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Star Citizen Alien Week Ship Sale

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, It’s first contact day AND Alien Week is being celebrated now until the 19th of June.

CI will be putting facts & info up on social media and the galatipedia on various alien races during the week. Expect to see some other bits throughout the week with some lore & info…

They’ve updated their fankit with some more alien things.

The Community Team is holding two contests and giving you the chance to scoop fantastic otherworldly prizes:

Your first contact message with a never seen before intelligent alien race.

And another competition for alien themed food and treats and recipes.

There are a few alien ships on sale with a couple I wanted to highlight

For a limited time only, until June 15th 5pm UTC you can get a deal on a Banu Defender or Merchantman Upgrade at a cheaper price on warbond:

The Banu Merchantman is on warbond for $330 and $350 non warbond as an upgrade.

The Banu Defender $200wb/$220.

I believe The Merchantman and Defender will be available for those non-warbond prices Until the 15th of June along with the:

Nox & Nox Kue – $45

Khartu-al – $170

San’Tok’Yai – $220

Blade $275

So we didn’t see anything new concept wise here and the Vanduul Glaive and Scythe didn’t go on. 

For people that don’t know what to do with their store credit… Banu Merchantman seems like a good choice. I suspect that this will be the last time it’s available at these prices.

Also one of my friends has started a Youtube Channel Jale – and is looking at the Alien Languages of Star Citizen, learning them and applying them to in game uses. Check out his video Top 5 Reasons you should learn Alien Languages for Star Citizen