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Star Citizen’s Alien Predators

Star Citizen, Alien Week is incoming as is 3.10.0 in fact all signs point to Evocati getting their early mits on it this weekend potentially… BUT we saw some Alien Creatures… actually big old Predators that CI are working on. 

The Character Teams have been working on High Quality SQ42 Characters, Hair 2.0, Alien Races, Mission Givers, Armors & Clothing BUT are now starting to work on Alien Creatures.

They have previously taken a loot at simple boids with Hurston’s little floating crab boys First Reveal in 2017.

They have been looking at the space cows and even space whales (that will breach the surface of Crusader).

They are currently focused on Predator Creatures. They picked some behavior archetypes to influence the type of predators that they wanted in the game. This sees animals similar to Bears, Tiger & Crab at least in how they act.

They will make a huge amount of concepts… only a few will go forward to the next steps BUT they are all important for exploring ideas and what they want/don’t want.

They are building a creature pipeline to have all the elements needed to bring creatures to life with art, design, animation & AI.

They are looking at making a Predator in the Pyro System, the Pyro Crab… not a little thorshu grey a terrifying cthulhu-esque knightmare complete with bioluminescence.

The extremely large Queen might be mistaken as a clump of rocks and players might walk right up to her.

They are also looking at a predator for microTech, looking a a big old bear or yeti type thing that may have had it’s evolution influenced by genetic manipulation.

3.10 Location Updates

The Factory Line is in for 3.10, it’s the Flagship microTech store and the heart of the city. It’s where the very best of what microTech has to sell is sold.

There is a large grand clean lobby, a glass stair case takes you down to the commercial floor, with mobiGlases, AR Contact lens & more.

There is the Fikri Amphitheatre Floor for Corporate Products and the area can at least in lore be converted to a amphitheatre for keynotes… I suspect we might be seeing in game events here.

The whole area is very if Apple had their HQ in Space in the Future.

Derelicts are getting a facelift… they are trying to improve environmental story telling of these crash sites. Planet Tech v4 has seen them go thru and have to update these.

Derelicts can help protect you from Weather and extreme conditions.

The lighting has been updated, skirts, embedded rocks and mud that helps integrate the abandoned ship has been added as well which will blend in with any given biome.

GrimHex is getting a Scramble Race added to it… it’s a lawless place… shady deals.

They want to add betting and an area to view these races too.

They have updated a rundown area of the Station to look amazing.

There is a betting/race shop, betting kiosks, displays for the races, who’s won and placement.

They are going to be adding Luca Brent as the booky there (probably eventually a mission giver), they are part of the Nine Tails… and it may be dangerous to be in debt to them.

Outside there is a massive window that allows you to view these races!