civilization. Due to the nature of contracts in Banu culture, once per Banu generation, the treaty must be renegotiated with Banu leadership.

This is going to be the Start of “Alien Week” and what was Fleet Week missing… Alien Ships. We don’t have any hard details on exactly what the plans are here BUT I would expect that CI may well be having an Alien Ship Sale with ships like the:

Banu Merchantman

Banu Defender

Xi’An Khartu-al

Xi’An SanTokYai

Tevarin Prowler

Vanduul Blade

Vanduul Glaive

Maybe the Vanduul Scythe in limited numbers

Apopa Nox / Nox Kue

And maybe the MISC Reliant Series as they they also use Xi’An Tech. 

There are Alien Concept Ships that have been hinted at the CI are working on with a Tevarin Fighter / Xi’An Cargo Ship that we could also see here or at least at some point.

I would love it if there were some more in game events like the expos at Fleet Week BUT I very much doubt that is the case… tho CI are likely to run a ScreenShot & Video Competition.