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Star Citizen 3.10 in Evocati

Star Citizen looking at a Roadmap Update, Aliens & a Ship Sale. Alpha 3.10 is out to the evocati this should realistically signify the it’s not ready yet cutoff for 3.10 features and there were some changes on the Roadmap with some features slipping.

Mission Giver: Eddie Parr – Although they will release the bartender functionality with Alpha 3.10, Eddie Parr requires additional functionality as a mission giver and certain higher priority tasks needed to be completed before they can begin addressing those relevant to Eddie Parr. At the same time, they’ll be reviewing mission givers overall and planning out what steps we can take to improve them. Because of this, they’ve removed Eddie Parr from the roadmap for the time being until they are able to determine where he will fall.

I believe this means they are working on an NPC & Mission Giver Update with this too.

There is no date given for this yet.

The Elevator Panel Updates scope has increased in complexity since they initially planned this as an Alpha 3.10 goal and need more time to make the necessary UI code changes. That’s been pushed back to 3.11

It was also confirmed the the P-72 Emerald is just a Green Skin for the Ship.

Tho not planned for 3.10, Docking has been temporarily removed which is actually quite a disappointment. CI said Certain scheduled work took more time than expected on tasks associated with this card, and additional work was identified by the team during the initial Q3 planning which has pushed Docking past the cutoff date for Alpha 3.11. Until we can solidify Docking’s place in a future update, we’ve removed this card from the Roadmap.

I expect it to still be in 2020 assuming there is not a massive technical issue.

We had a Sneak Peek in the newsletter at the Component Area on the Hercules Starlifter.

Crusader have pretty clean and clear cut ships… I quite like it. We don’t have a confirmation yet BUT I am expecting the Starlifter for Q4 2020.

There was a Star Citizen LIVE looking at Alien Races in the Verse, which is worth a watch, I’ll do a quick highlight:

The Kr’Thakk will be something we can eventually find out about in game… they were originally a stretch goal… they are a Race on the opposite side of Xi’An space and the Xi’An don’t really want humans coming in contact with them… the Xi’An had a big war with the Kr’Thakk known as the spirit wars.

There are other races in Star Citizen that are not yet space faring.

Developed Civs are prohibited from exploiting developing civs… the UEE has the fair chance act law for this. Contact with the system’s inhabitants, terraforming, and mining are prohibited in order to shield the inhabitants from any interference under the assumption that once they grow to the point of space travel, they can be officially contacted.

Osoians are located on Oso 2 they in the early stage of development with tools & communicate via color changes from their forehead.

The Hadesians suffered some form of mass extinction before the system was discovered.

There was a sentience species on Garron 2 that was wiped out by Human Terraforming.

There are various different tribes of Vanduul that all have their own look and differences.

Some elements of Banu society and history remain a mystery as they don’t have a written history of events… they are focused on the now OR things that have direct instructional function like text books for a skill or science.

We will see more Alien Ships/Vehicles in the future.

It is also Alien Week and that comes with an Alien ship sale.

The Banu Merchantman, Defender, Xi’An Kartu-al, Santokyai, Nox & Nox Kue as well as Esperia/Vanduul Blade are all on sale until the 19th of June.